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Tips for buying fish the right way in Dubai

 Fish is a type of meat that should be increasingly present in anyone's meal. According to the World Health Organization, fish consumption should be done at least twice a week to help maintain quality of life and prevent cardiovascular disease.

 But do you know how to choose the fish to take home? To help you in this task, we have separated some tips to buy fish the right way, ensuring flavor and health when tasting it. Check out!

 Look for a trusted location

 There is no doubt that in order to buy quality fish safely and buy mutton online in Dubai, you need to choose a place you trust. Therefore, always look for establishments that you know and that have their own structure for storing and disposing of fish.

 Pay attention to the characteristics of the fish

 When buying your fish, pay attention to some characteristics that can signal its quality and good condition:

 ·         The skin should be shiny and your mucus – if any – should be translucent;

·         The meat of the fish (if you choose to buy filets) must be very firm and elastic;

·         Whole fish should have bulging, bright eyes;

·         The fish scales must always be well adhered to the skin;

·         The gills are always reddish, with shades of pink or dark wine;

·         The fish odor should be characteristic, yet mild, without being unpleasant.

 Check the storage temperature

 Storage temperature is also an important point to consider when buying fish:

 ·         Fresh marketed fish: must be kept on ice, at a temperature of -1 to 3°C;

·         Fish sold chilled: must be kept at a temperature of no more than 3°C or as specified by the manufacturer;

·         Frozen marketed fish: must be kept at a maximum temperature of -12°C or as specified by the manufacturer.

 It is also worth remembering that it is important to choose to take home the packages that do not have water or ice accumulation, as these characteristics can signal that they have been thawed and frozen again.

 Also be careful when storing at home.

 The preservation of the taste, aroma and quality of your fish also depends on how carefully you store the food when you get home. Refrigerated fish should be kept at a temperature of 2°C, while frozen fish should remain in the freezer and thawed in the fridge when used.

 Remember that a thawed fish should never be frozen again, as this action impairs its quality and flavour.

 Fish at Alif Bazaar stores

 The fish meat at Alif Bazaar stores is treated with great care and attention. Freshly received fish, molluscs and crustaceans are washed in a tank with hyper chlorinated water, packed in specific and sanitized boxes, in addition to being covered with ice that keeps them at a temperature of 0 to 4°C. This process guarantees maintenance of its freshness and quality.

 Frozen fish are received and stored in cold chambers, to be later kept at the temperature indicated for their maintenance.

 All national and imported species of fish are transported in accordance with good practice legislation that guarantees food safety. It is also worth remembering that all suppliers comply with the legislation of inspection bodies related to the size and time of capture of the animals.

 Do you know how to buy fish and seafood for sale online Oud Metha Dubai the right way? Did these tips help you to choose the best fish meat? Tell us!

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