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Which Company to Choose for Electronic Gate Repair

The electronic gate repair must be carried out by a specialist company and, if possible, recommended by people close to you. These gates must be functional and offer the best protection and privacy to the owners.

Even though there are many companies you can look for to perform this service, choose those that demonstrate professionalism, integrity and experience within this segment of the market.

When choosing the company to carry out the repair of the electronic gate, remember that it must provide a quality service, with installation and maintenance of exceptional products.

How to choose the best company for electronic gate repair?

When electronic gate repair is required, installation also counts. This installation is not the same as other gates.

The basic requirement for companies is to deliver an electronic gate that offers security to your home or business, against all unwanted access that may occur.

Currently, electric gates are a popular trend due to the ease and convenience they offer homeowners in operating and monitoring access.

Owning an electric gate is considered a great boon to homeowners, even more so when they come home after a long day at work.

One of the most important factors at this point is the company you choose to install and repair the electronic gate.

Is the company's reputation important?

One of the first things owners should check is the reputation the company has in the market.

This should include, but not be limited to, the years the company has installed and repaired the electronic gate. In addition, the services they provide and the solution of customer queries.

By hiring the right electronic gate installation and repair service, you will see fast, economical and professional results.

Currently, this verification can be performed online.

One of the first steps is to verify the license and insurance offered.

Companies that are licensed work in accordance with all security measures established in the segment. So be sure to collect all the necessary information.

What type of electronic gate?

Checking the material, manufacture and warranty that the company offers when performing the electronic gate repair is also important.

It is also necessary to analyze the license and insurance, the history of all complaints against the company and the service provided to customers.

Some homeowners tend to select electronic gates based on size, color and style. But it is important to take into account the material and service life of the gate.

Electronic gate repair should keep your doors tough to withstand weather conditions, years after years.

Installing new heavy gates is often more expensive than light ones.

So, invest some time to delve into your expenses before contacting a company for electronic gate repair.

What is the repair price?

Customers should compare all the different quotes between companies before hiring gate repairs.

This will help you understand the rate and select the best available rate. But despite these quotes, make sure companies offer other values.

There are some companies that repair and install electronic gates that provide maintenance for their services.

They will come to your business or home to check how your gate is working, offering more effective maintenance for it.

What is the company's availability?

The specialist who installed or repaired your electronic gate should offer emergency service if your gate breaks in the middle of the night.

The company must also be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, to repair your gate.

As soon as you get in touch with a reliable company, they will quickly dispatch a technician to provide gate repair services at any time.

In addition to the company providing an effective gate repair service, the trusted professionals in this segment also offer the necessary advice to ensure the proper functioning of the gate.

By following the tips that are provided by these professionals, customers will get more effectiveness and increase the durability of the gate.

Tips For Choosing an Electronic Gate Repair Specialist

If you are in need of an electronic gate repair specialist, it is necessary to be aware of details that can make a difference in your choice.

First, it is necessary to understand if the professional in question has the necessary requirements for the necessary service, and for that, it is necessary to understand what type of service he provides, and the types of gates he usually works at.

Thinking about simplifying this choice, we separate some tips for you to analyze when making this choice! See below.

See 10 tips for you to choose the professional to repair electronic gates

The choice of the professional who will be responsible for the maintenance of your electronic gate must be done with caution, since an incorrect choice can cost much more in the future, as other problems will arise in your gate, in addition to the need for a greater investment, depending on of the problem presented.

1. Understand your need

When choosing an electronic gate, what were your motivations? Certainly, the reasons were designed according to your needs, such as increasing security, having practicality and agility at the entrance, among others.

And the professional who will be responsible for maintenance needs to understand what the motivations were, as they are important points to be considered when choosing the equipment or parts needed for maintenance.

Choosing an inappropriate part, targeting the customer's objective, can result in a slower gate, which can go against the customer's need.

2. Establish a budget

The available budget is an important point when choosing a professional, since a professional with value for the service that has a distortion of what is being found in the market may not be adequate, this goes for both higher and lower values.

The amount available for a budget is necessary to guide the choice, but it is not appropriate to use it as the main parameter, to avoid choices that do not fully meet the need for repair.

And from a pre-established budget, it is possible to search for professionals who are in the same price base, and then analyze the qualifications. And according to individual qualifications, it will be possible to choose the professional most adhering to the service to be provided.

3. As a consumer, learn a little more about repairing gates, parts and equipment

The more you know about electronic gates, the better off you are. Research the various types on the market, such as swing gates, double swing gates, and sliding gates, to make sure you've selected the right type of gate for your property and the repair needs for each.

So when you finally do speak with a gate installation company, this knowledge will help you make the right decision and ask the necessary questions during the early stages of this process.

This is a very efficient way to measure the professionals who are being fair, and have the true knowledge about the causes of your electronic gate problems.

4. Get in touch with companies and self-employed professionals in your region

Once you understand your needs better, you can search for companies and professionals that can provide the service, according to your needs. The knowledge acquired in the previous step will allow you to filter the companies that are most adhering to your needs, and are able to provide a quality service for Swing Gates .

5. Compare companies and professionals

Once you have a list of potential providers, make your selection based on what is important to you. Always ask each professional how long they have been operating and approximately how many installations they have performed during that time.

You should also find out if they have a dedicated customer service department, as this is important if you have problems with your gate, this is more true for companies than self-employed professionals, as they usually don't have this structure.

It might also be a good idea to ask if they specialize in certain materials, like installing wrought iron gates, just to be on the safe side.

6. Think about maintenance

With the company or professional chosen to provide the service, it is important to think about preventive maintenance, in order to avoid new failures and inoperability of your electronic gate. When solving the problem presented, already understand the capacity of the professional/company to schedule the service according to the indications.

That way, you can keep your gate longer, and prevent it from presenting future problems.

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John Labunski financial investments expert

 Tips to mitigate the effects of the economic downturn

 In scenarios of economic downturn, as is sometimes the case in several countries around the world, many families need to find viable solutions to continue paying their bills on time.

 We have as one of the biggest commitments here on the blog, to offer tips for a more peaceful and stable financial life, even when the scenario is not so excited. Therefore, in this post, we have gathered tips for small changes that can generate good results in the balance of accounts.

 Opt for a cheaper cable TV plan

 The first thing we think about when saving is cutting out the leisure of the whole family like cable TV subscription or other type of media. But instead of being so radical, how about evaluating a plan that is more affordable to keep everyone entertained?

 With a little collaboration, it is possible to keep all family members amused and still pay less. Every economy is very welcome at times like these.

 No need to cut the weekend pizza

 With the downturn in the economy, the purchasing power of many people has dropped considerably. Is that happy hour with friends at the bar or going to that pizzeria with the family on weekends a thing of the past? Not necessarily.

 You can choose to meet at someone's house or buy the ingredients to make a delicious homemade pizza. Everyone has the same fun paying much less.

 Opt for cheaper travel

 Before the economic crisis, did your family go abroad on vacation every year? You don't have to stop having fun, just opt ​​for tours in your own city or to places a little more affordable such as inns or resorts.

 The main objective is to find ways to spend less while still doing what you used to do. In delicate moments like this, we need to be resilient and wait for the "dust to settle" before making any decision. 

 Avoid long financing

 Given the scenario that forces many families to have several financial limitations, a good tip is to avoid financing during this period of retraction.

 The reason is simple: the interest is too high and the whole family can suffer a great loss in the end. If you can, buy the asset in cash or wait for a favorable moment to finance it. What's not worth doing is making long installments as far as the eye can see!

 Save whenever you can

 Even if the economic times are not so favorable for most people, with a little planning and collaboration from all family members, saving is always a good option.

 Even if it is a small part of the salary, saving money is essential in this moment of financial instability. Having an emergency reserve is essential.

 We hope that our tips will help you to overcome these delicate moments!

 We are an expert in John Labunski financial investments. Always offering peace of mind and financial security to all its customers. That's why we offer a range of life insurance so that you and your family are protected from any eventuality. Want more protection at all times?.

John Labunski financial investments Reading Books

 "Smart investments", "Those who think get rich" and "Na Race", can teach you a lot when investing

 In a low interest scenario, many people think about increasing their income, but they don't know where to start investing. Losing money is not an option and, therefore, every investment needs to be well thought out.

 To help you make the best decision, we will recommend six good books on financial investments. These are renowned works that can make a big difference in your day-to-day finances. Prepare the coffee and good reading!

 Deluded by chance

 This work is intended for people who choose to invest in the Stock Exchange. If you prefer to carry out short-term trades, the book warns that this can be dangerous, as chance can sometimes be treacherous. The work also portrays that many successful people in life did not have any unusual abilities. They just relied on luck.

 Who thinks enriches

 Published in 1928, this famous best-seller won a special and updated edition. The work shows that the thesis that refers to success is still very much alive. The author's objective was to know the main characteristics common to the millionaires of the beginning of the 20th century, who were responsible for their riches, which lives up to the name of his book.

 Smart investments

 This work is aimed at those who are starting to make investments and addresses topics such as cryptocurrencies, as well as showing the best options for the less experienced. The author also shows the step by step of how to choose a financial application, as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is worth reading.

 In the race

 The book narrates the entire founder of XP, and provides an overview for the reader about the entire operation of investment brokerages, which became popular in Brazil. If you've always wanted to know a little more about this business model and what it's like to invest through a brokerage, this book is a good choice.

 The Peter Lynch way of investing

 The work portrays the main strategies used by one of the largest fund managers in the USA. The author believes that if you are a novice investor, you can make good investments without the help of experts. The book also gives excellent investment tips in companies that have potential and how to get excellent returns from them.

 Making Money Simple

 This book outlines a short, medium and long term investment plan so you can manage your entire family budget. The most interesting thing is that everything is based on methods that are well recognized in the area of ​​wealth management. But the strategy narrated in the book is suitable for all types of investors and does not distinguish between monthly income or financial situation. It's a great request!

 Now all you have to do is choose the book that you find most interesting and become an expert in John Labunski financial investments.

Everything you need to know: How to make a Business Plan

 Knowing how to make a business plan is very important for anyone starting a business. Many entrepreneurs face serious difficulties at the beginning of the journey and are not always able to survive the market – the lack of planning is one of the main reasons for this to happen.

The business plan is an instrument that helps the entrepreneur to plan the future of the company, drawing a picture of the market and foreseeing different scenarios. Thus, you can foresee adverse situations and already have a plan in place to overcome them.

If you are planning to start a business, be sure to read this article to the end. Here, we will show you how to make a business plan step by step, in addition to presenting the benefits that this process can bring both to the company and to your professional maturation!

What is a Business Plan?

The business plan is the document that will guide you along your journey as an entrepreneur. It describes the goals of the enterprise and outlines a roadmap for achieving them.

For this, it must contain a complete analysis of the market and competitors, an in-depth study of the public and strategies for the operation. Analyzing all this information will help you identify potential challenges and understand how to overcome them.

Another important point about the business plan is that it demonstrates the viability of the company to partners , investors and customers.

What is the Business Plan for?

We have already said that the plan serves to help the entrepreneur understand the viability and challenges of a business, in addition to showing its positioning within the market and providing information about the public.

But this is not the only use of this tool. It can also be used by entrepreneurs who already have a business running, but want to expand their activities or open a new business unit.

You can use the business plan template to plan for any major change in your business, such as creating a new product line, launching a new service, or even opening a franchise.

Planning your steps as an entrepreneur is never harmful. This habit always has positive consequences!

Why is the Business Plan important for my company?

The business plan works like a map. Without it, you only know where you are and where you want to go. It is the plan that will show which are the best paths and which will be the obstacles to be overcome. And this is very important for you to know how to face situations and overcome challenges without having losses or even making the company's operation unfeasible.

It is important to say that drawing up a business plan does not eliminate risks, but it helps to face them and prevents managers from making mistakes that can harm the company.

With this instrument, you and investors will have a prior notion of how the company will work and how it will enter the market, in addition to having a projection of financial return.

Do you understand why it is important to have a well-designed business plan? And in addition to all that we have already said, the preparation of the document also brings other benefits:

  • organizes ideas;
  • supports the company's management both in terms of numbers and strategies;
  • facilitates communication between the team;
  • help in raising funds and obtaining credit;
  • Align the expectations of partners and investors.

How to make a business plan?

Before we start showing you step-by-step how to make a business plan, you need to know that the structure of the document may vary depending on your business.

Here you will get to know the basic structure, but keep in mind that the plan can be adapted according to your reality – that is, you can add sections if you think that the ones presented here do not cover any part of your business!

Our tip is that you start with these parts that we are going to present and then, little by little, add others according to your needs and the particularities of the company.

Removing sections is not recommended, ok? Everything here is very important and if you miss out on your business plan you could be sorely missed in the future!

Now let's go?

Executive Summary

The first section is much more than a simple introduction. If you want to know how to make a successful business plan, you should look at the executive summary as a mirror of everything you intend to do with the company.

It is the section that will make future partners, clients and investors have a good first impression of the document and its content – ​​it must convince them that the idea has potential.

That's why the executive summary is considered such an important section! It must contain the following information:

  • business description;
  • differential;
  • impact it may have on the market;
  • mission;
  • profile of entrepreneurs;
  • profile of collaborators;
  • products and services offered and the benefits they bring;
  • profile of potential customers;
  • location if it is a physical company;
  • investment to be made;
  • legal nature and
  • Chosen tax regime .

Our tip is that you save the executive summary for last, even though it is the first session of the business plan. So, you can build on the information already recorded in the other sections to create this one more easily.

Market analysis

This is one of the most complex sections of your business plan. It encompasses in-depth analysis of customers, competitors and suppliers .

The purpose of this section is to help you better understand the most important aspects of the market in order to strategize to succeed.

Customer segmentation

There is no company without a customer, right? That's why it's so important to know your audience well – so you can create better attraction and retention strategies, which will naturally bring better results for the company.

To get to know your audience well, consider the following points:

  • Are your customers natural or legal persons ?
  • What is the predominant age group and gender in your audience?
  • How often do they consume the product or service you offer?
  • Where do you usually buy?
  • Where would you like to buy?
  • Which companies in the area do you most admire ?
  • What do you value most in a company?
  • What drives them to search for the product or service in question?
  • Which media do you prefer to get information through?
  • What criteria do you consider when making a purchase decision?

It is very important that you know that the answer to these questions should not leave your head. We are not here dealing with speculation, but with research data, ok?

You can collect this information with forms, interviews and even with the support of a specialized company.

Competition Analysis

The main point of this section is to identify who are the main players in the market and discover their strengths and weaknesses. That way, you find out what your business's competitive differential is.

With this research, you will learn a lot about good practices and also about behaviors and actions that can be avoided.

Here are some questions you can ask for a complete analysis:

  • What is the quality of the product or service offered by the competitor?
  • How much?
  • Is the audience the same?
  • What drives a customer to choose the company in question?
  • What makes a customer give up doing business with this company?
  • What actions and promotions does the company do?
  • How is the service?
  • What are the payment terms you offer?
  • What time does it open and close?
  • What extra services do you offer (Ex: delivery)?

Another important point to consider is how each competitor can react to the opening of your company!

Supplier analysis

Suppliers are companies that provide raw materials, equipment, systems and other items necessary for the proper functioning of the business.

Before opening your company, you need to map the likely suppliers and do a study on each of these companies. Thus, you will be able to make more conscious choices and be sure about the feasibility of supplying each necessary item.

Here are some points you can consider when analyzing vendors:

  • What do I need?
  • Which companies supply each necessary item?
  • What are the prices charged by each of them?
  • What are the payment terms?
  • What are the delivery times?
  • How is support offered?
  • What are the minimum order quantities?

You need to know more than one supplier for each item you need. Thus, it reduces the chances of running out of items if the supplier has problems and gains more bargaining power. After all, nothing like competition to make someone lower prices, right?

Marketing plan

When we talk about marketing, many people immediately think about how the company will promote its products or services. But if you want to know how to make a complete business plan, know that the Marketing Plan goes far beyond publicity and communication strategies with the public.

In this section, you should list all the products you will be offering and detail each one in detail. Write about the colors, sizes, quality, labels, brands and everything that applies to each product you work on. This will help the whole team to know better what is being sold!

You also need to set the prices and profit margin for each of the products here.

Then, it's time to outline the dissemination strategies, that is, to think about how to make the public know and want what is being offered.

Here are some questions that will help you create your marketing plan:

  • How does my product or service stand out among competitors?
  • Is the chosen price in line with the reality of the market?
  • How can I describe my customer's buying behavior?
  • What's the best way to let customers know what I'm offering?
  • Will sales take place in any physical space?
  • Will it be necessary to create an online store ?
  • Which dissemination channels are the most appropriate?

Operational plan

This is the section that will show you how the business will work in practice. What are the steps that must be followed for the products or services to be sold? This is what needs to be answered here, in short.

The purpose of the operating plan is to help you understand how much you can sell in a given period. Thus, it will be easier to make financial projections and plan the operation, so that there is no shortage or investment in labor, tools and even stock.

These are some points that you should consider in this phase of building the Business Plan:

  • how long it takes for a sale to be made;
  • how many employees will be needed;
  • what qualifications the team must have;
  • what equipment and materials are needed for sales to be made;
  • its distribution and storage capacity;
  • the availability of products or raw materials from suppliers and the delivery time for each of these items.

If you are researching how to make a business plan for a company that will have physical headquarters, this is where you should record the arrangement of furniture and equipment in the available space — position of employees, shelves, sectors and offices.

Financial plan

This is one of the most important sections of the Business Plan, after all, without financial health, no company can survive for a long time. Read about financial intelligence . Therefore, it is very important that all information registered here be discovered based on data and calculations — any error or guesswork here could jeopardize the viability of the business.

Put everything that involves money in the company at the tip of the pencil. This includes costs , expenses, investments, working capital , equipment purchases and everything necessary to put into practice the other actions provided for in your Business Plan.

Thus, you will know exactly what is the total investment needed for the company to start operating and be able to maintain itself in the first few months, when it will probably still not bring a profit.

After doing this analysis, you will surely know if you will be able to afford the entire investment yourself or if you will need to look for partners, investors or even a loan.

Scenario analysis and Business Plan evaluation

Scenario analysis is a concept of military origin, but it is widely used by entrepreneurs who are making Business Plans. The idea is to establish strategies to deal with possible future contexts, considering optimistic, pessimistic and realistic situations.

This allows for a clearer view of the current scenario and helps to make more informed decisions in the future, regardless of the type of context that will be encountered by the company.

The projection of scenarios can consider the different aspects of a company: strategy, finances, budget, operation, etc.

Learn more about each of the main scenarios considered by entrepreneurs when putting together a business plan:

  • optimistic scenario: considers a very favorable environment for the business, with goals hit, expenses below the limit and low production cost;
  • pessimistic scenario: considers possible adversities, predicting the worst possible situations so that the team knows in advance how to deal with them, if necessary;
  • realistic scenario: it is a more down-to-earth context, but it is not necessarily a middle ground between the optimistic and pessimistic scenarios. It must be thought based on true information and in a very critical way.

8 books to create your Business Plan

If you enjoy reading, you can count on some books that will help you discover how to make a business plan.

  1. Business Plan: Your Definitive Guide

John Labunski is one of the greatest specialists in entrepreneurship in United State. The book, as the title suggests, works as a guide, showing you step-by-step how to develop your business plan.

  1. Building business plans

In the book, We provides an objective guide on how to make a business plan, detailing all the aspects that must be part of the document. The book's differential is that it highlights, throughout the chapters, critical factors that need to be carefully observed by the entrepreneur.

  1. The lean startup

Eric Ries wrote this book focusing on startups, technology companies with scalable and innovative businesses. It introduces the concept of Lean Startup and brings a new way of thinking about launching products and businesses.

  1. Business Plan — Practical Examples

The book features examples of business plans and is a continuation of the first title featured here on the list. Also written by José Carlos Assis Dornelas, it deepens concepts and encourages entrepreneurs to learn by doing.

5.Business Model generation: Innovation in Business Models

Written by Alexander Osterwalder, the book presents the Canvas Business Plan, widely used by startups and technology companies. The title is very popular and is constantly recommended to anyone who wants to know how to make a business plan.

  1. Business Plans — Step by Step

The book is divided into three parts and, as the title implies, presents the detailed step by step of how to make a business plan. The author is Adonai José Lacruz.

  1. Entrepreneurship Practices — Business Cases and Plans

The book is a collection of business plans that have been awarded in competitions. It is ideal for those who are starting and would like to follow the traditional model, but like to have some references to be inspired by.

  1. Business Plan Manual

Luiz Antonio Bernardi's book presents important structures and concepts for anyone who wants to know how to make a business plan.

If you are researching how to make a business plan, then you are certainly starting a new company. We at John Labunski want to help you succeed on this journey!

We are the first online accounting in United State and we have always been on the side of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to make accounting simpler and easier!

We offer accounting and business opening services, so you don't have to worry about the bureaucratic part and have more time to dedicate to putting into practice everything you've planned for the company.

Contact us and request a proposal! We will send you a personalized material, explaining how our company works!

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John Labunski Investment Advice

 If you have heard of investment funds as a useful financial tool to use part of your savings and feel the desire to deepen the subject, you can start from the basics, trying to understand what they actually are and how to choose an investment fund.

 Not everyone has the same investor profile, as everyone has different return expectations, based on their personal and financial situation and the size of available capital.

 Investment funds: what are they?

 Investment funds are tools for managing the capital of many savers and which flow into a sort of common heritage, which is used in various activities, with the aim of making a profit.

 The latter is paid to subscribers at the established deadlines (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly); the capital will be repaid on the contractual expiry date envisaged when joining the fund.

 The management of the investment fund is carried out by the asset management companies, also known by the acronym SGR, which have separate assets from that established with the fund.

 There are different types of investment funds, which are categorized according to the risk that distinguishes them. The most common are equity, bond, balanced, flexible and liquidity ones.

 Equity funds employ a large part of the capital in equities and a part in convertible bonds, which confer the right to convert the shares into bonds; the risk of this type is to be considered medium-high, as it is largely linked to fluctuations in the financial market.

 Bond funds are made up of bonds, which can be issued by government agencies or private institutions, such as banks.

 Bonds are generally considered to be less risky than equities ; however, to ensure a lower risk, it would be advisable to turn to the guaranteed ones , which in any case ensure the reimbursement of the invested capital, as they are “protected” by the credits that the issuing bank has towards the Public Administration.

 The balanced investment funds have within the portfolio both stocks and bonds, in varying percentages depending on the main orientation, which can be equities or bonds.

 Flexible funds are those that have no restrictions on the type of securities subject to the investment and provide for ample discretion on the part of the asset management company, which will be able to assess the nature and percentage of the securities in the portfolio.

 So far we have talked about investments in the financial sector, such as stocks and bonds; however, there is another type of investment fund, real estate funds.

 The principle is the same: the promoting company collects the capital of the subscribers to invest them in real estate activities, with the aim of obtaining a gain from the purchase price to the sale price.

 Such funds can be very profitable, but much of the benefit depends on the historical period you are going through.

 For example, investing capital in a real estate fund when selling prices are low could be quite affordable, but not the other way around.

 How to choose an investment fund?

 The correct question you will have to ask yourself to choose an investment fund is: what are my needs?

 What are my performance goals?

 The aim is not, in fact, to obtain a Degree in Economics, Finance specialization, or to hold a conference on the subject.

 Your goal is to earn profits from a part of your saved capital , identifying which tool, among those available, is the most suitable for you. To do this it is clearly essential to approach the subject, also learning the terminology of the sector, but these are some basic concepts, which must be assimilated by you in a practical way.

 So, first of all you will have to establish your goals , which are personal: buy a second home, set up a savings fund that makes you feel more comfortable, set aside a little treasure for when your children have reached university age. , a trip you dream of doing in the near future.

 Secondly, it will be necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the capital at your disposal and that it must be an amount that you do not need to live and conduct your financial daily life in a serene manner.

 The third correct question that you will have to ask yourself is the time frame within which you may likely want to have your money back: investment funds have different durations, from 12 months to a few years, so this aspect is very important to evaluate carefully. In general, a short term holding period is up to 3 years; a medium-term investment is normally between 3 and 5 years, while a longer period exceeds five years.

 Finally, you must ask yourself: what is the degree of risk that I am willing to take?

 Based on this, in fact, the returns of the funds change, even by a lot: the higher the risks, the higher the possible gains, which go down with a lower risk.

 Identifying yourself as an investor is the best way to choose the investment funds that best reflect your needs.

 When you get ready to talk to your intermediary, who can be your trusted bank or a proven broker, you will be asked a questionnaire, mandatory by law, whose purpose is to ascertain your knowledge of investment funds. , your risk appetite and your needs; the important thing is to be already mentally prepared and with clear ideas.

  Always valid advice: don't invest in what you don't understand

 Before investing your money in any sector, it is good to find the information you need to know the investment company, know its rating and investment history.

 Also, never be afraid to ask for clarification on terms or conditions that don't seem clear to you, as it is imperative to always understand the type of business you are investing your money in.


Posted by: John Labunski

John Labunski Investment Finder and Pension Fund


Pension Fund? Find out more about the Complementary Pension

 The term pension fund refers to an instrument through which the worker can take advantage of a supplementary pension.

More and more Italians, due to the poor prospects of the pension paid by the state, are becoming interested in what it is, how it works and what are the advantages of the pension fund .

 But what does "supplementary pension" mean?

 It means that it integrates the work pension accrued thanks to the payment of social security contributions to the relevant management. Therefore, the amount of the supplementary pension is added to the traditional pension and allows those who benefit from it to be able to supplement their pension share.

 In fact, pension funds are an increasingly useful option for those who want to benefit from supplementary contributions.

 By joining a supplementary pension fund, the worker does nothing but set aside a sum with the primary objective of redeeming it at the end of his professional life. This set aside sum is paid to the worker on a monthly basis (annuity), just like with the traditional pension.

 These amounts managed and administered by pension funds are invested in the financial markets to generate income and earnings.

 How is the contribution made? The contribution, or the payment of the share to be allocated to the Pension Fund, is made up of 3 elements:

 - The contribution to be paid by the worker;

-The contribution of the company;

-The severance pay

 It is also possible to pay only the severance pay. In this case, the employer is not obliged to pay his contribution.  In a previous article I listed the benefits generated by joining a Pension Fund,  click here  to read it.

 The recipients of the pension funds are:

 ·         employees, private and public;

·         working members and employees of production and labor cooperatives;

·         self-employed workers and freelancers;

·         people who perform unpaid work in connection with family responsibilities;

·         workers with another type of contract (e.g. a project or occasional worker).

 A way therefore to  ensure a peaceful future  and not to have problems with pension cuts that seem to be getting heavier and heavier. By joining a pension fund you will not only have the monthly payment of the FERS, but also  an additional form of contribution . By making this type of investment you will have fewer problems for the future and have  financial stability  even when you have finished work.

 In the management of investments, complementary pension schemes are required to strictly comply with the rules of prudence defined by law. These rules must take into account the social security and non-speculative purpose of the investment itself. Furthermore, all investments must be adequately diversified and made taking into account the limits indicated by the legislation in force.

 This is in fact a very topical issue, relaunched by a tax reform proposal,  click here  to read the article published in the Republic.

 Deductibility and yield:

 The  tax deductibility limit of the pension fund amounts to  5,164.57 Dollar per year . Up to this annual ceiling, the contributions paid can be deducted. Furthermore, the yield is subject to a substitute tax of 20%, a much lower rate than the ordinary rate of 26% envisaged for other types of investments.


 Joining a pension fund allows you to  benefit from a higher return than the severance pay left in the company ; enjoy  greater social security protection ; enjoy a series of  tax advantages  provided both in the contribution and management phase, and when the pension benefit is obtained.


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John Labunski Investment Advice - 2022

 How to choose the ideal investment path 

 Before choosing whether and how to invest, you need to reflect on the elements that help define your investor profile. Careful financial planning and family budget monitoring are necessary steps in order to choose your ideal investment path.

 The question that every investor should ask is “what should I invest in?”.

 Here are some of the goals that those approaching the world of finance and savings could have.

 Liquidity management

 Temporary surpluses between income and expenses should be invested, albeit in easily liquidated instruments, to prevent them from being consumed in real terms. The current accounts of the bank that can accumulate these temporary surpluses are not real investments, but fall into the category of means of payment.

 The remaining figures in the current account lose purchasing power. In fact, all investors should have cash reserves to meet unexpected needs, such as healthcare expenses for example.

Typically, this should represent a priority financial need, but at the same time liquidity should not be too high in the portfolio as it is the lowest yielding component.

 Capital growth.

 In order to increase capital to achieve the goal (pensions, house purchases, university for children, inheritance, etc.), risk appetite and investment time horizons become relevant.

 The higher the former and the longer the latter, the more aggressive the chosen investment vehicle must be.

 However, the rule to follow is diversification. Even without a specific purpose, it can be said that any investor or saver has a minimal goal of capital growth, that is, to earn returns above inflation from their investments or savings.

 Use of regular annuities.

 This need manifests itself not only in retirement, but at every stage of life, when current income is not sufficient to support the ideal standard of living.

 To implement the idea of ​​financial planning, it is necessary to carry out two operational steps. It is necessary to divide the available assets in the investment portfolio and provide an investment plan for future savings. Click here to read the three universal rules for financial planning.

 The implementation of these two phases allows to satisfy predetermined requirements in an order of priority compatible with the available resources.

 But before making any financial plans, you need to know how much you can save. For this it is useful to draw up a budget, set spending and savings targets and verify that they are followed.

 Don't forget to set your time horizon. This is in fact the period of time in which you intend to give up your financial resources to invest them. It depends on the subjective circumstances and individual and family needs.

 Time horizon

 When do you think you need the money you invested?

 For example, if you need your money in a few years, you will have a short time horizon. In general, the longer your time horizon, the more risk you can choose to take in your portfolio, but this also depends on your risk tolerance.

 Here is one way an investor might look at their time horizon:

 ·         Short-term horizon : up to 5 years

·         Medium-term horizon : 5 to 10 years

·         Long-term horizon : 10 years or more

 It is always better to articulate your time horizon, in this way your financial advisor can better help you reach the right goals for your specific needs. Click here  to read what the financial advisor does.


 The most basic steps an experienced investor or saver should follow are:

·         Have a good understanding of their priority financial needs and the resources (current and future) available to meet them;

·         Understand the financial tools that can meet these needs;

·         Adopt a plan to achieve the stated objectives through the use of these tools;

·         Remain consistent with the line defined in the plan to be implemented.

 The latter is probably one of the most difficult behaviors to carry out. The volatility of the market amplified by the media can lead to the temptation to change direction during the implementation phase of the plan, with a view to correcting the impact of a possible decline in the valuation of financial instruments.


That said, changing your mind often results in failure to achieve stated goals as a final effect. Consistency is undoubtedly one of the winning qualities of a good investor.

Audit and Consulting in UAE

 Auditing and consulting are two segments that are confused in the business sphere. Although they work in a similar way, the audit service is different from the consulting service . Understand the difference below:


 The audit analyzes the financial statements and checks whether the records made reflect the reality of the company. It is used by publicly traded companies to certify to shareholders the integrity of accounting entries.

 The function of the audit is to assess procedures and transactions that impact the financial statements. Unlike consulting, auditing does not operate in the company's operational areas, such as in an inventory or human resources area. It serves the areas only accounting.

 When contracting the Auditors in UAE, the companies expect the auditors to analyze and validate the financial information, if the operations carried out comply with internal rules and policies and also ensure that the application of the resources was really beneficial for the company.

 An audit work is built in stages, which mainly comprise mapping processes, identifying risks and existing internal controls to minimize these risks, testing internal controls and obtaining evidence, so that the auditor can then form his opinion and also make contributions for improvements.


 The consultancy analyzes all areas of the company, according to the service contract agreed with the requesting company. With a more comprehensive view, different from the audit , it identifies possible distortions in practice and suggests corrections for better profitability and security in the operational scope.

 Consulting services process and interpret data related to business management. Therefore, unlike auditing , they help companies with strategic solutions related to operations. In addition to collecting relevant information, the consultancy also makes a diagnosis of the company's reality and suggests changes and strategies for improvement.

 Like the audit , the consultancy can be internal or external, where the internal ones are performed by employees of the company and the external ones by specialized companies.

 Despite these differences, both the audit and the consultancy have in their list of objectives the concern of providing a quality service that helps the company in solving its problems and provides suggestions for the best form of management.

 Contact aaa-cas Auditors Independents for more information, at e-mail  or by phone +97142287774 and learn more. Our company has professionals with extensive experience in the market and has certified methodologies for carrying out the activities.

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