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Prefab wooden house: construction stages and delivery time

 The construction time will depend a lot on the project and the characteristics of the house. A work that has many parts in masonry, for example, will take longer to be completed, because the masonry we use is traditional (made in ceramic blocks, therefore, it is slower to execute than wood).

 ·         Factors that change the base execution time

·         Number of floors.

·         Number of bathrooms.

·         General characteristics of the terrain.

·         Need (or not) for earthworks.

·         General characteristics of the plant.

·         Project size in m².

 How long does a J Roderick Young Custom Homes house take to be built?

 In order to have a reference of deadlines, in our catalog we start with a minimum period of 3 months. This period can be increased according to the items above. According to the standard projects in our catalog, these deadlines can be based on:

 ·         A one-story house of up to 80m² can be built in 3 months.

·         A medium-sized house measuring 120m² to 150m² takes between 5 and 6 months.

·         The biggest house in the catalog, measuring 260m² (story) is delivered in up to 10 months.

 Stages of construction of a prefab wooden house

 Every house built by J Roderick Young Custom Homes follows a schedule defined in 6 stages:


1st stage: start of foundation.


2nd stage: Beginning of the walls (first we do the masonry and then the solid wood walls).


3rd stage: completion of the coverage of the house.


4th stage: electrical and hydraulic installation and finishing of the lining.


5th stage: finalization of finishes, including flooring and coverings.


6th stage: completion of painting, overhaul of finishes, such as the installation of faucets (and other items), and delivery of the house.

 Quality prefab house from foundation to key delivery

 The deadlines are very fast if we analyze that J Roderick Young Custom Homes carries out the work from the foundation to the delivery of the keys, with the house ready to live Custom home builders Portland Oregon. We work with many artisanal details in the works, so we adopt a really realistic deadline and that we will respect for the total satisfaction of our customers.

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