Wednesday, 8 December 2021

How is the design choice for prefab wooden house?

 In the first contact, the client gives us an idea of ​​what he is looking for, often brings some project model that he saw on our website and we start from there.

 In this contact, we gather essential information to start the project, such as:

 ·         Number of bedrooms;

·         Number of suites;

·         What will be the use of the house (summer or housing);

·         Region of the work (city, site or farm); and

·         House style (story or ground floor).

 This step is very important, as we can already guide the client in some issues, such as the feasibility of the desired project. For example, for a client who would like to build a two-story house, but has a large plot of land with a favorable topography, the one-storey construction often has a better cost-benefit ratio and allows for better use of the land.

 At the end of this step, we present the budget to the client, and proceed with adjustments (such as adapting the size of the house) according to the available budget.

 Next step: Technical field visit and project customization

 In all projects, we carry out a technical visit on the ground to analyze the site conditions relevant to the work, such as:

 ·         Land topography;

·         Need for earthworks;

·         Need to cut trees;

·         Access roads to the construction site;

·         Whether it is an urban or rural area (for project approval purposes);

·         North position in relation to the terrain; and

·         On-site water and electricity distribution network;

 In addition to this prior information, a meeting to customize the project is held during the same visit. The terrain analysis allows us to suggest, for example, the best position for each type of window, considering the sunlight throughout the day.

 Custom home builders Portland Oregon, the last details of the project are adjusted and the final plan is produced. After approval, the contract will be available to the customer.

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