Thursday, 19 August 2021

Digital marketing sector: is outsourcing this area the best solution?

 We know that digital marketing is one of the dissemination strategies most used by companies today. Several reasons contribute to this preference, such as the affordable investment , the quick return and the assertiveness of the proposed actions.

 But to manage the digital marketing sector, the entrepreneur must have knowledge about the channels used and the strategies that will help drive campaigns. In addition, with the daily rush, it is quite difficult for the entrepreneur to follow the metrics of the actions taken. In these cases, outsourcing the digital marketing sector turns out to be the best solution for companies to achieve significant results in their campaigns.

 Next, we will show other reasons that prove that outsourcing your business's digital marketing sector is an assertive choice. Check out!

 As we have seen, entrepreneurs tend to have a very hectic routine and taking over the internal marketing sector can further compromise the managers' agenda. Therefore, one of the benefits of outsourcing this service is the optimization of time, as the entrepreneur and his team will be more available to work in other strategic areas of the business, such as sales, production and customer service, leaving the dissemination work to care of a specialized team.

 Best value for money

 In times of economic recession, there is nothing better than making decisions that allow you to reduce costs and still achieve good results. With the outsourcing of the digital marketing sector , companies have access to these two important aspects.


By hiring an Abdul Rimaaz agency specializing in the area, your company will not need to pay for training and education aimed at making professionals experts in digital marketing. Often, employees who assume this role in the company already work in other areas, do not have the specific knowledge and end up being overloaded with so many tasks.

 With the outsourcing of the digital marketing sector, the company will only pay the value of the service provided and will have a team of trained professionals who know all the techniques and tools to promote highly effective campaigns for your company.

 Fast and assertive results when outsourcing your company's digital marketing sector

 As discussed, it is common for the internal digital marketing sector to be taken over by professionals who are not specialized in the area, which makes the results of campaigns less assertive and often time-consuming.

 The scenario is totally different when the solution found by the company is outsourcing. Professionals from specialized agencies focus their efforts exclusively on the services of the digital marketing sector , making the planning, producing the materials, disseminating the actions and following the metrics. Thus, the results are delivered in a shorter period and with a much more significant assertiveness.

In today's article, we saw that outsourcing the digital marketing industry is really the best solution for companies. If you are looking for a reliable partner, check out our blog post that shows 4 factors you should consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.





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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

5 tips for choosing the ideal purifier

Drink water? Are you thirsty?”. Anyone who remembers this classic from the Brazilian carnival surely knows that water, in fact, is extremely important for our health. But it's not enough just to worry about drinking the right amount of water – experts recommend two liters a day. For you to “be cool”, as immortalized by the iconic chorus of the band Timbalada, you need to make sure the purity of the water we drink. That's exactly why water purifiers are increasingly in demand.

Gallons of water and pet bottles are increasingly giving way to water purifiers. Not all gallons are 100% sterilized, and care is taken with the cleaning of containers and drinking fountains that end up going unnoticed in many Brazilian homes. Water purifiers are a guarantee not only of quality, but also of long-term savings, practicality, technology and design. But how to choose the best purifier for your home? Check out five tips that can help you on this mission.

1. Cost benefit

It is estimated that a family that uses gallons of water spends, on average, around 500 reais a year. Purchasing a water purifier by itself represents savings in the long term, but you must be aware of other details, such as the cost of the device and the maximum time to change the filter (usually six months to a year). Also make sure the water purifier has any technology that reduces energy consumption.

2. Inmetro seal

Inmetro's certification attests to fundamental aspects for the quality of the purifier, such as the retention of particles – which prevents the passage of residues such as rust and sand – and the retention of excess chlorine in the water. This is a basic requirement in the device selection process.

3. Quality and innovation

In addition to being fit in your pocket and respecting production processes, it is important to look for a device that adds maximum value and is from an established manufacturer in the market. This is the case of IBBL , for example, which has 32 years of experience and was a pioneer in the refrigerated water purifier.

One of the company's purifiers is the FR600 Expert , which provides water treated in seven purification steps, eliminating 99.9% of impurities. The most interesting thing is that it even has an LED light that lets you know when the filter (or refill, in technical parlance) must be changed. The IBBL virtual store offers purifiers of the highest quality from R$ 129. Water quality must ALWAYS be a priority when choosing a purifier. Don't run away from this premise.

4. Design

Are you one of those who value your 'combinandinho' objects in the house? Sophistication and design are also part of the water purifier production process, why not? Therefore, this can also be an important factor for you to filter (no pun intended, of course) your choice.

5. Suitable model

Purifiers must meet not only aesthetic needs, but also space needs, of course. For a larger space, wall models are a great option.

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