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4 reasons your sales strategy isn't working

 To stand out from the competition, attract the customer and convince them to buy, it is necessary to have a very well-structured performance. It's not about luck, but about planning, organization and right actions. Because of this, a good sales strategy makes a difference for a company.

 At the same time, it is very common to find managers who complain about an inefficient approach and which only seems to waste their company's resources. Although there are no miraculous results, the lack of effects is not natural.

 To unravel the mystery, discover 4 reasons why your sales strategy malfunctions and learn to work around them!

 1. The profile of the consumer market is not considered

 A strategy to capture and convert customers will only be effective when it considers the most important person: the consumer. It is necessary to recognize the behavior of those who buy, what are the main doubts and difficulties. Only from there is it possible to develop a consistent tool.

 On the other hand, an approach can be excellent, well structured and functional. However, if she does not consider the pains and demands of the public of interest, she will hardly be attractive for the opportunities.

 Before proceeding with the use of this element, therefore, check if the performance is consistent with what is known about your company's consumer market.

 2. The lack of training does not allow the execution

 Having a sales strategy often means implementing a paradigm shift. Prior to this approach, salespeople typically act on their own experience and feeling. Unlike when there is a structuring, there is an action script, prospecting target, sales funnel and much more.

 If collaborators do not know how to use these resources in the right way, it is natural that the element does not give the expected effects. Therefore, not offering training is a simple way to reach failure, as it is crucial for the correct application of the desired factors.

 3. Low motivation harms sales strategy

 In fact, not training employees is directly linked to low motivation. When there is no investment in expanding knowledge, salespeople may feel discredited and less engaged with their performance.

 Other factors that contribute to demotivation are lack of recognition, incorrect pay and an inadequate work climate. Above all, the lack of sales goals and objectives is crucial to keeping everyone in their comfort zones.

 To avoid suffering from a feature that doesn't work, see if salespeople are motivated and if they find the technical and environmental tools they need to get the conversions.

 4. Lack of result analysis prevents optimizations

 Often, the sales strategy even offers some results, but not as expected. In other words, there is an underutilization of resources and a waste of excellent opportunities.

 In most situations, this is due to the lack of recognition of gaps and chances of development. By not analyzing the results, it is impossible to find what is wrong and what could be better.

 The ideal is to verify the data, identify the bottlenecks and know where the desired performances are. Through controlled changes, you can get the best out of your performance.

 By recognizing these scenarios, you can understand why the sales strategy doesn't work. As a result, the problems can be fixed and ultimately the business will sell more information by Abdul Rimaaz!


Use the space in the comments and let us know how your company's strategy is working. Participate!

4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate More Leads

 Leads are the potential consumers of a brand. That is, people who are interested in your products or services , in the company's position in the market or who have needs that you can solve. That is, leads are all those people who are yet to enter the consideration and decision-making phase. And it is natural that in this process some people decide to go on other paths. That's why it's critical to generate more leads and maximize your chances of increasing sales.

 If you need help with this, you've come to the right place. See now 4 digital marketing strategies to generate more leads .

 1. Invest in Google Adwords to generate more leads quickly

 The adwords Google is Google 's ad platform. In other words, it is the online environment where brands create those advertisements that appear prominently on the result pages. The advantage behind this approach is that it is completely customizable. From the daily budget that will be invested, through the keywords that interest your brand, to the exact profile of people you want to attract.

Posted by: John Labunski

 Another important point is that this is a click-based advertising mode. That is, your money will only be spent if the user clicks on your ad. In practice, whatever you invest will help generate more leads .

 2. Have a focused SEO strategy

 SEO works as a complement to Google Adwords within a strategic umbrella. While in the first topic we talked about immediate results, in this case we are dealing with a basis for the medium and long term. Basically, these are tactics used to get your brand organically positioned on Google . In other words, there is no direct financial investment for this to happen. On the other hand, your schedule needs to be prepared for it. It is also very important to produce relevant original content. At this point, what will generate more leads will be the relevance of your brand in relation to the competition.

 3. Develop approaches via newsletter

 Newsletters have gone through different phases within a company's digital marketing strategies. These days, they work very well as a way to deliver quality content to your subscribers' inboxes. That's because the internet is absolutely immersed in new content, which can leave users confused about where to find the information they're looking for. With this feature, you have the advantage because you can achieve it without requiring any effort on the part of the customer.

 4. Publish e-books on topics relevant to your brand

 E-books are great ways to generate more leads . That's because people who search the internet are looking for information. And nothing more convenient than your brand to quench all the doubts that may exist. This reinforces its relevance and shows the public that this brand has all the knowledge about its market. This is definitely a strategy to gain people's trust and provoke new actions that generate sales.

 Generating more leads is the goal of every brand. This is because they are the ones who will consider purchasing your products or hiring services. They are therefore the key to increasing sales and increasing your brand's relevance in the market.

 Do you adopt any of these Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategies in your company? Tell us how they work for your brand in the comments.

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SMEs: how to attract customers with digital marketing?

 When a person launches a new brand on the market, a lot of work had to be done before that happened. It's a lot of time and money invested for the company to survive and prosper. But none of this will be of value if there are no customers to buy the products or hire the services. Therefore, a fundamental part of this entire plan is to create marketing strategies. Without them, potential customers would hardly know about the brand's existence.

 With that in mind, we created a list with different tactics to attract customers to SMEs . Read this text to the end and understand how to apply them to your business.

 Invest in good organic placement on Google

 For most users, the answer to any question is Google. And that's why it's critical that your brand is well positioned on the results page. That's because when someone does a search that is tied to your brand, your site should appear among the first links on the results page.

 The secret for this to happen is to invest in SEO tactics ( Search Engine Optimization , or search engine optimization). They combine using the right keywords with producing original content and exchanging links between pages, so Google understands that your site is relevant within that market.

 Have a sponsored links strategy

 When we look closely at the Google results page, we can see that there are organic results (as we mentioned in the previous topic) and some sponsored links at the top of the page. These links are the result of campaigns created within Google Adwords , where anyone with an account on the platform and a budget in hand can serve an ad.

 The secret here is to configure it with the keywords that interest you and define the exact audience that your SME wants to attract. That is, define age, region, gender, interests in general and even if they have had any previous contact with your brand or competitors.

 Solve doubts with original content

 When a brand produces original content it not only builds a strong SEO strategy, it also positions itself as a subject matter expert. The truth is that when the brand clarifies the doubts of its consumers, it is seen in a different way. That is, the audience sees your intentions behind the sale and understands that part of your mission is to solve problems they might eventually have. And insights like this are extremely valuable to an SME .

 In practice, this increases your chances of completing sales. After all, if the brand is able to clarify all doubts, it has the capacity to offer the best products on the market. And the advantages go beyond that. Chances are that you will be able to retain these customers more easily in the future.

 Work your mailing with care

 A company's mailing list is like a treasure, which must be properly guarded and worked on. For an SME it is even more valuable as it represents a list of people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services. That said, having a coherent approach via email marketing is an advantage for promoting your business and attracting new customers.

 The work of an SME is hard, just like any other, regardless of its size. But the truth is that the internet allowed all of them to have access to a series of dissemination possibilities that were not available before. So, take advantage of them all and invest in what will make all the difference in the success of your business.

 Have you ever used any of these customer attraction Abdul Rimaaz strategies in your SME ? Tell us about that experience in the comments.

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How to grow your customer base with a digital marketing strategy

 Entrepreneurs of all segments and sizes share a common desire, which is to increase their customer base. Today, with an increasingly competitive market, managing to have a good number of loyal consumers is quite an achievement for companies.

 If you are an entrepreneur and are curious to know how the digital marketing strategy can help your business to gain more customers, we invite you to continue following this article, as we have gathered the main benefits of this service.

 Your company with an amazing reach

 The internet is present in the daily lives of thousands of United Kingdom, who use this channel for entertainment, information and consumption. By adopting a digital marketing strategy, your company can reach the target audience with surprising assertiveness compared to other more traditional marketing services.

 This is because most digital actions allow the entrepreneur to segment according to the profile of the customers he intends to reach. This segmentation includes geographic location, age group, gender, interests, among other points that help make the reach of the Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategy much more precise, increasing your company's chances of winning new customers.

 Digital marketing strategy keeps your company in continuous contact with customers

 We saw that the reach of the marketing strategy is an important point for companies looking to increase their customer base. But, the gains don't stop there. When a company decides to invest in stocks online, it has the chance to maintain continuous contact with potential customers.

 21st century consumers spend much of their day connected. Social network , websites, blogs and research on the network are the most performed actions. It is precisely in these channels that companies start to act when they work with digital marketing strategy.

 From the beginning, companies are able to get closer to potential customers and, in a short time, a relationship is established with these consumers, which must be directed towards conversion into sales. For the entire digital marketing strategy to achieve the expected result, it is interesting that companies count on the support of agencies specialized in digital marketing.

 The highly qualified professionals have the necessary expertise to guide all the work towards winning more clients. Thus, your company will be able to dedicate itself to other areas that help make the consumer experience even more positive, such as customer service and after-sales.

 Effective monitoring of each action

 Another point that proves that the digital marketing strategy is ideal to increase your customer base has to do with the possibility of carrying out an almost real-time monitoring of all services. Most digital marketing strategy tools offer complete reports on the performance of actions, so it is possible to reformulate steps that did not work very well and leverage those that achieved good results.

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 This monitoring is essential for the investment in digital marketing strategy to bring to your company what it most desires, which is the increase in the customer base.

 You saw in today's article how a digital marketing strategy can help increase your business' customer base. If you want to know a little more about the assertiveness of these services, contact us using the form below and schedule a free consultation with our expert consultants.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

How to increase your productivity with digital marketing strategies

 The digital marketing strategies are fundamental for any business, but especially for small and medium - sized. This is because they are affordable, that is, they bring positive results even if your investment is not the greatest. But mainly because digital marketing significantly increases the reach of brands and, in the case of SMEs, the benefits are immense.

 If you need to understand how digital marketing strategies can increase your productivity, read this text to the end and learn now.

 Set a goal for your business

 Before creating any strategy for your company, be it digital marketing or sales, the first step will always be the same: establish a goal . It's from there that you'll be able to trace all your steps, create an action plan and execute each of your tactics with a focus on the finish line. It is also with a goal in mind that you will be able to measure the results and understand if they were, in fact, satisfactory. After all, you will need a reference to compare them.

 This is a fundamental method for any digital marketing strategies you develop. But it also fits into all areas of your business. From small goals to big results. For example, if you want to increase sales in the next quarter, start by studying the numbers and understanding how many products you need to sell. Create a realistic goal so it can be achieved.

 Delegate digital marketing strategies to those who understand them

 The fact that digital marketing strategies are accessible to companies of all sizes makes many entrepreneurs assume that they can handle them themselves. But the truth is, no one can do all the tasks in a company. So, if you want to increase your productivity, put your business marketing in the hands of those who are experts in the subject.

 The truth behind this lies in the fact that marketers will certainly be able to focus on their strategies and do whatever they can to make them successful. You will have the time you need to run your business. So, assess what is best for your company: having a dedicated sector or hiring a marketing agency to do this.

 Create internal processes for your strategies

 Besides having a clear objective in mind and leaving your digital marketing strategies in the hands of those who are experts on the subject, there is another very important point to increase your productivity: create processes for them. That's because they act like the paving of the roads you want to travel on. When the asphalt is in perfect condition, you have the freedom to drive smoothly, get to the road you need in the expected time and even choose more creative music to go with you. With well-structured processes, you will have the freedom to establish all the digital marketing strategies you need.

 Abdul Rimaaz Digital marketing strategies have the potential to bring incredible results to your company. From increasing your visibility in the market, to improving your sales results. But mostly they have the power to increase your company's productivity, when done correctly.

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