Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Why is customer loyalty critical to your business?

 The market is increasingly competitive, so looking for ways to delight and win over customers is one of the most important measures for a company to remain stable. Making a sale is not enough, imagine transforming all customers who bought once into true fans who return to your company and buy assiduously?


Understand better the importance of customer loyalty for your business and find out what strategies can be applied to exceed the expectations of those who buy with you!

 How important is customer loyalty?

 Attention to winning over and delighting customers should be as great as efforts to attract new customers. We've brought you some good reasons to convince you of this:

 The indications are spontaneous

 A loyal customer becomes your biggest promoter. Yes, the company pleases the person so much that they spontaneously recommend their products and services (without having to receive anything in return) to their family and friends. After all, if the customer has found a great solution to a problem, they will want the same benefit for those closest to them.

 Your marketing and advertising actions will hardly be inserted in more intimate contexts, such as that family barbecue or celebration meetings. It is precisely in this environment that the most exciting indications can come from your loyal customers.

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The feedback is honest

 Not all customers are willing to share their brand experience by leaving feedback for the company. However, loyal customers will certainly take a few minutes to talk about their enchantment with the brand, quite accurately.

 This is because they are well involved and want those company actions to be maintained and, if possible, improved day after day.

 Revenue can be predictable

 Investing in customer loyalty is a way to predict how much the company can earn within a given period. Just keep track of purchase frequency, average customer ticket and also their month-to-month history. An important step towards financial stability.

 Loyalty costs are lower

 The costs of acquiring new customers are greater than the efforts you make to delight and retain customers who already know you and buy from you. That's what marketing experts say.

 That's because your actions can be done by working with what you already have, that is, customer contact, measurement of satisfaction levels, post-sales work, among other actions that will be discussed further later.

 What are the tips to win and retain customers?

 Find out what actions can be taken to ensure customer loyalty and the success of your business. It's not that difficult, check it out:

 Know your customer well

Without a doubt, the main point is to know very well who your audience is. It is from these notions that the company manages to develop strategies to, in fact, please you. All data must be stored in an updated register: name, age, email, address, shopping habits, lifestyle, profession, among other elements that the company considers relevant.

 Value the best service

 To understand the customer's needs, you will need to put yourself in their shoes. So, serve him as you would like to be served. A customer wants more than to be welcomed, he wants to find someone who understands and solves his problem. For that reason, don't promise what you can't deliver.

 Increase communication channels

 It is through the company's communication channels that the customer can express himself, and his opinion should be valued. If the customer knows that they are listened to by the company, that their comments and questions are important, they will feel intimate and loved by that organization.

 With several communication channels, the customer will be able to choose the most convenient way to get in touch. Also be sure to invest in Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategies.

 Now that you understand the importance of customer loyalty , ensure convergent strategies for this goal! Your company's growth will be inevitable.


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