Friday, 11 June 2021

Responsive website: see what it is and its importance

 Worldwide, mobile traffic already accounts for more than half of internet browsing in 2018. In United Kingdom, the cell phone is used in 80% of homes to access the internet, which makes it the preferred means of access. All of this demonstrates that people are increasingly using their mobile devices, such as cell phones.

 It is with this new behavior that the responsive site appears . With special features, it should be known by any company that wants to succeed in its digital marketing strategy.

 Next, see what the responsive site is and understand why it's so relevant.

 After all, what does it mean to be responsive?

 A responsive website is nothing more than an online address that is able to adapt to any screen resolution. In other words, the experience and visualization are the same for both those who access from a computer — which has a large screen — and those who visit from a tablet or cell phone.

 This is possible by configuring certain elements. There is an adaptation in the use of images, the choice of photos and even the codes used. All of this allows for screen size response.

 Why is responsive website important?

 Today, it is increasingly common to see layouts prepared to receive visitors from all origins. At the same time, many still doubt whether this should be a concern. Next, see what the benefits of using a responsive site are and understand its relevance.

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 Favors the user experience

 When a person accesses a website by cell phone and is faced with a misconfigured layout, it is likely that they will be dissatisfied with the access. With thousands of addresses just a tap away, the user will look for another one.

 By having a responsive layout, however, it is possible to provide a suitable experience. Adapting to any resolution allows people to visit and interact with your address at all times and places. This favors satisfaction and encourages return on other opportunities, for example.

 Improves domain SEO

 Another very positive point is in relation to ranking in search results. Since 2015, Google gives preference to sites with responsive versions. When the search is done via mobile, addresses with these characteristics are even more favored.

 Overall, a responsive website loads in less time and has a lower bounce rate. All of these are important SEO factors and, therefore, encourage you to achieve better search rankings.

 Increases conversion rate

 If the address has better SEO, it attracts more organic traffic. So, that means having a greater number of people visiting your site. As opportunities increase, chances are increased that you will convert to sales .

 In addition, a good user experience is also crucial. If the person spends more time browsing your address, they are likely to make a purchase or take a desired action. Having a responsive website , therefore, is a way to leverage results.

 How to get yours?

Having a layout that adapts to various resolutions is a very complex task, as it requires the alignment of several elements. To give this feature to your website, therefore, it is best to hire an Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency .

 With professionals specialized in the subject, the company is able to create a layout with what is most important for your needs. From this, it gives rise to a version that adapts to all screens and favors the achievement of a good performance.

 The responsive website is an increasingly important element in the face of the growth of mobile browsing. This makes it easier to offer what customers are looking for and get even better results!

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