Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Website Optimization: Find Out Why You Should Do It Now

 The site optimization is also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is a set of strategies that seek to improve the way a website is presented and used by its users.

 This optimization can be done both in technical aspects of the address and in content. Having a responsive website that loads fast and has scannable content are just a few actions that generate the desired effect.

 But why is it worth investing in website optimization? Below are the top 4 reasons for taking such an approach.

 1. Ranking and visibility are favored

 When a user does a search, the search engine looks for the most suitable and highest quality sites. The intention is to respond to the needs or doubts of those who carried out the search and guarantee maximum satisfaction with the navigation. Therefore, those who have gone through a website optimization, usually, are in high positions.

 By reaching the top spots in search results, your business stands out. On average, the first 5 links on the first page are responsible for 70% of traffic. By getting better ranking, therefore, the address receives more visitors and increases brand recognition.

 2. The browsing experience will be favored

 It's no use attracting people, but being rejected by users. When a site's bounce rate gets high, even the search engine understands that it's not relevant and lowers its ranking. In this sense, optimization is essential.

 By making the layout lightweight or with an intuitive navigation, for example, visitors will be more comfortable. By having attractive images, fresh content and fast loading, there will be a more positive experience. In addition to helping to maintain a good position in searches, it is a way to improve brand awareness in relation to the target audience.

 3. Business opportunities multiply

 From the optimization of websites, the address appears more often for those who do certain searches. If you combine this element with a robust content marketing strategy, it will be even easier to attract new opportunities. With increased traffic and stronger qualifications, the effect will come in the form of increased sales potential.

 To improve, the differentiated experience is also important. If people like your virtual address, they are likely to spend more time on it. With more involvement in what you offer, chances are high for purchases. Someone who arrives at an e-commerce and sees other products, for example, can make a purchase larger than intended. Therefore, it is a double reason that justifies the improvement of business opportunities.

 4. Website optimization strengthens the brand

 When the enterprise is highlighted in searches and is seen by customers as a differentiated option, it manages to stand out from its competitors. As a result, it's easier to attract and win over people.

 Visibility is also important, as it makes the company recognized and remembered. Compared to competitors who don't use the opportunity, it's possible to get ahead.

 By combining this approach with other strategies — including Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing — your business will be more robust and prepared to win in the market.

 The site optimization is essential to make your virtual address even better. With its proper use, it is possible to achieve different effects for the brand in all aspects.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Why is customer loyalty critical to your business?

 The market is increasingly competitive, so looking for ways to delight and win over customers is one of the most important measures for a company to remain stable. Making a sale is not enough, imagine transforming all customers who bought once into true fans who return to your company and buy assiduously?


Understand better the importance of customer loyalty for your business and find out what strategies can be applied to exceed the expectations of those who buy with you!

 How important is customer loyalty?

 Attention to winning over and delighting customers should be as great as efforts to attract new customers. We've brought you some good reasons to convince you of this:

 The indications are spontaneous

 A loyal customer becomes your biggest promoter. Yes, the company pleases the person so much that they spontaneously recommend their products and services (without having to receive anything in return) to their family and friends. After all, if the customer has found a great solution to a problem, they will want the same benefit for those closest to them.

 Your marketing and advertising actions will hardly be inserted in more intimate contexts, such as that family barbecue or celebration meetings. It is precisely in this environment that the most exciting indications can come from your loyal customers.

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The feedback is honest

 Not all customers are willing to share their brand experience by leaving feedback for the company. However, loyal customers will certainly take a few minutes to talk about their enchantment with the brand, quite accurately.

 This is because they are well involved and want those company actions to be maintained and, if possible, improved day after day.

 Revenue can be predictable

 Investing in customer loyalty is a way to predict how much the company can earn within a given period. Just keep track of purchase frequency, average customer ticket and also their month-to-month history. An important step towards financial stability.

 Loyalty costs are lower

 The costs of acquiring new customers are greater than the efforts you make to delight and retain customers who already know you and buy from you. That's what marketing experts say.

 That's because your actions can be done by working with what you already have, that is, customer contact, measurement of satisfaction levels, post-sales work, among other actions that will be discussed further later.

 What are the tips to win and retain customers?

 Find out what actions can be taken to ensure customer loyalty and the success of your business. It's not that difficult, check it out:

 Know your customer well

Without a doubt, the main point is to know very well who your audience is. It is from these notions that the company manages to develop strategies to, in fact, please you. All data must be stored in an updated register: name, age, email, address, shopping habits, lifestyle, profession, among other elements that the company considers relevant.

 Value the best service

 To understand the customer's needs, you will need to put yourself in their shoes. So, serve him as you would like to be served. A customer wants more than to be welcomed, he wants to find someone who understands and solves his problem. For that reason, don't promise what you can't deliver.

 Increase communication channels

 It is through the company's communication channels that the customer can express himself, and his opinion should be valued. If the customer knows that they are listened to by the company, that their comments and questions are important, they will feel intimate and loved by that organization.

 With several communication channels, the customer will be able to choose the most convenient way to get in touch. Also be sure to invest in Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategies.

 Now that you understand the importance of customer loyalty , ensure convergent strategies for this goal! Your company's growth will be inevitable.


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Friday, 11 June 2021

Responsive website: see what it is and its importance

 Worldwide, mobile traffic already accounts for more than half of internet browsing in 2018. In United Kingdom, the cell phone is used in 80% of homes to access the internet, which makes it the preferred means of access. All of this demonstrates that people are increasingly using their mobile devices, such as cell phones.

 It is with this new behavior that the responsive site appears . With special features, it should be known by any company that wants to succeed in its digital marketing strategy.

 Next, see what the responsive site is and understand why it's so relevant.

 After all, what does it mean to be responsive?

 A responsive website is nothing more than an online address that is able to adapt to any screen resolution. In other words, the experience and visualization are the same for both those who access from a computer — which has a large screen — and those who visit from a tablet or cell phone.

 This is possible by configuring certain elements. There is an adaptation in the use of images, the choice of photos and even the codes used. All of this allows for screen size response.

 Why is responsive website important?

 Today, it is increasingly common to see layouts prepared to receive visitors from all origins. At the same time, many still doubt whether this should be a concern. Next, see what the benefits of using a responsive site are and understand its relevance.

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 Favors the user experience

 When a person accesses a website by cell phone and is faced with a misconfigured layout, it is likely that they will be dissatisfied with the access. With thousands of addresses just a tap away, the user will look for another one.

 By having a responsive layout, however, it is possible to provide a suitable experience. Adapting to any resolution allows people to visit and interact with your address at all times and places. This favors satisfaction and encourages return on other opportunities, for example.

 Improves domain SEO

 Another very positive point is in relation to ranking in search results. Since 2015, Google gives preference to sites with responsive versions. When the search is done via mobile, addresses with these characteristics are even more favored.

 Overall, a responsive website loads in less time and has a lower bounce rate. All of these are important SEO factors and, therefore, encourage you to achieve better search rankings.

 Increases conversion rate

 If the address has better SEO, it attracts more organic traffic. So, that means having a greater number of people visiting your site. As opportunities increase, chances are increased that you will convert to sales .

 In addition, a good user experience is also crucial. If the person spends more time browsing your address, they are likely to make a purchase or take a desired action. Having a responsive website , therefore, is a way to leverage results.

 How to get yours?

Having a layout that adapts to various resolutions is a very complex task, as it requires the alignment of several elements. To give this feature to your website, therefore, it is best to hire an Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency .

 With professionals specialized in the subject, the company is able to create a layout with what is most important for your needs. From this, it gives rise to a version that adapts to all screens and favors the achievement of a good performance.

 The responsive website is an increasingly important element in the face of the growth of mobile browsing. This makes it easier to offer what customers are looking for and get even better results!

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Sunday, 6 June 2021

How to drive more traffic to my website?

 Getting new people to visit your virtual address is synonymous with increasing opportunities. The more people know the brand, the products and the solutions, the greater the chances of conversion. From the visits, it is possible to capture contacts, use the sales funnel and so on.

 However, one of the difficulties for many entrepreneurs is to achieve this initial attraction. It is common for many to ask themselves: “After all, how to generate traffic to my website ?”. The doubt is pertinent, but the good news is that it can be solved with efficient actions.

 Next, discover some ways to increase visitor numbers and get increased performance!

 Produce content optimized to attract people

 For your virtual address to be attractive, it must have content. In addition to ensuring indexing in search engines, it is a means of offering what people are looking for in their searches. Therefore, content production must be one of the priorities.

 At the same time, it is not enough to create any piece. It is necessary to focus on original, relevant elements that answer people's questions. Invest in articles, videos and infographics filled with practical and useful knowledge.

 Also don't forget about consistency. It's no use posting several times a week and then only returning a few months later. Search engines, and especially people, expect to be able to find consistent content when they most want it. Don't even forget to produce timeless content.

 To improve your ranking in search results, adopt proper SEO tactics. The use of keywords, images and scan able content is essential to stand out from competitors.

 Bet on social media as a means of dissemination

 It is common to think that social networks and the website are in competition. However, the strategies complement each other. If one of your goals has to do with the phrase “attract traffic to my website ”, then social media can help.

 Use the right networks to spread content as it is posted and to present the most read. Don't forget to promote the products and services and direct them to the website.

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 This is a way to capture the attention of those who use social media frequently, as well as allowing for in-depth contact. With proper disclosure, the number of visitors tends to go up.

 Adopt guest blogging as a strategy

 At first, it may seem difficult to meet the stated goal of “increasing traffic to my site ”. However, one strategy can be quite effective: guest blogging. Basically this means posting on partner sites and allowing them to post to your address.

 In addition to favoring the link to your address, it is a way to reach people of interest. For the strategy to be beneficial to both, it is essential that audiences have similar characteristics. A business that sells office items, for example, probably has nothing to do with the gossip-consuming public.

 From this “exchange” of posts, it is important that the disclosure is made on both sides. Thus, both will benefit from visits and from the audience reached by the partner.

 Consider Sponsored Links to Drive Traffic to Your Website

 When it comes to increasing the number of visitors, relying only on organic traffic is not the best option. To achieve the boom in growth, it is essential to take some boosting actions.

 Using sponsored links is an excellent alternative. By creating campaigns on Adwords , for example, it is possible to get the right people to come to your site. By exposing the address to the appropriate searches, the result will be the expansion of numbers. To be successful, don't give up on having the support of an Abdul Rimaaz specialized agency .

 In order to cross the goal “attract more traffic to my site ” from your list, these actions are essential. Be sure to measure the results to finally identify what makes sense for your business.

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Thursday, 3 June 2021

How will the SEO strategy give visibility to your company?

 SEO techniques are essential to improve the placement of your address on search engines. With the right approach, you can get an optimized ranking — even on the first page of Google .

More than moving up a few positions, however, it's essential to understand what SEO strategy has to do with visibility. After all, the intention is not only to have a positive performance in the digital environment — but also in sales.

Want to know why a proper SEO strategy helps you gain more visibility? Read on and know everything!

The increase in organic traffic is one of the relevant points

When the average user does a Google search — or any search engine — it's natural for him to prioritize the first results. Because of ranking algorithms, relevant sites usually come out on top. This makes the top 5 positions receive 70% of organic clicks.

By positioning yourself closer to or within these points, therefore, the chances of your website being visited by people interested in the searched keyword increases. If the virtual address is constructed correctly, this favors permanence and, who knows, conversion.

The attraction of qualified visitors is also an effect of the SEO strategy

With a well-executed optimization step, it's not just an increase in overall organic traffic. There is also an expansion in relation to visits by highly qualified users.

This is especially true when it comes to the use of long tail keywords (or long tail keywords). Although they have a lower search volume, their users are close to making a decision or have specific knowledge and interests.

With a good SEO strategy, your website will appear in the top positions. Thus, more qualified people recognize the opportunity brought by the business, which enhances visibility.++

The increase in brand recognition is positive

Another very important point is to make the public know your brand, first. It is impossible to talk about increasing visibility if there is no public that recognizes the existence of your solution.

Using an SEO strategy can help in this regard. The increased exposure for being close to the top makes individuals recognize the brand, in the so-called brand awareness.

This reminds them of it at other times—like when they run a retargeting ad. Thus, the business is in people's minds and is considered at the time of purchase, for example.

Site improvements attract new visitors

On Page SEO tactics include making changes to the virtual address, looking for a stronger positioning. This means, for example, reducing loading time, improving navigation intuitiveness or even modernizing the layout.

All changes aimed at the user experience (UX) make people browse more pages and stay for an extended time. In addition to decreasing the rejection rate , they favor disclosure to other individuals. Thus, there is greater satisfaction with the visit and new opportunities get to know the address.

 With a good Abdul Rimaaz SEO strategy, your business has the chance to stand out in the digital environment and get maximum visibility. That way, there are more sales opportunities and, in the end, better performance.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Why is it worth investing in Google Adwords?

 Those looking for prominence and growth for the company have certainly heard of Google Adwords as one of the good options for tools for the best results. But what are the advantages that this platform guarantees to those who invest in it?

 If you have doubts about Google Adwords and want to understand once and for all if this tool is worth your investment, stay here because this post will clarify many questions. Learn about one of the most important ways to improve your business results!

 You decide how much to invest in Google Adwords

 The Google Adwords proposal fits your budget very well, whether your company is large or small. That's because you decide how much to invest. This is one of the strongest points of the tool and it serves as a great incentive for advertisers of different profiles.

 The Google delivers to you the control you need. Not just expenses and investments: with the platform you are the great “decision maker”. That means you choose the daily limit, there's no need to start ads with a minimum amount, and you're still free from a stuck contract, meaning you can stop and re-invest whenever you want.

 You only have to pay if the advertising works.

 Another great advantage of Google Adwords is the “cost per click” proposal. This means that the advertiser only pays for the clicks of interested users, as the results will show up when users search for keywords related to their business.

 Hence its importance in the text chosen for the ad. It's essential to use your keywords in full context, keeping them present in the headline, ad description, and even the URL used.

 Audience can be segmented

 Audience segmentation is currently one of the most relevant points for online marketing campaigns and actions to be successful. On Google Adwords , all ads can have pre-defined audience profile and with high accuracy.

 This is essential because, with this possibility of customization, your campaigns will be more accurate, that is, they will have a much better chance of reaching those who will buy with you.

 This guarantees so-called qualified traffic — which means that, as an advertiser, your business won't be wasting time with an audience that isn't interested and doesn't intend to buy from you. The focus is on those looking for exactly what you offer, and this will increase the chances of converting from the first click.

 Monitoring can be done in real time

 It is not enough to create ads and campaigns, it is necessary to monitor their results well. The Google Adwords , and affordable, has the help of Google Analytics, which will provide you with performance indicators free to sponsored links.

 Thus, it is possible to know how many times your ad was displayed, how many clicks it received, how many users were converted, if it was rejected, among other points.

 Now you understand that Google Adwords is a platform focused on attracting new customers in a true digital marketing campaign, which can generate many sales and even increase awareness of your brand. It's already pretty clear why it's worth investing in this idea, isn't it?


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