Thursday, 15 April 2021

How important is good segmentation in your marketing campaigns?

 If you have already created or followed the development of marketing campaigns, you know that planning them requires a lot of attention and knowledge, as they are a series of details that must be analyzed during the production of the actions. One of the most important steps in this process is segmentation. It is through it that companies are able to reach their target audience through marketing campaigns.

But, what is segmentation? How does it "act" within the actions? Does each company have its own segmentation in marketing campaigns or is there a pattern? How do I put together a winning strategy for my company?

 Are these doubts part of your daily life when it comes to Abdul Rimaaz marketing campaigns? So, we recommend reading this article until the end, as we will address the main points that prove the importance of good segmentation for the success of your actions.

 Understand what segmentation is

 When a company creates a product or service, it is common for them to want to present their solution to as many people as possible. Hence, when the entrepreneur is asked what his target audience is, the most recurring answer is: all people, the entire country.

 Marketing campaign

 However, this statement is not always based on studies that help to shape the company's target audience. First, you need to know who are the people who are really willing and in need of your product or service. It is also essential to collect other data, such as:

  •      Where these people are (geographic location);
  • What are your buying habits;
  • Gender;
  • Age group;
  • Interests.

 In addition, the company itself needs to define its delivery capacity to the public, taking into account logistics, production, service and after-sales support. Therefore, the segmentation of marketing campaigns begins with the merging of internal company information with external data related to potential customers.

 See how to use segmentation strategically in your marketing campaigns

 In the topic above, we show that each company will have a different segmentation in its marketing campaigns, as the products, services and profile of the target audience varies from business to business. But, there are tips that can help companies of different profiles to use segmentation strategically.

 For example, choosing the advertising channels with the greatest personalization power is important for brands that are looking for success in their marketing campaigns. Tools such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, aimed at social networks, allow brands to create widely segmented actions, defining location, gender, age group, interests, among other points, directing ads to the right audience.

 Google Ads also follows a very similar structure; however, its segmentation is even more detailed. The creator of the marketing campaigns can choose the days and times when the ads will be active on the internet according to the consumers' access habits, optimizing the company's investment.

 We have gathered in today's article information that shows how important it is to have good segmentation in your marketing campaigns. Take advantage of that you are researching on the subject and also check out on our blog the post that teaches you how to find the best digital marketing services for your company.

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