Monday, 26 April 2021

What are the best digital marketing tips to leverage my sales?

 You probably already know that inserting your company in the digital landscape is fundamental to leverage your business, including your sales. The digital marketing market provides several strategies and actions capable of boosting your company and helping your business.

 To invest in digital marketing is to open the doors of your company to an audience that is physically distant, but connected through the internet and looking for services or products that your brand can offer.

 It is a great way to expand your business and in this way, your sales and your revenue. We have prepared some essential digital marketing tips to boost your sales, read on and boost your business.

 Bet on these digital marketing tips and grow your business

 The digital world is growing more and more and Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing stands out as a way to boost business and bring return not only financial, but communicative and prominent for brands that seek to stand out among their competitors within their market niche.

 There are several digital marketing tips for those who want to enter this space, but the main one is to find a good specialized agency before embarking on this business.

 Investing in the work of experienced professionals is essential to make your investment worthwhile and to be able to see the return in a rewarding way. Another interesting tip is to stay on top of the subject before you start investing. So, check out some digital marketing tips that can boost your business sales.

 1. Improve your search engine positioning

 A great digital marketing tip that will put your company in the spotlight is the ranking of your website in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

 Betting on sponsored links and SEO is essential for your company to stand out in search results and draw attention through sponsored links.

 Which can be used to promote specific products or services and bring quick results. SEO , on the other hand , takes a little more time, but its results are organic and long-lasting.

 2. Content marketing

 Investing in rich content is a strategy that wins customers and can make your corporate blog or content distribution platform a reference in your segment. This is a successful digital marketing tip for those who want to leverage sales and do well in business.

 It is important to have a team specialized in the creation of rich content and put together a good action strategy for the distribution of materials. Which brings us to the next digital marketing tip?

 3. Inbound marketing

 The marketing inbound is a method of digital marketing is to attract new customers to your site, distribute quality content conquering these new visitors and convert them into loyal customers of your brand.

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 Inbound marketing works with 4 main steps that go through the sales funnel: attract, convert, sell and retain. Within these steps, several digital marketing strategies and actions are carried out in order to intensify, personalize and nurture the users' experiences in order to retain these customers.

 In other words, including inbound marketing within your action plan is a digital marketing tip that cannot be missing from your strategy to leverage sales.

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Monday, 19 April 2021

How can I improve my positioning on Internet search engines?


The path taken by consumers from research to actually purchasing a product or service has changed a lot in recent years with the rise of the internet across the country. Today, one of the main channels used by customers during this journey is search engines, such as Google.

Through this channel, it is possible to search for information about a product or service, compare prices and get to know the opinion of other consumers, whether positive or negative. All of this data helps to shape the customer's decision. Therefore, having a good position in search engines and keeping your company with great reviews are effective strategies to attract more consumers to your business, also increasing the number of conversions.

If you are an entrepreneur or manager and want to improve your position in Internet search engines, check out the following two main ways to achieve this goal.

Sponsored links

The quickest way to improve positioning on Internet search engines is through the work done through sponsored links . The most used tool these days is Google Ads, from Google itself. With it, companies are able to create ad campaigns that appear before organic search results. Of course, it is essential to create well-structured campaigns for this.

Each time a potential customer searches for something related to your company, segment and keywords selected in the campaign, your ad will appear. The company will only pay when the user clicks on the ad. It is worth mentioning that this strategy helps to improve the positioning in Internet search engines and also improves the results of companies, since the ads are created in a segmented way according to the profile of its target audience.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve positioning on Internet search engines

Another very interesting strategy that will help your company improve its positioning in search engines is SEO (Search Engine Optimization or,  optimization for search engines).

Unlike sponsored links, which generate monthly costs for companies according to the clicks received in the campaigns, a good SEO strategy can improve the positioning of Internet search engines in an organic way, that is, without additional costs.

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This is possible because the SEO focuses on the development of specific content for each keyword relevant to your company, improving the positioning of the pages of the websites and blogs because of these mentions in the rich materials.

In this way, every time a user searches for the keyword used by your company, he can find your page and click on it as many times as you want, without generating an extra expense, as with sponsored links.

Therefore, the benefits for companies are greater with SEO, as the investment will be exclusively dedicated to the planning and execution of the strategy. However, it is worth mentioning that in order to start improving its positioning on internet search engines , SEO takes a certain time and some adjustments are necessary, so this is an effective strategy in the medium and long term.

In today's article, we present two interesting ways to improve your positioning on Internet search engines . If you want to start applying these strategies, but don't know how to do it, also see on our blog the post that points when you should look for an Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency for your business.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

4 Techniques to Improve your Positioning in Search Engines

As important as having a good website is ensuring that it is visited by the public of interest. In this sense, it is essential to have a good positioning in search engines, as this will highlight the address and attract more interested parties.

The process that allows this to happen is known as Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. Simply called SEO, it involves essential practices to achieve greater prominence on search pages.

Next, see what are 5 techniques to optimize your site regarding positioning in search engines!

1. Ensure a good experience for the visitor

Creating the right digital environment makes people want to stay and return to your website. By worrying about establishing a good experience for the visitor, it is possible to decrease the bounce rate and increase the time spent on the page. As a result, search engines will understand that your site is better and more suitable.

To succeed in the task, it is possible to use several techniques. See which some of the most important are:

·         have a responsive website, that is, that works on any device or screen size;

·         use pleasant colors, such as not overdoing the contrast and making it easier to read;

·         make it easy to navigate by creating intuitive, easy-to-use categories and menus;

·         keep loading fast to avoid visitor dissatisfaction;

·         Establish good language and communication that are appropriate, among other actions.

One tip is to put yourself in your visitor's shoes and think about everything you like to see on a website that resembles your brand. Thus, it is possible to improve performance.

2. Make link building to change the positioning in search engines

To optimize positioning in search engines, it is worth investing in link building. When it is done internally, it takes people to other pages of your website or blog. This increases the length of stay, decreases rejection and may even make the experience better. As a consequence, the site gains positions.

It is also important to use external links. Indicating referral sites serves to complement the experience and denotes that your site has quality.

In addition, it is essential to receive links from consolidated domains and pages with a good reputation. For that, it is worth using strategies such as guest blogging and sponsored content.

3. Invest in quality content

Search intent is one of the important factors for ranking a website. After all, the purpose of the ranking is to show which site is most likely to answer users' questions or needs. So, ideally, your site should be able to address these issues.

Therefore, it is worth producing original, relevant and high quality content. With consistency and optimization, as when thinking about legibility and taking care of images, it is possible to win positions above.

4. Study your website's performance

Improving search engine positioning is not a one-time task. The numbers can change at any time, including from one day to the next. After all, there are new sites and companies concerned with getting high positions.

Therefore, the ideal is to continuously study the performance of the site. See which content generates the most engagement, which are the pages with the best performance and which have brought down your statistics. Perform A / B tests with controlled changes to the layout and other elements and thus implement continuous changes. More than getting a good seat, it ensures that it is maintained.

Search engine positioning is essential to gain traffic and opportunities. By using these techniques, it is possible to consolidate and have an even better Abdul Rimaaz digital performance.

How important is good segmentation in your marketing campaigns?

 If you have already created or followed the development of marketing campaigns, you know that planning them requires a lot of attention and knowledge, as they are a series of details that must be analyzed during the production of the actions. One of the most important steps in this process is segmentation. It is through it that companies are able to reach their target audience through marketing campaigns.

But, what is segmentation? How does it "act" within the actions? Does each company have its own segmentation in marketing campaigns or is there a pattern? How do I put together a winning strategy for my company?

 Are these doubts part of your daily life when it comes to Abdul Rimaaz marketing campaigns? So, we recommend reading this article until the end, as we will address the main points that prove the importance of good segmentation for the success of your actions.

 Understand what segmentation is

 When a company creates a product or service, it is common for them to want to present their solution to as many people as possible. Hence, when the entrepreneur is asked what his target audience is, the most recurring answer is: all people, the entire country.

 Marketing campaign

 However, this statement is not always based on studies that help to shape the company's target audience. First, you need to know who are the people who are really willing and in need of your product or service. It is also essential to collect other data, such as:

  •      Where these people are (geographic location);
  • What are your buying habits;
  • Gender;
  • Age group;
  • Interests.

 In addition, the company itself needs to define its delivery capacity to the public, taking into account logistics, production, service and after-sales support. Therefore, the segmentation of marketing campaigns begins with the merging of internal company information with external data related to potential customers.

 See how to use segmentation strategically in your marketing campaigns

 In the topic above, we show that each company will have a different segmentation in its marketing campaigns, as the products, services and profile of the target audience varies from business to business. But, there are tips that can help companies of different profiles to use segmentation strategically.

 For example, choosing the advertising channels with the greatest personalization power is important for brands that are looking for success in their marketing campaigns. Tools such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, aimed at social networks, allow brands to create widely segmented actions, defining location, gender, age group, interests, among other points, directing ads to the right audience.

 Google Ads also follows a very similar structure; however, its segmentation is even more detailed. The creator of the marketing campaigns can choose the days and times when the ads will be active on the internet according to the consumers' access habits, optimizing the company's investment.

 We have gathered in today's article information that shows how important it is to have good segmentation in your marketing campaigns. Take advantage of that you are researching on the subject and also check out on our blog the post that teaches you how to find the best digital marketing services for your company.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

4 Basic Google Ads Optimizations that will Make Your Leads Better Qualified

Everyone who deals with digital marketing campaigns collects reports showing how many visitors you've reached with these actions. Because attracting leads is one of your main goals, correct? However, it is not enough to attract a crowd of people. Your strategies must be effective in turning this audience into real customers.

For this reason, it is essential to increase your conversion rates for those leads. From there, your company will grow and succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what to do to optimize the conversion. How, after all, to calculate? Here are some essential tips for you to effectively increase these numbers!

Be creative when generating content for your audience

Currently, virtually every company in its industry is also generating content. The tendency is for you to have to surpass your competitors more and more. So just using keywords to rank your content is not enough to increase conversion rates. After all, the competition is also doing something very similar.

It is necessary that your digital marketing campaigns generate content that stands out in comparison to that of the competitor. They must be more attractive and relevant! So, do not skimp on creativity in themes, images, infographics, titles or subtitles. So you gain the public's eye and maintain relationships with them.

Invest in SEO optimization and the right keywords

You well know the value of quality content. However, it is ineffective to provide great content to those who are not interested in the subject. Therefore, bet on the development of strong and appropriate keywords. Linked to them will be content with themes of total relevance to your leads.

In digital marketing campaigns, it is also essential to rank this content very well on search engines. Because only by finding it will your audience be able to read it. So your company optimizes the traffic on your blog and website, taking the right people to them. And not only attracting them, but also engaging them, winning them over the long term.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Also rely on landing pages and forms

Your Inbound Marketing tools must also be effective. Otherwise, well-positioned and elaborate content will not be useful. So, invest without fear in the landing page, in the form and in the pop-up. To get an increase in the conversion rate of the audience you need to have great design and other creative elements.

But how to achieve this goal? Study the creation of the text that interests and engages. They must be able to lead the public to certain actions. And for that you can use, for example, copywriting. And everything related to design and art direction, colors, layout and visual appeal.

Use videos in digital marketing campaigns

Currently, videos represent the most versatile and efficient language within digital marketing. And it is not by chance, after all, these tools coincide with the taste of the user in general. Video is the most sought after content today. A large part of the time that has been spent online is watching videos of all kinds.

Advertising in video form, within your digital marketing campaigns, is an excellent tactic. They can be served, for example, on Instagram or Facebook. So, to optimize your campaign's conversion rates, invest in videos. Merge the resource with other publications and advertise through them!

With these basic practices, you will surely detect which actions are most effective. And so, you will invest in those that bring you better conversion rates in your digital marketing campaigns. Create engagement using content of great quality, relevance and that are innovative. And invest in the most suitable channels and formats.

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