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What's Next: 11 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

 We say goodbye to 2020 sure that it was a year full of teachings and changes. Businesses saw digitization as a necessity in order to survive and reach more people , as well as publicize their products and better understand the needs of their customers. Here we tell you some of the digital marketing trends that we will see.

 Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of growth for Abdul Rimaaz Digital Marketing that will mark the way in which content and products will be marketed on the web in 2021.

 Live videos and webinars

 The year that is ending leaves us with new ways of doing many things, including teaching, learning and connecting with audiences.

 Live videos and webinars or webinars played an important role and in 2021 they will continue to boom, because they allow audiences to connect directly with characters and influencers and reduce the geographical gap that separates the public from important events.

 Book launches, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and conferences have benefited from streaming platforms and it's time to make the most of them: Zoom, Teams, Google Meets.

 Improve user experience

 As we tell you here, the user experience or UX is becoming more and more important. This means that you must put yourself in the shoes of your audience and understand what they need, regarding products and content to give them a positive experience.

 This way you make sure that they buy and consume what you share on all your platforms. Without a doubt, one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2021.

 Testing with content generated by Artificial Intelligence

 Tools like the GPT-3 API and Contentyze have emerged , using artificial intelligence to take data and create summaries, captions, and even full blog posts. We will see these trends increasingly in force and are expected to take off in 2021.

 Improve SEO

 2020 was marked by digitization and that also means that audiences go to search engines before making a purchase decision.

 An important trend in the year that begins is to focus on content optimization or SEO so that search engines show our brands in the first results.

 SEO standards are constantly changing, so it is important to stay informed and updated.

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 Repurpose content on other channels

 With the arrival of more webinars and live videos, there are also more inputs for other formats and platforms, such as blog articles, infographics, and social media posts.

 Forgetting what was said and not using that content is a waste of valuable material and in 2021 it will be very useful, as people will increasingly turn to digital platforms to learn and reinforce knowledge.

 Shopping on Social Networks

 55% of online shoppers make purchases through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest , and 71% of consumers turn to social media for inspiration to buy.

 This means that it is now more important than ever to make brands, products and services shoppable on social media, especially as more companies transition to digital to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

 Additionally, research shows that customers are more likely to buy when presented with an optimized shopping experience . Social commerce gives brands the opportunity to optimize the shopping experience across multiple channels and platforms, allowing their customers to buy products every step of the way.


 2020 was a very eventful year on a social level and brands had to demonstrate their concern for the well-being of their audiences with clear and emotional messages in favor of various causes such as Black Lives Matter and, in general, solidarity towards health professionals and other essential areas during the great global health crisis.

 In 2021, brands that remain silent in the face of social problems in their environment miss the opportunity to connect with their audiences and be spokespersons for important groups.

 Google Core Web Vitals

 This is one of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2021.

 What is Google Core Web Vitals? It's Google's new ranking factor. Announced in mid-2020, Google is set to make Core Web Vitals ranking factors part of the new Page Experience signal sometime in 2021. Fortunately, website owners have time to make changes to their sites. .

 The key factors are related to the user experience in the real world, which includes the page load speed and the mobile experience. The signals analyzed by Core Web Vitals will affect the pages that appear in regular search results, as well as Google's “top news”.

 Better customer retention through segmentation

 Because it takes less money to keep your existing customers than it does to win new ones, marketers always recommend trying harder later in the buyer's journey.

 Satisfied customers tend to tell their friends and provide referrals to help increase revenue. They are also more likely to provide direct and honest feedback on issues that will only strengthen your brand.

 Make sure to keep them informed about changes or processes in your organization that would affect their relationship through email marketing or interact with them on social media.

 By collecting data and segmenting your customers, you have the opportunity to save costs. You can also target them in a more profitable way.

 More interactive content

 Adding interactive elements to your website or social media is a great way to deliver value to visitors, get them engaged with your brand, and learn more about them.

 For example, if you are a real estate agent and you add a simple but effective mortgage calculator to your website, you offer value to visitors while learning more about them based on the data they enter into the calculator. This information, in turn, can help you refine your characters and offer orientation.

 Other examples of interactive marketing include evaluations, quizzes, games, surveys, interactive videos, and contests.

 Contests are a great way to exponentially increase your reach and visibility. The quickest way to show your brand to lots of new prospects, inexpensively, is to have your current customers share a Facebook post from a contest. Some brands make it a referral contest, often promising an attractive customer reward that helps generate the most new sales.

 Focus on employee engagement

 HR professionals recognized early on that the COVID-19 pandemic would affect employees and productivity. For many, this was their first time working remotely and the experience may have been both new and liberating. But by now, the excitement has worn off for most and it's no wonder employee morale is suffering and productivity along with it.

 Keeping employees connected is critical as motivated employees will better communicate with each other and ensure better results for customers. This is part of the digital marketing trends for 2021.

 As a manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that customer service teams (service, marketing and sales) understand that even if they are not in the office, they are all working together towards the same common goal .

 Divide projects into sizable chunks and set clear milestones. Then be sure to set up multiple communication channels and prepare to share your successes with the entire team on each channel.

 2020 brought surprises that completely changed the course of many businesses and 2021, although it is loaded with uncertainties, will also be the opportunity to put into practice the lessons of the previous year.

 To keep up with these trends and give your customers the digital experience they deserve, you can count on a team of design, content and programming professionals ready to help you succeed with these Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing trends in 2021 .

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