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Social Profile Management CREWE Cheshire East England


Social Profile Management

The  Social Network division of the Abdul Rimaaz Web Agency  takes care of the pages and social profiles of all customers who intend to invest on the web, both on the positioning of their site and on social channels. We take care of the creation of profiles, of the restyling of the same when the customer has already provided for its creation, the creation and programming of posts with different contents. With dedicated budgets, we also take care of the creation of direct paid advertisements to specific targets, in order to expand the reach of your pages.

We then follow the social pages from the creation of the same to the writing of institutional and commercial posts for the sale of products and services, applying social strategies to increase their  visibility , as well as traffic, to be directed to the website of your business.

What Are Social Networks Today?

For  social networks we mean all those websites and / or web portals useful for sharing textual or multimedia content (photos, videos, audio, etc). Thanks to the web, sharing content is a source of conversation and exchange of opinions. In fact, social media allow a quick exchange of news, making users an active part of everything, as they in turn can again share, rework, comment or express their opinion and in turn be authors themselves. In practice, all those who interact are at the same time authors and readers, therefore not just simple passive users. They are extremely cheap and require no technical skills. The contents are published in real time. The communication style of social media is very informal and like the users, while on traditional media,

The  social media and web marketing activities  managed relate to:

- Social networks ( Facebook ,  Instagram , Linkedin, Google ADS, just to name a few)

- Forums

- Communities

- Blogs

- Podcasting

- Multimedia content sharing sites (audio, photos, videos)

- Wiki, for mass sharing and content creation.

Post Programming and Targeted Campaigns On Social Networks

Below are some of the fundamental activities that Abdul Rimaaz Social and Development department makes available to customers, which allow you to monitor and improve the Web and Social Reputation of your business.

Social media marketing

Restyling and updating of social pages

Increase Visibility on social media

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