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Responsive Websites Development CREWE Cheshire East England

 We Take Care of Your Website!

Create website? No problem! The Abdul Rimaaz Web Agency  offers a complete web consulting service, from the conception to the development of any platform and multimedia catalog. With our help you can not only increase the visits to your website, but also start taking advantage of modern and effective web marketing tools! Our professional advice and our web development department therefore goes well beyond visibility on search engines.

Whatever your needs, one of our experts will be able to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals on the internet: visibility on Google, but not only! We can study web marketing strategies tailored to your website, increase and improve your presence on social networks, manage advertising campaigns on the most popular platforms. Visibility for a website is everything!

Our main web services:

  • Creation of responsive websites
  • Web design
  • Creation of portals and web platforms
  •  Design of ecommerce sites, online stores and showcase sites
  • Multimedia catalogs on / off line

·    Create Responsive Website

A site is  responsive  when it  automatically recognizes the user's device and adapts according to the size of the device on which it is viewed (smartphone, tablet, desktop), therefore with flexible contents, columns, menus and grids. According to statistics, internet traffic on mobile devices is growing rapidly! Through their smartphone, in fact, people talk, are connected to social networks, receive news of the day and more and more users are purchasing products and services from their smartphone or tablet.

A responsive site allows you to have a single content management area and therefore not enter the same material several times. You will therefore save time and money. Google recommends responsive websites; it will give greater visibility, making it rise in position in search engines. This is because responsive sites have the same URL and HTML code on whatever device they look at, making it easier and more efficient for Google to index and organize content.

What else can we offer you? CMS and CRM and Multimedia Catalogs!


In computing a  content management system , in the acronym  CMS  ( content management system  in Italian), it is a software tool, which is installed on a web server, whose task is to facilitate the management of website content, freeing the webmaster of technical knowledge Web programming specifications.



It is a system that allows you to manage relationships with your customers in an easier and above all more effective way. It's a new way of managing information and tracking the interactions that occur between you and your contacts. Imagine having all your customer's information in a single screen of your computer / smartphone: customer details, emails exchanged, phone calls made, visits made on site by your agents, contracts, estimates, invoices ... everything ... just a click away.

CRM is represented by the range of activities that contribute to improving relationships with customers and, consequently, their sales and loyalty. For a company, the most important asset is represented by customers.

Multimedia Catalogs

Essential tool for all companies that intend to arrive via the web or email. It could also be represented by a CD with items from the catalog on it. Or it can be structured as an interactive website with colors, lines and images and photos relating to the range of products proposed. What would you prefer?

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