Thursday, 4 March 2021

How to choose keywords in CREWE , ENGLAND

 Keywords How to choose the best ones for web positioning?

 In web positioning or online marketing, when we say keyword we are not really referring to a single word as such, that is, a keyword could be for example: buy a second-hand car, as you can see, this phrase actually contains three words but We also refer to it as a keyword when we are talking about web positioning. Internet users use these keywords to find what they are looking for among millions of web pages, which is why it is so important in the SEO strategy.

 Why do I need a keyword study?

 We tend to think that we all search the same, with the same keywords as other users, but nothing is further from the truth, in our SEO Agency we have more than proven that this is not the case. A user can use the keywords "second hand car", another "pre-owned car", another "used cars" and so we could continue with many more searches, it is for this reason that we must know how to detect the keywords that users contribute to our web, for this you have a tool that will help you find enough words related to your product and it is offered to us by Google itself within adwords. With this tool you can extract the keywords that can bring you web traffic, but they are not all worth it since it is a mistake to use words that have more searches but in reality they do not have much to do with what you offer to your users,

If you have an active pay-per-click online marketing campaign, not having your keywords well defined can make you lose a lot of money, in summary it is very important to define your keywords well, this can lead to an increase in quality traffic, going up thus your web positioning and saving you a lot of money in online marketing.


How to conduct a keyword study?


Try to search for your product or service as any user who is not an expert could do, that is, avoid technicalities that you know very well about your product, but your potential client does not know them, think short phrases or words that are related to your product . There are people who create a website called "Abdul Rimaaz" and search in Google with that name when they see that it appears in Google results, they are very happy, but your client or your potential client does not know your name, so they will not search For " Abdul Rimaaz" he will search by product so discard the name of your company as a keyword, since whoever knows it directly will know how to find you.


Flee from generic words like "car" as it is just one word and so generic it has a lot of competition which will make it very difficult to position a website with those keywords, it is better to look for long tail words that is to say much more focused on what you are offering such as "I sell a second-hand car in CREWE ".

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