Thursday, 11 March 2021

4 best SEO techniques to increase you’re positioning

Taking care of your website's SEO is indispensable to achieve higher positions on search pages (such as Google and Bing). In addition to increasing traffic and sales opportunities, this technique is essential to increase the visitor experience. Therefore, it is worth investing in this alternative.

As there are more than 200 factors that influence the outcome, you need to know which techniques really work. Thus, it will be easy to consolidate a differentiated positioning.

1. Work the internal and external links

One of the elements with the greatest impact on the SEO result is the use of links. They must be distributed correctly and must have quality internal and external characteristics.

Regarding internal links, it is good to use good anchor texts, which are relevant to the blog or page address. If you bet on the production of content marketing, it is worth creating pillar posts, which are more complete and gather links to the so-called “satellite posts”.

Externally, it is essential to obtain new links and indications of well positioned domains. It is worth investing in guest blogging or even in partnerships that are really valuable to both audiences. Thus, your authority grows and it is possible to increase your positioning.

2. Create a responsive, fast-loading website

User experience is a determining factor for SEO and that is why you should be concerned with building the site. It is essential that it is responsive, that is, that its layout adapts to any screen size. With the increase in mobile navigation, this is already an aspect prioritized by Google.


In addition, the address needs to load quickly - even to avoid losing the user's interest. Correctly compressed images and moderate use of resources are points that play in favor of this feature.

3. Make it easy to track the SEO algorithm

The classification of the sites depends on an automatic analysis, made by the algorithm according to several criteria. The simpler your site is for this “robot”, the greater the chances of it understanding how the address should be positioned. Therefore, it is worth investing in ways to facilitate this tracking.

Creating a site map indicates how the algorithm should "move" in the address, how the pages are related and how relevant they are. In the case of those who maintain a blog, it is worth resorting to structured data. The Schema Markup proposal is the best known option and creates a basic structure for reading information. As a result, ranking is favored.

4. Refresh the pages periodically

In general, search engines favor the newest pages that bring the most recent information. Therefore, one of the SEO tips is to frequently update certain pages on your site Abdul Rimaaz.

In the case of the blog, it is worth extending content and updating it, as needed. Thus, the information remains relevant and it is still possible to take advantage of the new techniques available.

It is also worth reviewing institutional and even product pages. With everything always up to date, there are good chances to improve your positioning.

Using the proper SEO techniques is essential to get further on the search pages. In addition to following these tips, look for a specialized agency if you want to make the most of the results.


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