Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Digital marketing: is your company doing it right?

 In the current marketing scenario, it is very important for a company to invest in digital marketing . But this is an area in constant evolution, as technology contributes to many changes to happen quickly.

 Given this, the question arises: will you invest in the right strategies to sustain your business? How is your online presence going and how is it possible to make it really effective before the public?

 In this article, you will find some tips that can help answer and better define these questions. Follow us!

 Set your goals for a good digital marketing strategy

 To achieve positive return with digital marketing , the first step is to define your goals. When adopting this path, clearly write down where you want to go and why this investment is important for the company at this time.

 Increasing the customer base, helping the brand visibility to grow or having a good sales conversion rate are just a few examples that you can bet on. In this way, all efforts of the strategy will be directed in the same way, leaving the process more optimized.

 Produce quality content

 The digital marketing to succeed depends on a quality content production. That is, it is not enough to just have a website, a blog or active social networks: they need to talk to their consumers, through an appropriate persona.

 Therefore, dedicate yourself to an editorial calendar that allows consistent posts and optimizes each one through SEO techniques to rank well in search engines. And don't forget your goals. If you want to sell or strengthen the brand, make content with that focus.

 Remember to join the mobile trend

 Yes, mobile is a very important trend today. After all, a large portion of the population conducts their research and accesses the internet through a mobile device, such as smartphones and tablets.

 Thus, it is essential that all your means of online dissemination are responsive. Which means that they will be adapted so that the navigation experience is more comfortable and assertive when it happens on these devices.

 Track and measure all your results

 Measurement is of paramount importance when it comes to digital marketing strategies . It is obtained through a global analysis of all your actions, so that you can visualize precisely what went right and can continue to be developed, what is worth reconsidering and redoing, and what can be deleted to avoid wasting time and money .

 Results are measured by key indicators or specific tools, which even help to monitor developments and failures over a given period. Therefore, it is interesting to see which alternative fits best in what you need to know and apply its execution as soon as possible in your Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing plan .


Don't you feel safe to put all this information into practice? Do not worry! A specialized marketing agency can help with each of these steps to ensure your success. Check out the 4 main advantages of this hiring and get organized to achieve a firm positioning on the internet.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

4 best SEO techniques to increase you’re positioning

Taking care of your website's SEO is indispensable to achieve higher positions on search pages (such as Google and Bing). In addition to increasing traffic and sales opportunities, this technique is essential to increase the visitor experience. Therefore, it is worth investing in this alternative.

As there are more than 200 factors that influence the outcome, you need to know which techniques really work. Thus, it will be easy to consolidate a differentiated positioning.

1. Work the internal and external links

One of the elements with the greatest impact on the SEO result is the use of links. They must be distributed correctly and must have quality internal and external characteristics.

Regarding internal links, it is good to use good anchor texts, which are relevant to the blog or page address. If you bet on the production of content marketing, it is worth creating pillar posts, which are more complete and gather links to the so-called “satellite posts”.

Externally, it is essential to obtain new links and indications of well positioned domains. It is worth investing in guest blogging or even in partnerships that are really valuable to both audiences. Thus, your authority grows and it is possible to increase your positioning.

2. Create a responsive, fast-loading website

User experience is a determining factor for SEO and that is why you should be concerned with building the site. It is essential that it is responsive, that is, that its layout adapts to any screen size. With the increase in mobile navigation, this is already an aspect prioritized by Google.


In addition, the address needs to load quickly - even to avoid losing the user's interest. Correctly compressed images and moderate use of resources are points that play in favor of this feature.

3. Make it easy to track the SEO algorithm

The classification of the sites depends on an automatic analysis, made by the algorithm according to several criteria. The simpler your site is for this “robot”, the greater the chances of it understanding how the address should be positioned. Therefore, it is worth investing in ways to facilitate this tracking.

Creating a site map indicates how the algorithm should "move" in the address, how the pages are related and how relevant they are. In the case of those who maintain a blog, it is worth resorting to structured data. The Schema Markup proposal is the best known option and creates a basic structure for reading information. As a result, ranking is favored.

4. Refresh the pages periodically

In general, search engines favor the newest pages that bring the most recent information. Therefore, one of the SEO tips is to frequently update certain pages on your site Abdul Rimaaz.

In the case of the blog, it is worth extending content and updating it, as needed. Thus, the information remains relevant and it is still possible to take advantage of the new techniques available.

It is also worth reviewing institutional and even product pages. With everything always up to date, there are good chances to improve your positioning.

Using the proper SEO techniques is essential to get further on the search pages. In addition to following these tips, look for a specialized agency if you want to make the most of the results.


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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

What is the importance of investing in online marketing?


In recent years, it has been possible to observe a significant change in consumer behavior. Today, he uses the internet for much of his daily activities.

 Buying products, researching brands and giving feedback from other consumers are very common habits in this society. Therefore, investing in online marketing is indispensable for the company that wants to win a loyal audience.

 Do you want to know a little more about other reasons that make this action so important? So read on and check it out!

 Online marketing helps to have more authority in the market

 Think of a car brand. Now, think of a soft drink. Certainly, a particular name came to mind, even if you are not a customer of the company, right? This is the best example of what market authority means.

 Digital marketing strategies serve precisely for your brand to be seen and recognized through valuable content. That way, even if someone hasn't bought from you yet, they'll be able to remember what you offer and have enough confidence to make their first purchase.

 It makes it possible to learn even more about your customer

 Knowing very well who your customer is essential for you to develop an efficient communication. And so that, in addition to delivering what is already expected, it will also be able to carry out surprising actions that attract the attention of the masses.

 The marketing online is the way to set this consumption profile. Through its results, it is easier to measure the public's response to better understand their wishes, needs and expectations. In addition to engaging in interactions that create proximity and also generate more useful information.

 It is much simpler to attract potential customers

 Reaching the mass is interesting, but how about attracting real potential customers? This is one of the main goals of online marketing. With the data obtained about your audience, it becomes much easier to direct actions and strategies with an effective return.

 From that, you will always be able to be found by the right people and create solid relationships that lead to loyalty. And, throughout this process, you will be able to build a reference image in the market, always with positive feedbacks that allow innovations.

 It is possible to control and decrease expenses

 Finally, it is worth mentioning that as Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing provides an accurate measurement, it is possible to control and decrease spending on this investment . After all, you will know exactly where your money is invested and how effective your actions are.

 It will also be possible to calculate how much the company spends on turning each prospect into a customer and the value of each of them to the brand. Everything with a value well below that applied in offline marketing, which by reaching the mass, does not have so much assertiveness in numbers.

 Did you see how important it is to incorporate online marketing actions in your company? With a guaranteed positive return, be sure to study the most suitable possibilities for the type of business and public with which you work.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

What are the advantages of having a digital marketing company partnering with your business?

 It is extremely important that your business can count on a digital marketing company to take care of your advertising. If you do not already have this feature, we recommend that you consider the many advantages that this can bring you. After all, advertising is always renewing its types of approaches and strategies.

 Small and medium-sized companies need assistance so that their services are properly publicized and offered. Addressing the right audience in an efficient manner takes time and a lot of expertise. Focusing time and energy on other activities, leaving marketing in the hands of experts, will certainly bring you more success!

 Count on a focused and specialized team

 Hiring a qualified digital marketing company brings benefits that go far beyond being present on social networks. Not only will they quickly manage their networks, they will also use a variety of tools and techniques to do so. All of this for you to achieve your company's goals.

 Some of these tools are SEO, inbound marketing , content-oriented marketing, sponsored link, among many others. With this advice, the chances of each action being successful are much greater! Specialized teams will always be focused on planning and executing these actions in the most effective and quick way possible.

 Save with the digital marketing company

 Another great benefit of this hiring is related to the various resources that the agencies have. The technologies and tools used by them, which optimize marketing actions, would generally cost you a lot of money. These are expenses that, taken together, would be much more expensive than hiring these companies. Out of the time you would have to invest!

 Remember that the digital marketing company has a number of customers. Its use of its software and other tools is much more profitable. So you don't have to get them and spend on licenses unnecessarily, saving you a lot of costs.

 Get concrete and relevant results

 You logically have a number of goals to be achieved. One of the main ones, in the face of digital marketing, is certainly to rise in the ranking of Google search results . Acquiring relevance in the market, selling more, is the way for your company to prosper. Results that are only obtained satisfactorily with the help of the agencies.

 With a team totally dedicated to this, it is more practical and economical to obtain effective and relevant returns. This team has sufficient preparation and experience to detect the most efficient actions for your area and segment. In this way, it is much better able to generate concrete results.

 Focus completely on your usual activity

 The presence of the digital marketing company allows you and your team to focus on your core activities. In other words: tasks that produce values ​​directly. It is also not advisable to overload your internal marketing team. The damage can be quite large in the end and the activities carried out improperly.

 The specialist company will take full care of digital marketing, allowing you to continue with your routines. It is the smartest way to allow your business to grow and prosper.

 It is proven, therefore, that hiring a digital marketing company is practical, efficient and economical. But make sure that this is an effective and well qualified hire. Always analyze the agencies' portfolio and everything they can offer . Consult friends and seek referrals, to choose the right agency for your company Abdul Rimaaz!

 We hope we have helped you to better understand how digital marketing agencies operate. Be sure to follow our LinkedIn profile ! Stay tuned to other news like these.

6 techniques to help sales prospecting

 Regardless of the product or service that your company offers, knowing how to attract customers efficiently is a big challenge. This is true both for approaches made directly to your prospects and those made indirectly to win them over. It is necessary, then, to use innovative techniques that favor sales prospecting .

 Channels today are different. We must assume that the internet and social networks are almost mandatory channels today, for example. Good sales strategies are those that are able to keep your pipeline always supplied . For this, it is essential to know the profiles of the public to be prospected. See our tips below!

 1. Check the needs of your leads

 Good sales prospecting starts with checking what is relevant and necessary for your leads. In B2B sales, for example, you focus on business contacts that are worth keeping. This can be achieved with previous research and also in contact with Abdul Rimaaz .

 2. Know how to find your ideal profiles

 When you approach your potential future customers, you gain an accurate sense of who your ideal consumer profiles are. It is also worth paying attention to the contacts with those customers that the company has already conquered previously. Gradually, in this process, your company will find the most specific personas and their particularities.

 3. Generate feedbacks in sales prospecting

 It is possible to generate feedback, during sales prospecting , based on lead scorings . It is a technique that involves scores acquired through a series of data about the public: what is he interested in? What kind of websites, blogs and content does he access? What kind of material does he usually download and why is it useful?

 This information automates the process of supplying leads. This ensures that only the most accurate purchasing profiles are detected and deserve the sales team's approach. Precisely in the moments when they are very close to the act of purchase.

 4. Make your strategy even more refined

 The truth is that you should not be stuck with static and fixed techniques at all times. Therefore, it is essential that you update and refine them more and more to be successful for longer periods.

 Not to mention that personalizing shopping experiences is very timely. However, when entering the scope of the sales approach, leads must seek information independently. Only then will your team contact him.

 5. Pay attention to prospects who are ready

 Although they are still widely used, email lists of prospects who have already come ready can be a danger. What appears to be extremely advantageous could become harmful. After all, these lists are very generic and are hardly updated. You don't know if these individuals are really looking for something like your product or service.

 The sales prospecting steps must be respected. Their approaches and speeches must be worked on properly. Be careful not to get the bad image that some telemarketing calls or conventional sales have.

 6. Use social media effectively

Searching social media for prospect possibilities is a great way to find more specific people or companies . Study each particularity of each social network. Learn how to sell in these types of environments to find your audience in them. The techniques and resources that are available today, in this sense, are innumerable!

 Performing effective and accurate sales prospecting today is a task that presents new difficulties, but also good possibilities. A series of studies and previous analyzes is necessary to define your audience with maximum accuracy. The approaches are also different, so the processes must be constantly renewed.

 So, did you like our tips for selling more and in a more targeted way? Like our Facebook page to stay on top of our news!

Friday, 5 March 2021

What's Next: 11 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

 We say goodbye to 2020 sure that it was a year full of teachings and changes. Businesses saw digitization as a necessity in order to survive and reach more people , as well as publicize their products and better understand the needs of their customers. Here we tell you some of the digital marketing trends that we will see.

 Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of growth for Abdul Rimaaz Digital Marketing that will mark the way in which content and products will be marketed on the web in 2021.

 Live videos and webinars

 The year that is ending leaves us with new ways of doing many things, including teaching, learning and connecting with audiences.

 Live videos and webinars or webinars played an important role and in 2021 they will continue to boom, because they allow audiences to connect directly with characters and influencers and reduce the geographical gap that separates the public from important events.

 Book launches, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and conferences have benefited from streaming platforms and it's time to make the most of them: Zoom, Teams, Google Meets.

 Improve user experience

 As we tell you here, the user experience or UX is becoming more and more important. This means that you must put yourself in the shoes of your audience and understand what they need, regarding products and content to give them a positive experience.

 This way you make sure that they buy and consume what you share on all your platforms. Without a doubt, one of the most important digital marketing trends for 2021.

 Testing with content generated by Artificial Intelligence

 Tools like the GPT-3 API and Contentyze have emerged , using artificial intelligence to take data and create summaries, captions, and even full blog posts. We will see these trends increasingly in force and are expected to take off in 2021.

 Improve SEO

 2020 was marked by digitization and that also means that audiences go to search engines before making a purchase decision.

 An important trend in the year that begins is to focus on content optimization or SEO so that search engines show our brands in the first results.

 SEO standards are constantly changing, so it is important to stay informed and updated.

 Learn about digital marketing Abdul Rimaaz

 Repurpose content on other channels

 With the arrival of more webinars and live videos, there are also more inputs for other formats and platforms, such as blog articles, infographics, and social media posts.

 Forgetting what was said and not using that content is a waste of valuable material and in 2021 it will be very useful, as people will increasingly turn to digital platforms to learn and reinforce knowledge.

 Shopping on Social Networks

 55% of online shoppers make purchases through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest , and 71% of consumers turn to social media for inspiration to buy.

 This means that it is now more important than ever to make brands, products and services shoppable on social media, especially as more companies transition to digital to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

 Additionally, research shows that customers are more likely to buy when presented with an optimized shopping experience . Social commerce gives brands the opportunity to optimize the shopping experience across multiple channels and platforms, allowing their customers to buy products every step of the way.


 2020 was a very eventful year on a social level and brands had to demonstrate their concern for the well-being of their audiences with clear and emotional messages in favor of various causes such as Black Lives Matter and, in general, solidarity towards health professionals and other essential areas during the great global health crisis.

 In 2021, brands that remain silent in the face of social problems in their environment miss the opportunity to connect with their audiences and be spokespersons for important groups.

 Google Core Web Vitals

 This is one of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2021.

 What is Google Core Web Vitals? It's Google's new ranking factor. Announced in mid-2020, Google is set to make Core Web Vitals ranking factors part of the new Page Experience signal sometime in 2021. Fortunately, website owners have time to make changes to their sites. .

 The key factors are related to the user experience in the real world, which includes the page load speed and the mobile experience. The signals analyzed by Core Web Vitals will affect the pages that appear in regular search results, as well as Google's “top news”.

 Better customer retention through segmentation

 Because it takes less money to keep your existing customers than it does to win new ones, marketers always recommend trying harder later in the buyer's journey.

 Satisfied customers tend to tell their friends and provide referrals to help increase revenue. They are also more likely to provide direct and honest feedback on issues that will only strengthen your brand.

 Make sure to keep them informed about changes or processes in your organization that would affect their relationship through email marketing or interact with them on social media.

 By collecting data and segmenting your customers, you have the opportunity to save costs. You can also target them in a more profitable way.

 More interactive content

 Adding interactive elements to your website or social media is a great way to deliver value to visitors, get them engaged with your brand, and learn more about them.

 For example, if you are a real estate agent and you add a simple but effective mortgage calculator to your website, you offer value to visitors while learning more about them based on the data they enter into the calculator. This information, in turn, can help you refine your characters and offer orientation.

 Other examples of interactive marketing include evaluations, quizzes, games, surveys, interactive videos, and contests.

 Contests are a great way to exponentially increase your reach and visibility. The quickest way to show your brand to lots of new prospects, inexpensively, is to have your current customers share a Facebook post from a contest. Some brands make it a referral contest, often promising an attractive customer reward that helps generate the most new sales.

 Focus on employee engagement

 HR professionals recognized early on that the COVID-19 pandemic would affect employees and productivity. For many, this was their first time working remotely and the experience may have been both new and liberating. But by now, the excitement has worn off for most and it's no wonder employee morale is suffering and productivity along with it.

 Keeping employees connected is critical as motivated employees will better communicate with each other and ensure better results for customers. This is part of the digital marketing trends for 2021.

 As a manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that customer service teams (service, marketing and sales) understand that even if they are not in the office, they are all working together towards the same common goal .

 Divide projects into sizable chunks and set clear milestones. Then be sure to set up multiple communication channels and prepare to share your successes with the entire team on each channel.

 2020 brought surprises that completely changed the course of many businesses and 2021, although it is loaded with uncertainties, will also be the opportunity to put into practice the lessons of the previous year.

 To keep up with these trends and give your customers the digital experience they deserve, you can count on a team of design, content and programming professionals ready to help you succeed with these Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing trends in 2021 .

Thursday, 4 March 2021

How to choose keywords in CREWE , ENGLAND

 Keywords How to choose the best ones for web positioning?

 In web positioning or online marketing, when we say keyword we are not really referring to a single word as such, that is, a keyword could be for example: buy a second-hand car, as you can see, this phrase actually contains three words but We also refer to it as a keyword when we are talking about web positioning. Internet users use these keywords to find what they are looking for among millions of web pages, which is why it is so important in the SEO strategy.

 Why do I need a keyword study?

 We tend to think that we all search the same, with the same keywords as other users, but nothing is further from the truth, in our SEO Agency we have more than proven that this is not the case. A user can use the keywords "second hand car", another "pre-owned car", another "used cars" and so we could continue with many more searches, it is for this reason that we must know how to detect the keywords that users contribute to our web, for this you have a tool that will help you find enough words related to your product and it is offered to us by Google itself within adwords. With this tool you can extract the keywords that can bring you web traffic, but they are not all worth it since it is a mistake to use words that have more searches but in reality they do not have much to do with what you offer to your users,

If you have an active pay-per-click online marketing campaign, not having your keywords well defined can make you lose a lot of money, in summary it is very important to define your keywords well, this can lead to an increase in quality traffic, going up thus your web positioning and saving you a lot of money in online marketing.


How to conduct a keyword study?


Try to search for your product or service as any user who is not an expert could do, that is, avoid technicalities that you know very well about your product, but your potential client does not know them, think short phrases or words that are related to your product . There are people who create a website called "Abdul Rimaaz" and search in Google with that name when they see that it appears in Google results, they are very happy, but your client or your potential client does not know your name, so they will not search For " Abdul Rimaaz" he will search by product so discard the name of your company as a keyword, since whoever knows it directly will know how to find you.


Flee from generic words like "car" as it is just one word and so generic it has a lot of competition which will make it very difficult to position a website with those keywords, it is better to look for long tail words that is to say much more focused on what you are offering such as "I sell a second-hand car in CREWE ".

Responsive web design or adapted to mobile?


This is a question that we are asked very often when they ask us for a responsive web design in our SEO agency, so we will try to give a brief answer.

While mobile web design is limited to optimal smartphone viewing, responsive web design is suitable for any device. This means that the web will be seen correctly from a desktop computer, a laptop, tablets and Smartphones, as well as any device that offers web visualization, such as glasses or smart watches. Responsive web design is smart and flexible. The use of intelligent coding can determine from which device it is being viewed, thereby adjusting and adapting to obtain an optimal display.

Responsive web design saves you money

Although many web design agencies tend to charge more money for a responsive design, by investing in just one design, you will save money in the medium and long term.

If you request a responsive website, you will not have to create another one for mobiles and tablets, thus reducing time and money in the development and launch of your Abdul Rimaaz website. You will also save on maintenance costs, since you will only have to perform maintenance on a single website for all devices, instead of three or more sites.

Responsive web design is SEO friendly

Although Google keeps many SEO criteria secret, in 2020 they made public that they prefer a responsive web design than designs adapted to mobile phones. This is due to the fact that a responsive web design uses only one url per page, making it much easier for Google and other search engines to crawl the web.

15 SEO techniques to position your website


Worpress is the most used content manager in the world. It is intuitive and easy to use even by people without much knowledge in the area. In a few minutes you can publish a post with images and videos ready to be shared on social networks and viewed in search engines.

 Competition worldwide is focused on putting websites in the top positions of search engines. For this, strategies and tools have been created, which have proven to be effective in achieving web positioning .

 Here are 15 SEO techniques to improve your chances of being seen and appreciated by search engines :

 1. Generate functional URLs

 If a person is doing a search and a URL like this is found:

 Little will you know about the information contained therein. But if this URL is found otherwise:

 Surely just by looking at it you can get an idea of ​​the content of said URL.

 By default, Worpress generates URL's like the one initially indicated in the example. In order to adapt the URL so that it has relevant content and for SEO , you can configure the Worpress so that it automatically takes the name of the post as the URL.

 To get the Worpress to put the post title in the URL, the following steps must be followed:

  • Enter the WordPress administration panel.
  • Click on
  • Select Permanent Links.
  • Select the Entry Name option.
  • Click on Save Changes at the bottom.

Note: Existing URLs should not be changed as it may cause an SEO nightmare. The new settings should apply for future posts.

 2. Convert HTML and JS code to AMP to speed up mobile browsing

 AMP allows to accelerate the loading of content on mobiles. Currently, most of the accesses to the internet in the world are done through a Smartphone or a Tablet. For this reason, special attention must be paid to presenting content quickly and efficiently.

 In order to apply mobile acceleration to Worpress, you can do 2 ways:

 Installing an AMP plug-in : Some are better than others on the internet and their installation is usually simple.

Hire a developer: You can hire a developer to program a tool adapted to the site's requirements. The advantage is that because it is new it is not saturated in the market.

 3. Write the titles and meta descriptions in an organized way

 The Yoast SEO plug-in is a powerful tool for monitoring on-page SEO . It allows you to write titles and descriptions and focus everything on one keyword. It also presents detailed report of the optimization of the post, to make adjustments if necessary in the title, the description and the content in general.

 Yoast is always at the forefront of changes on the internet and always releases updates so as not to be left behind. For example, one of the last was to reduce the number of characters from 55 - 70 for the title as the optimal extension for Google.

 Note: Yoast is a tool, it will not do the job automatically. It only shows the status of SEO in the post. There are many actions that have to be done to be successful.

 4. Add a title and alt-tag to all images

 No tools are needed for this. You just have to access the WordPress dashboard and select "Media". Once in that place you can select the images and add fill in the alt tags and titles if it had not already been done.

 The text entered in the fields must contain the keywords used in the post. The legend must be used wisely since if it is not justified it should not be put. This could seriously affect SEO.

 5. Insert rich snippets

 Rich snippets are those that show up prominently in SERPs, appear with ratings and stars or the person's G + profile, and definitely stand out.

 How to use rich snippets in the post?

 The first alternative is to add a plug-in that has been designed for this purpose. Currently there are many which offer different attractions to be chosen.

 As a second option, you can hire a developer to program a custom plug-in. This will bring the added advantage of having total control over the operation of the tool and it can be adapted to the requirements of the site where it is to be installed.

 6. Security in Wordpress is important

 WordPress is characterized by being very friendly for its use and administration. But this does not protect you from malicious attacks to breach your security. The fact that it is so popular makes it a safe target for all types of aggressors.

 The themes and plug-ins can contain security flaws, opening through them a door that violates the security of the site. Search engines look favorably on well-protected sites, therefore it would be another contribution to positioning.

 In the market there are a large number of plug-ins that guarantee security for sites designed in WordPress . You must choose from those with the best ratings from users. That way you will have a point of comparison to choose one of the best.

 One of the most used today is WordFence which is an open source business class plugin.

 7. Caching helps loading speed

 Worpress allows through plug-in to store in the cache, pages, database, queries, etc. This drastically reduces the loading and operating time of the site.

 There are several options to be considered but one of the most popular is W3 Total Cache which is backed by a large number of users who are constantly evaluating the performance of the plug-in.

 8. Controlling SPAM comments is a mandatory action

 If these types of comments are not controlled. The posts can be seen flooded with thousands of comments that contain links to other websites. Most of the time these websites can seriously damage the reputation of the site in the face of search engines.

 Generally, SPAM comments are aimed at redirecting traffic to pharmaceutical, gambling and adult content websites. To prevent this from happening, you must install a plug-in that blocks all these SPAM comments.

 The most used and efficient plug-in of the moment is called Akismet , which guarantees security as far as SPAM is concerned. It also shows a statistic of how many messages you have blocked. Akismet is a free plug-in and can be easily found on the web .

 9. Visitors should be kept interested in content and comments.

 Just as there are SPAM comments, you can also find real comments from people interested in the content of the post. These comments are very valuable and should be responded to promptly and displayed in the post.

 The fact that a visitor verifies that there is interaction between the visitor and the administrators of the site generates a feeling of trust that translates into greater permanence and even a new comment.

 In order to be able to handle comments efficiently, all you need to do is install a related comment plug-in.

 10. Allow content to be shared on social media

 Social networks in an infinite diffusion medium if they know how to use them . It is advisable to allow people who visit the site the opportunity to share the content. When a person shares any content, it indicates to other people that that information was valuable, therefore they could be interested and visit or simply share it again.

 Search engines give weight to the social interaction of the sites to measure the relevance of the information published on them. All this translates into a further contribution to web positioning .

 11. Perform frequent site backups

 Performing periodic backups allows you to have a contingency prepared at the time of a disaster due to security attacks or failures in the server where it is hosted.

 With a recent backup you can restore almost everything in a short time . Only the last changes that have been made after making the backup would have to be restored. For this, there are plug-ins specialized in making backups in scheduled periods. In this way you can have a high degree of tranquility.

 In order to choose the best plug-in, the evaluations made by its users must be evaluated. On the internet there are excellent free options.

 12. Optimizing the database improves performance significantly

 As sites grow, the volume of data they handle increases exponentially. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to maintain the database from the beginning.

 If you don't have an optimized database, the site will take longer and longer to load its pages. For search engines, loading time is important for positioning. It is best to install a plug-in that is responsible for optimizing the database.

 The most recommended plugin so far is WP-Optimize, it is easy to install and configure. When installing it you will be able to notice the difference in the loading time of the site.

 13. Generate a dynamic sitemap.xml

Sitemaps allow search engines to understand the internal structure of the site quickly and efficiently. In the case of not having it, the search engines could ignore some pages because they were not found.

 Therefore, it is essential to generate the sitemap to reduce time and give visibility to the entire site . It is recommended to use Google XML Sitemaps, which is a plug-in that allows you to generate the sitemap of the site automatically or manually.

 14. Form security is important

 Unprotected forms are often the victims of attacks to compromise site security. S and suggests using CAPTCHA therein to evade automated attacks or mass. If the forms are vulnerable, they can be filled out thousands of times, inflating the database until the site collapses.

 To avoid this type of attack, we recommend a plugin that allows adding security to the forms. One of the most recommended is called CAPTCHA.

 15. Search engine guide

 Search engines use robots that move around all webs in search of new pages, updates to them and pages that no longer exist. This in order to be able to have the information updated in real time.

 Search engines can be helped by creating the robots.txt file which will contain information relevant to search engines telling them where to crawl and where not to crawl.

 Once the robots.txt file has been written, it must be uploaded to the root of the site.

 To finalize some considerations to take into account

 Optimization is important but it is not everything . Ultimately, the most important thing is to have relevant content that offers the visitor what they were looking for. A fully optimized site but the content does not match the search criteria by which it was found. You will surely lose the attention of search engines and people quickly.

 SEO techniques are just a reference that allows search engines to be more pleasant, greatly facilitating their work. There are other actions that are carried out outside the page that allow to improve the positioning.

 The idea is to combine SEO techniques with quality content and share on social networks . Always thinking of people and giving them solutions to their problems and concerns.

 The security of the site and keeping it optimized should be a priority for everyone who wants to have a site that is pleasing to search engines. This will serve to keep the information safe and to give search engines the necessary confidence to make it a plus in terms of positioning.




Posted by: Abdul Rimaaz

The Importance of User Experience in the Future of SEO


As search engine algorithms become more and more sophisticated, it is believed that user experience signals  (ux) will play an important role in search ranking.

In this article we will try to explain what user experience means for the future of SEO professionals.

Search engines are advancing at an unstoppable pace thanks to machine learning . These advancements have allowed search engines to focus on providing the most relevant results, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of user experience (UX) .

At the end of the day, what is good for the user is good for organic search performance, considering how machine learning is becoming an increasingly important factor for search algorithms and search engine optimization. Incorporating areas such as search sequence, as well as content quality, structure, and sentimen.

SEO skill set needs to expand in UX

Part of Google's philosophy has always focused on providing the best user experience . With the latest technological advances, Google and other search engines are now in a better position to offer this vision. This focus will intensify in the coming months and years.

However, for many SEO teams and agencies , user experience has not always been a part of the SEO toolkit. As an industry, SEO agencies need to re-imagine SEO and the skills necessary to achieve bespoke success, as we move into the age of computer technology

If SEO cannot influence (or be a central part of) the brand's UX approach , then the levers of SEO performance will be out of our control. So if you aren't already, user experience should be a high priority in your learning and development schedule.

UX must evolve beyond a linear approach

As machine learning usage increases , user experience cues will be a more prominent factor in search engines. Therefore, UX issues could prevent brands from reaching their potential in organic search results and, thinking more broadly, could slow down conversion performance .

A lack of consideration for the user experience at different delivery points can cause consumers to leave the site and look elsewhere. Here are two great examples:

With content tabs, in which consumers land on the page corresponding to their search, but the information they searched for is hidden within a tab.

Infinite scrolling pages, in which multiple subtopics reside in a single URL, with no method for consumer landing on the section corresponding to their search.

By definition, user experience is about providing the best possible consumer experience and should not be limited to a specific journey that begins on the home page. Instead, it should be data-driven, taking into account the wide range of entry points on a web page .

Adapting the UX process we must take into account several entry points, the user experience of a site will be much more suitable for the success of the search , thus preparing the way for greater integration between the UX and SEO teams .

 A change that benefits everyone

With the incorporation of UX skills and teams in Abdul Rimaaz SEO processes , the adoption of a broader approach has been required, considering multiple entry points, which allows us to re-design the ways of working to obtain better results . Productive collaboration must take place across projects, and acting as a single team, to understand the challenges and provide optimal solutions through the entry points of a web page. In this way they can lead to a much better experience when searching for the conversion landing page .

If we are able to adapt and adopt the UX skill set , we will be able to maintain control of the factors that influence organic search performance. This will be beneficial for brands and consumers, so we will be in a better position to offer the best experience throughout the purchase process for each search that a consumer performs.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Responsive Websites Development CREWE Cheshire East England

 We Take Care of Your Website!

Create website? No problem! The Abdul Rimaaz Web Agency  offers a complete web consulting service, from the conception to the development of any platform and multimedia catalog. With our help you can not only increase the visits to your website, but also start taking advantage of modern and effective web marketing tools! Our professional advice and our web development department therefore goes well beyond visibility on search engines.

Whatever your needs, one of our experts will be able to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals on the internet: visibility on Google, but not only! We can study web marketing strategies tailored to your website, increase and improve your presence on social networks, manage advertising campaigns on the most popular platforms. Visibility for a website is everything!

Our main web services:

  • Creation of responsive websites
  • Web design
  • Creation of portals and web platforms
  •  Design of ecommerce sites, online stores and showcase sites
  • Multimedia catalogs on / off line

·    Create Responsive Website

A site is  responsive  when it  automatically recognizes the user's device and adapts according to the size of the device on which it is viewed (smartphone, tablet, desktop), therefore with flexible contents, columns, menus and grids. According to statistics, internet traffic on mobile devices is growing rapidly! Through their smartphone, in fact, people talk, are connected to social networks, receive news of the day and more and more users are purchasing products and services from their smartphone or tablet.

A responsive site allows you to have a single content management area and therefore not enter the same material several times. You will therefore save time and money. Google recommends responsive websites; it will give greater visibility, making it rise in position in search engines. This is because responsive sites have the same URL and HTML code on whatever device they look at, making it easier and more efficient for Google to index and organize content.

What else can we offer you? CMS and CRM and Multimedia Catalogs!


In computing a  content management system , in the acronym  CMS  ( content management system  in Italian), it is a software tool, which is installed on a web server, whose task is to facilitate the management of website content, freeing the webmaster of technical knowledge Web programming specifications.



It is a system that allows you to manage relationships with your customers in an easier and above all more effective way. It's a new way of managing information and tracking the interactions that occur between you and your contacts. Imagine having all your customer's information in a single screen of your computer / smartphone: customer details, emails exchanged, phone calls made, visits made on site by your agents, contracts, estimates, invoices ... everything ... just a click away.

CRM is represented by the range of activities that contribute to improving relationships with customers and, consequently, their sales and loyalty. For a company, the most important asset is represented by customers.

Multimedia Catalogs

Essential tool for all companies that intend to arrive via the web or email. It could also be represented by a CD with items from the catalog on it. Or it can be structured as an interactive website with colors, lines and images and photos relating to the range of products proposed. What would you prefer?

Fill Out The Form And Let's Get In Touch with email - info@abdulrimaaz.com

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