Thursday, 4 February 2021

Learn how to optimize your website SEO and attract more sales

 You have certainly heard about Search Engine Optimization , or SEO , right? But do you know exactly what it is and why it is so important to your company?

 The topic seems to be complicated - which makes many companies leave their SEO strategies in the hands of experts like Abdul Rimaaz. But we will bring in this article some tips that can expand your knowledge about SEO and provide some ways of acting.

 Importance of SEO in digital marketing strategy

 SEO is critical because your company wants people to easily find your content, product or service. He is a key player in attracting leads  - who may not know about your brand - to your sales funnel.

 When your company doesn’t optimize your content for search, it’s hurting your results and failing to attract potential customers and close deals.

 So how do you ensure that your website appears at the top of these search results? Check out our tips in the next topic.

 7 tips to optimize your SEO strategies

 We have separated some simple tips so that you or your marketing team can direct professionals who take care of the production of your content. Check it out below:

 1) Post relevant content

 Even at the risk of sounding repetitive, the importance of good content is always mentioned because it is the main driver of every search engine.

 Well-produced content, with something like 2,500 words, impresses Google and puts your company at the top of the search engine or SERP results page.

 In addition, it is essential to use and identify a keyword for each page. Think about how your prospect can search for that specific page. Some examples are terms like "automation software", "orthognathic surgery" or "hospital cleaning".

 Remember to highlight them using bold, title tags and other emphasis tags to highlight keyword phrases.

 But don't overdo it: don't sacrifice the quality of your content for SEO only. The best pages are designed for the user, not the search engine.

 2) Update your content regularly

 You probably noticed that when it comes to SEO, content is the flagship of strategy. When updated regularly it is seen as one of the best indicators of the relevance of a website.

 A good rule of thumb is to publish new content at least once a week, to prevent Google from considering it obsolete.

 3) Use metadata

 When designing your site, each page contains a space between the <head> tags to insert metadata, information about the content of your page, such as:

 ·         Title : responsible for the page titles, displayed at the top of a browser window. They are the most important metadata on your page.

·         Description : textual description that the browser will use in its page search return. It's your website's window, so make sure you have a concise and compelling text on the site that encourages people to come in.

·         Keywords : search terms that people type when they want to find your page. You may want to include several phrases, but restrain yourself: if the list is too long, the browser may completely ignore the data.

 4) Ensure a good network of internal links

 Focus on creating relevant links within the text: instead of using a call to action like “click here”, try to write the name of the destination. "Click here" has no search engine value other than the attached URL, while " free digital strategy evaluation " is rich in keywords and will improve not only your search engine rankings, but also the page ranking you is linking.

 5) Use alt tags

 Always describe your visual and video media using alt tags or alternate text descriptions.

 They allow search engines to find your page, which is crucial, especially for those using text-only browsers.

 6) Learn from analysis and testing

 What posts do people access the most? Which are weak? Which are more shared: the most extensive or the shortest? What are your post bounce rates?

 Carefully monitor your data , test your content and see what’s engaging your readers the most.

 If you want to know more, the tip is to take a look at Google's Search Console as a reference when it comes to understanding your site's statistics.

 7) Count on SEO experts

 As you can see, this is an extensive topic - and full of technicalities. Therefore, it is worth having a team of experts in digital marketing to take care not only of SEO, but of the entire marketing strategy of your company.

 So you can stay focused on maintaining the quality of your products and services without neglecting sales results through your strategy.

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