Tuesday, 2 February 2021

How to structure your digital marketing team

 Among the main goals of every company, selling more and standing out from the competition are always in the top 5. For this, more and more organizations are working on effective digital marketing tactics .

 For that, it is necessary to count on good professionals, specialists in the sector and with great expertise in successful campaigns. How can your company have access to them - and the good results they can guarantee? Find out how in the following article.

 Importance of a company's digital presence

 Online presence , for any brand or company, goes far beyond a good website with information and a beautiful layout .

 Nowadays, the concept brings together much more than that: the website needs to be mobile first , with a good dose of relevant content for the type of customer you want to reach. To attract traffic to your website, you need to have an ad campaign on search engines and relevant social networks, keep social networks up to date, have an email marketing campaign and have an offer of rich materials (such as e-books) , white papers , infographics and videos, for example) to nurture leads throughout the buying journey.

 That's where digital marketing comes in: a set of actions focused on educating your current and potential customers about your business, connecting and interacting with them and increasing your brand's growth potential.

 Digital marketing: how it helps your company

 Broadly speaking, digital marketing can be described as the content and strategy used to reach consumers through a series of technologies increasingly popular because of digital transformation : desktops, mobile devices, tablets and other types of digital media.

 Without a positive digital presence, brands will not be able to attract leads and convert customers. For this, companies count (or should count) on a digital marketing plan that guarantees new business opportunities, greater reach, better customer relationship and much more.

 In addition, the cost-benefit ratio is better: content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads .

 The benefits obtained from implementing a strategic and effective digital marketing plan include:

  • Increase in brand visibility;
  • More channels of interaction with your target audience;
  • Greater loyalty to products and services;
  • Building credibility - with customers and the market;
  • Higher rates of lead capture and conversion;
  • Investments with highly positive ROI, thanks to the audience segmentation that digital channels offer.

 Whatever the size of your organization, digital marketing is critical these days. But, to be successful in your actions, you need to have a good team of experts.

 How to count on an unbeatable digital marketing team

 As we mentioned in the previous topic, digital marketing is no longer an option for companies, but a latent need!

 But even the best entrepreneurs don't have time to get to know all of this in depth. That is why many companies currently have a Marketing team responsible for taking care of the brand identity, participation in internal and external events, creation or supervision of inbound marketing and traditional marketing campaigns , digital marketing, internal and external content production - there is a long list of assignments in this department.

 In the case of digital marketing, more specifically, teams are often divided into three roles:

  •    Content : responsible for creating content (blog posts and social networks, rich materials, podcasts, videos, etc.);
  • Acquisition : responsible for generating new leads and supporting sales.
  • Monetization 

 If your company does not yet have a marketing team, the first milestone is to hire a collaborator for each of these three main responsibilities. That done, it is necessary to provide them with all the equipment and tools necessary to continue the work.

 Another solution, increasingly adopted by companies of the most diverse sizes and areas of activity, is the outsourcing of professionals through the hiring of an inbound marketing agency - such as Abdul Rimaaz.

 This is the best way to be able to quickly count on a team of Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing specialists, with a broad vision of the market, access to the main tools of the segment for much more competitive prices and ready to guarantee the digital presence of your company.

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