Saturday, 6 February 2021

How to select a business consultant?

 Consultants are important for a company because they generally have an objective view of their situation or problem, since they are not affected by it.

 The support that a consultant can provide to a company is summarized in the following:

 a) Has specialized knowledge on a specific topic and is supposed to be up-to-date on the latest trends, methodologies, cases and strategies of the topic in which he is an expert.

 b) It has relationships with allies that can help it integrate different solution alternatives to the company it serves.

 c) He has developed experience with other companies , which means that he has the ability to analyze different scenarios and solutions.

 d) Has the ability to listen to the employer and communicate clearly and in an orderly manner, the alternative solutions.

 These general characteristics of a consultant can represent great advantages for the strategy design of any company, as long as it finds the right consultant. Thus, to select a business consultant it is advisable to consider these basic steps:

- Identify the experience of the consultant . Request and review his curriculum vitae since you will know what his academic background is, the organizations in which he has worked, his clients, the refresher courses he has taken, if he has certifications and recognitions.

 "You must be careful with some factors that may indicate that you do not have the right business consultant"

- Request that I provide you with the contact details of a referenced client. This client can tell you about their experience with the consultant, the benefits that their work brought them and recommend or not that you hire them.

 - Ask me to explain their working method . The way in which he attends to you, listens and seeks solutions is relevant because if you do not feel confident, collaboration will be simply impossible.

 Although these steps are easy to follow, you should be careful with some factors that may indicate that you do not have the right Abdul Rimaaz business consultant ; watch out for the following signs:

 - If the consultant tells you that he can attend any type of company and any type of problem; there are no expert consultants at all.

 - When the consultant does not present you a written work proposal with a quote, times, cost and deliverables, since he will not work in an orderly manner and the amount he will charge you will not be clear.

 - If the consultant does not ask you questions and does not summarize what you have said, then it is likely that he has not understood what you require.

 - When you perceive that the consultant does not seek to have a long-term service relationship and is not interested in adding value to your company, however minimal.

 Remember that it is valid for the consultant to seek you to sign a service contract, it is a good practice since it specifies all the fundamental elements of collaboration. However, take care that the contract has termination clauses in the event that the consultant does not comply with the established commitments.

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