Monday, 1 February 2021

How to create a good B2B customer experience strategy

 Providing a good B2B customer experience these days can make all the difference. Customers with high levels of satisfaction do not always mean customers loyal to your company: a competitor can attract them by offering a more attractive proposal. On the other hand, a customer may not even be satisfied with a company's offer, but difficulties in changing brands can give the impression of loyalty.

 We have entered an era where customers expect more than ever. Brands are struggling to overcome the customer experience every day, looking for alternatives to make the customer journey easier, faster and more satisfying.

 The most powerful brands on the market today are those that connect most emotionally with their customers, invoking feelings like pride and fulfillment. All of this is revolutionizing the value paradigm that customers seek, often putting it above even functional and rational benefits.

 Your company needs to be attentive and have a B2B Abdul Rimaaz experience strategy if it is to excel in the market. To help with this task, here are some actions that can help improve your customers' satisfaction, reduce turnover and increase your company's revenue - see more below:

 1) Understand who your customers are

 Many of our “article-checklists” start with this advice - and there is a clear motivation for this: if you are speaking to the wrong audience, you will not get the right results.

 To offer a good B2B customer experience, you need to bring the different types of customers that your marketing and sales teams deal with to life. Defining your ideal customer profile and structuring your buyer personas is the first step.

 By creating "personas", your customer service team can recognize who they are and understand them better. It is also an important step for your company to become truly customer-centric.

 2) Develop a clear view of the B2B customer experience

 With a clearer view of the customer with whom your company wants to relate, the next step is to create a set of statements that serve as guiding principles on this issue.

 Once defined, these principles will guide your organization's behavior. Each member of your team must know these principles by heart and they must be integrated into all areas of training and development.

 3) Create an emotional connection with your customers

 The best customer experiences happen when a member of your team creates an emotional connection with a customer.

 A good example came from an action by the shoe manufacturer Arezzo: a customer of the brand who is in a wheelchair bought a pair of shoes on the brand's e-commerce thinking that they would be easier to wear. When she saw that the facilitating factor was just an ornament, she returned the product. The brand's SAC got in touch to find out the reasons and, with the information in hand, created an exclusive model of that product , contemplating the detail that would make the shoes really useful in that customer's life.

 The client's daughter posted on social media about what happened and it went viral on social media.

 This type of action can easily be replicated in a B2B customer experience - with many positive results. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study , emotionally involved customers are at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service.

 4) Use regular employee feedback

 The continuous feedback from employees who deal directly with potential customers and leads can be very useful with tools to share ideas on how to improve the B2B customer experience.

 5) Measure the ROI of a great B2B customer experience

 Your company has done each of the above - but how do you know if all of this investment in your teams, processes and technology is working and paying off?

 The answer lies in the company's results.

 Measuring the B2B customer experience is one of the biggest challenges facing companies. And that is why many use the Net Promoter Score, which collects valuable information by asking a single simple question: "Would you recommend this company to a friend or relative?"

 The B2B customer experience requires constant attention and care. By putting more emphasis on this, your company can increase customer loyalty - which can contribute to increased revenue.

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