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How to advertise an advertising agency 5 strategies that cannot be missing from your plan


You may have heard the expression “holy house does not work miracles!”. The idea of ​​being a specialist in publicizing your clients' company and not being able to prioritize the very disclosure of your business is, unfortunately, very common. To help you change that reality, we created this article on how to advertise an advertising agency .

 There are many reasons why an advertising agency team has difficulty putting its own marketing strategy into action, the first of which is the lack of prioritization. In everyday life, full of chores and commitments to fulfill with its customers, considering a marketing strategy for the company itself seems unfeasible.

 However, as you well know, a company without disclosure tends to lose competitive advantage, this just to start talking about the losses that the lack of strategy can cause in the company.

 But then, what to do? How to advertise an advertising agency and make the strategies created really put into practice?

 The first thing is to create a plan that is practical, focuses on actions that really bring results to the business and that can be absorbed by your team.

 Prioritize digital marketing strategies that really make sense, rather than trying to embrace the world.

 Another tale to be considered - and one that often prevents agencies from starting a strategy - is the cost of actions . If your company does not yet have capital for large investments, take advantage of its expertise to create campaigns with excellent return on investment , using channels that require little or no direct financial investment.

 How to advertise an advertising agency: 5 strategies

 In this guide on how to advertise an advertising agency we will focus on strategies that are part of Inbound Marketing . This is because in addition to being a more modern and efficient tactic for B2B companies, with complex sales and long decision-making cycles, they are also actions with better cost-benefit and little investment demand.

 Of course, you can also invest in paid ad campaigns, sponsorship of events, participation in fairs and other strategies for managing the advertising agency . However, in a guide that aims to optimize the team's production capacity and control costs, while contributing to the organization's results, we will focus on other strategies.

 Invest in SEO

 You already know what SEO is and, potentially, you know that it is very strategic for organizations that want to increase qualified traffic within their pages.

 When the pages on your site, for example, are ranked in good positions on Google, your chance of bringing more users to your channel and being able to relate to them is much greater.

 SEO is part of the set of attraction tactics , within an Inbound Marketing strategy and should not be left out of a marketing action plan for agencies.

 In addition to requiring low investment, it expands the company's reputation and is of great importance for all other stages of the purchase journey and the sales funnel.

 Many advertising agencies, however, ignore the strategy, focusing on ad campaigns and social networks, either for planning their clients or for their own.

 According to the SEO Trends survey of 2020 , SEO increases organic traffic by 38.1% and improves the quality of that traffic by 21% .

 Therefore, if you consider it important to have quality traffic within your site to achieve your goals, investing in SEO is a must.

 Create a Blog

 Content is in all marketing actions, after all, communication is done through content sharing.

 Investing in the production of relevant content within a blog will contribute to your brand's SEO and branding results.

 In addition, when done well, the content has the power to convince the reader to take actions, including downloading an ebook, registering for an event, making a purchase, and more.

 To learn how to use the content to achieve these results, watch the video below.

 For an advertising agency, creating a blog with relevant content will contribute to:

  •  the increase in the volume of traffic on company pages,
  • the reach it has,
  • your reputation.

 In addition, the material produced for the blog can be used and shared on other company channels such as social networks and email marketing.

 Use social media

 It is likely that you already have a LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook account, at least.

 Social networks are really great allies to bring us closer to our audience, talk to them and present our services and our personality as a company.

 To advertise an advertising agency using social networks, it is necessary, once again, to create relevant and interesting content, which draws the attention of your audience and arouses curiosity.

 Avoid posting anything and doing more of it. For this:

  •  create a social media marketing plan ,
  • put together a publication schedule,
  • invest in creating short videos,
  • use the full potential of your chosen channels, such as feed, stories and more,
  • seek partnerships with other channels,
  • interview your customers,
  • present numbers and data,
  • share practical tips and more.

 Have you thought about creating a YouTube channel? Video content generates more engagement, can be shared on other networks if you expand the reach and authority of the company.

 Invest in lead capture

Lead capture is at the heart of Inbound Marketing and therefore must be present in a plan for how to advertise an advertising agency.

 Remember that content marketing, SEO and social networks are strategies, above all, of attraction.

 They will help you take users to your other channels like blog, website and landing pages . However, to maintain the relationship with these people, it is essential to convert visitors into leads .

 To do this, invest in relevant rich content such as:

  • ebooks,
  • webinars,
  • whitepapers,
  • spreadsheets,
  • surveys, etc.

 Are you still confused when you hear about this stage of the strategy of how to advertise an advertising agency? Then go to the article, “ What are leads ? 5 most common questions about lead capture ”.

 Use email marketing

 Last but not least, email marketing is the strategy with the highest ROI among all the ones we have talked about so far. For every US $ 1 invested, US $ 38 goes back to the company.

 Of course, for this it is important to create efficient email marketing actions, which allow a good relationship with the leads.

 In short, email marketing is one of the best channels of communication with your leads, and certainly the most used.

 To find out how to implement an effective strategy, we recommend that you download our exclusive free material, “Checklist: how to create your ZERO email marketing campaign without forgetting any details”.

 Marketing automation tool for your agency and clients

 The marketing automation software is one of the indispensable tools for the job of an agency, whether in customer management or management of the strategy itself.

 The software reduces costs and increases team productivity , as well as allowing a series of tactics to be put into practice, for example, automating the flow of email marketing , lead segmentation, scoring and more.

 In addition to allowing the execution of some activities, the software optimizes the work with other strategies such as:

  •  management of social networks;
  • triggering email marketing;
  • creation of landing page, among others.

An Abdul Rimaaz is a marketing automation software which offers features such as lead nutrition, automation e-mails and SMS, landing pages and other comprehensive tools to attract leads, build relationships and generate sales .

To better meet the needs of the agencies, we have created a White Label for marketing agencies , in which you personalize the system to have the brand and name of your company , adding even more value to your customers.

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