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Discover how to hire a good digital marketing team

 Structuring a Digital Marketing team can be a difficult task, as it depends on a number of factors: your company's growth plan and strategy, type of industry, competitors, size of the organization, budget to hire, among others.

 However, when it comes to digital results marketing, it is essential to remember that some essential positions and skills are necessary to ensure good results.

 For this reason, we have listed here the main resources that your company needs to have at its disposal if it is to be successful in its communication strategies - check below.

 Profiles of professionals from a digital marketing team

 The importance of marketing within companies is not new in the corporate sector. However, the diversity of knowledge that professionals need to achieve today is changing the profiles in the market.

 With the digital transformation , companies needed to review their way of marketing and learn to explore new communication channels - such as the internet and social networks.

 So much so that 75% of marketers believe that their lack of specialization is impacting their company's revenue in some way . So, counting on specialists is essential for the success of all planning.

 Below are the professional profiles that your company needs to obtain good results with its marketing strategies:

 A visionary leader

 Within Inbound Marketing there is the figure of the Project Director, who is the professional responsible for the entire project and its results. Even if it is a managerial position, whoever occupies it will have to have high knowledge in digital marketing.

 To fill this position, your HR department must keep in mind that you are looking for a technology and marketing specialist with leadership skills to guide your team toward a goal.

 A concatenator of ideas

 Inbound is mainly directed through content . Content to attract potential customers, to nurture leads, to generate conversions and buybacks.

 Therefore, the content producer (or Community Manager ) has an important weight in the routine of everyone in the marketing department.

 Your company should look for a professional capable of conceptualizing and producing high quality and relevant content, focused on the needs of your audience.

 A professional with writing and research skills is the ideal indication for this position, so our advice is to hire someone who is dedicated to the project and who knows how to be enthusiastic about your company's product, service or cause.

 A translator of concepts in graphic images

 The ideal profile of the professional for the position of content designer is the result of the mixture between a graphic designer and a video / motion graphics editor - unless your company has enough demand to justify two employees responsible for the visual area.

 Although a graphic designer fulfills most of the needs of his marketing plan, it is important to have a sense of video production , since today the online content needs to be distributed in different formats.

 A number expert

 Also known as a performance manager, this professional is responsible for integrating different platforms to work smoothly.

 He is also responsible for taking care of the most technical aspects of the entire project, including SEO and the measurement of data and results from Ads.

 How to find digital marketing experts

 If your company has chosen to build its own team, this is the moment when the real work begins. The budget occupies an important part of this stage: selection processes demand time and investment - not to mention the issue of this team's remuneration, the necessary tools to do a good job and all the bureaucratic aspects involved in admissions.

 Today, the best places to find candidates with these profiles are online communities focused on the topic, as they are the ideal environment to find someone active in digital marketing. Your HR team can start searching on LinkedIn , session on forums, social networks and blogs related to the topic.

 In your selection process, question the candidates' experience with their area of ​​expertise, projects that have points in common with the goals of their organization, the experience with the necessary tools in the professional's routine, the type of companies where the professional built his career and the challenges that led him to his company.

 In addition to professional experience, also remember to observe the emotional skills of each interviewee - you can teach many things about your industry and products, but you will hardly be able to do the same with values ​​such as honesty, team spirit, leadership and transparency.

 Outsourced digital marketing team is quick and effective option

 The higher your expectations about the results that your company should achieve, the more necessary it will be to have a group of professionals. Having your own in-house marketing department takes time and robust investments.

 If you already know the importance of digital marketing, but are still working to create a complete department, it is better to hire a digital marketing agency , as this will serve as training for the people who will compose your team.

 Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency will bring agility of action, creativity, experience and a team of professionals who are updated with the trends and tools of an industry in rapid and constant evolution. Your company will save time and money, having a ready solution to bring the best results now.

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