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Basic Digital Marketing Services in the Retail Sector

When a company in the retail sector begins to carry out its activity in the digital world, great doubts begin to appear about what are the basic digital marketing services in the retail sector for companies that want to launch their business online.

The question is whether they must carry out all the actions themselves or need to outsource some digital marketing services outside of their company. Because without digital marketing the project is doomed to failure !!!

We help you decide quickly.

A mixed solution is the way for companies that want to have a digital business.

On the one hand, a digital marketing team or department whose function will be the strategic planning and coordination of digital marketing actions. On the other hand, digital marketing agencies that provide and execute the online marketing services planned by the marketing department of the retail company.

But, what are the basic or minimum digital marketing services for a company in the retail sector?

They can be grouped into 4 large areas: S EO, Analytics, Digital Advertising (SEM or Facebook Ads) and content marketing.

SEO for the retail sector

SEO is one of the fundamental strategies for any company that wants to have a profitable business on the internet.

A website without SEO is like a store without a showcase and without a front door !!!

SEO is especially critical in companies in the retail sector where competition is very high and the work has to be more thorough and constant.

What you should keep in mind:

- An adequate study of keywords with long tail keywords.

- The study of competition or benchmarking at the level of internet positioning.

- A correct implementation of onpage SEO or technical seo of the web.

- Web or WPO load optimization.

A professional analysis of the results is essential for the project to be a success.

This service is one of the services that can cost the most internally because, to carry out a truly professional job, highly specialized personnel and professional tools such as Semrush, Sistrix, Screaming Frog, etc. are needed. that have a high cost for a company.


Therefore, the SEO positioning service is one of the services to outsource to a digital marketing agency.

The department or head of marketing will have to set the strategy together with the agency and monitor that the work is being carried out according to the general marketing strategy set by the company. (Download our template to make your complete digital marketing strategy )

Digital analytics, the pillar of decisions for an ecommerce in the retail sector.

Digital analytics is another one of the digital marketing services that they are prone to outsource. The reason is similar to SEO.

A correct implementation of measurement systems on a website requires a lot of time and highly specialized knowledge that, for a digital marketing department with a small number of people, does not usually compensate economically.

With a good configuration of web analytics we can measure:

- What steps does the client follow on the web.

- Which customers have clicked on a button.

- How many have downloaded the data sheet or have reached the shopping cart and have not made a purchase.

- The conversion path of each purchase.

- The level of quality of the web user .

With all this information, well segmented, well analyzed and well presented, the company's digital marketing department will be able to make the right decisions. For this you must have advanced knowledge of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex, Hotjar, Dropscore….

At this point do not play it, the knowledge of what happens on your website, thanks to web analytics, is the basis for the success of your online retail business to succeed.

Digital advertising in the retail sector or how not to lose money.

There are many ways to advertise on the internet but the most used today in the retail sector are Google Adwords campaigns (search and display), pure Display and Facebook campaigns and Instagram Ads. Both companies make it very easy for retail companies to invest money but beware, if you don't do it right you can throw a lot of money without your ROI being positive.

Digital advertising has to be a source of qualified traffic generation and conversion.

Advertising management involves a high level of visual content creation for ads and constant updating and monitoring of campaigns.


Digital analytics here is of great importance and is the perfect complement to this digital marketing action for retail.

To begin, it is necessary to configure the brand's account in Google Adwrods (look for certified partners) as well as create the Facebook Business Manager for serious and professional management.

Content marketing, the key to differentiate yourself in the retail sector.

In order to stand out on the internet, one of the basic and main pillars is content.

An attractive, differentiating content that really draws the customer's attention compared to the amount of information that can be found on the internet.

However, for a company, the generation of content for a content marketing strategy is a big problem due to the lack of means and a content marketing agency is the solution.

- Create videos that you position on YouTube and Google.

- Create infographics that make your brand go viral.

- Create webinars, online workshops, product demos, virtual fitting rooms, etc.

There are hundreds of possibilities for your retail brand to be innovative on the internet.

But do not always forget to work the texts from 2 perspectives:

- Always oriented to the user, your reader, your client.

- Oriented to SEO: you have to work on the keywords or keywords.


Any company in the retail sector that wants to have a successful strategy on the internet requires some services and minimum actions that are unavoidable.

The option of outsourcing these digital marketing services is a good option to make your income statement balance at the end of the year.

Specialized services at a reasonable cost that would otherwise be impossible to afford.

In addition, working with outsourced services allows you to tighten in the setting of sales objectives and mark an ROI per service for the agency. Goals that if they do not reach will make you look for another agency that will give you better results.

Do you want to start taking off on the internet? Professionalize your digital marketing.

Posted By: Abdul Rimaaz


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