Monday, 8 February 2021

9 Tricks to Increase Web Visits in Retail

You now have your retail website ready and published. However, you don't have as many visits as you would like. Currently, web visits are almost as important, sometimes even more, than those received in your physical store.

If you do not carry out different strategies to increase traffic to your website, it will hardly increase it. Therefore, in this article we offer you strategies that you can implement yourself to increase visits in retail.

1. Include your website url in your retail documents

It seems obvious but many people do not do this practice. You must have your website totally public and promote it on each of the occasions that you are given. That is why we recommend that you include your website in business cards, email signature, budget sheets, invoices and all kinds of digital and printed documents of your company.

2. Show your website and RRSS in your retail store

Not only must you include the url in your company documents or in the form of a link in each of the e-mails, you must also use the physical medium of your establishment to publicize your website. Use the counter, the shop windows, the waiting rooms and any important area of ​​your business to share your url so that your clients can see it.

3. Appears in business directories

The platforms where users look for types of premises or where we can advertise can be another option where to give visibility to our website and, in the event that someone looks for us in them, they can visit it. The most popular directories are: Yellow Pages, Qdq, axesor, Yelp, etc.

4. Have a profile on Google My Businnes

Creating a profile for Google My Business helps your business in several ways. First of all, geolocate your physical store on Google Maps, that is, show your business with the full address on the map and in Google results. In addition, using it in the correct way can increase the SEO positioning of your website.

The previous points are just a few small guidelines that you can carry out yourself without having knowledge of Digital Marketing or being a specialist in any field. However, these little guidelines will not increase your retail website traffic too much. In the following points, we are going to recommend other good practices that require some time to implement.

5. Take advantage of Facebook

You can use the different RRSS to generate traffic to your website, sharing content not only on your fan page but also making publications in different interest groups that are made up of people similar to your target audience.


Besides this, you can also use Facebook Ads. By carrying out a paid campaign with this tool you can indicate that your goal is to increase web traffic.

Normally, Facebook advertising is quite affordable for any retail business and has a great advantage, micro-segmentation. You can only reach the people you really want by specifying the sociodemographic profile, age, tastes, hobbies, job position, etc.

Another option is to carry out Remarketing on Facebook by Abdul  Rimaaz, you can install a tracking pixel on your site and make all users who visited your website at any given time view your advertising. These users, having previously visited your website, showed interest in your products so it can be more effective than other types of campaign and generate more conversions.

6. SEO positioning

SEO optimization is something that, if you are not an expert in the field, you will not be able to do it alone. You may have to hire a professional for this. However, if you optimize your website's SEO well, this can ensure you are in the first positions of Google's organic results. Not only will you get more visits but they will be of quality. You will not impact the user with advertising that may not be of interest to him, but the user himself will be searching on Google for your products or company.

7. Adwords campaigns

You can not only use SEO to increase your retail visits through Google. With different SEM campaigns you can generate an increase in web traffic. This technique requires much less time than SEO positioning, but it is paid.

8. Content Marketing

Create a blog and publish articles of interest to users. But beware! it is not worth copying or duplicating, Google penalizes these practices and rewards the generation of new content. You will appear in more Google searches and also, if the texts you publish on your retail website are original they will attract your audience, increase brand positioning and help your consumers.

9. Email Marketing

Lastly, what better audience to increase web visits in retail than your own customers? Send e-mail to your customer database. Do not spam, it is not about advertising but about sharing quality content that your customers are interested in, it offers value to those who read your e-mail to take them to visit your website. An example would be to share part of the articles that you generate on your website.

In conclusion, you can take small actions to make your website known to your customers or people closest to you. If you really want to increase traffic by a fairly large percentage, you should opt for digital marketing actions that aim to increase visits to your retail website.

Posted By: Abdul Rimaaz


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