Monday, 1 February 2021

4 digital marketing mistakes that impact lead generation


Many companies tend to make some digital marketing mistakes when they are starting to do inbound marketing - especially when they lack expert support.

 But it is easier to recognize and correct each one when your company recognizes what it is doing wrong. It was with this in mind that we prepared the article and the tips you will see below.

 It is worth emphasizing that the objective here is to generate continuous reflection, analysis and redirection. All for your company's results to find opportunities to level up and have a greater impact.

 View digital marketing mistakes as natural steps in a highly effective strategy. There are many variables involved and it is often almost impossible to get a clear path right away.

 Take advantage of the following list as a checklist: analyze each step or step, see how it is possible to reconfigure or redo and return to success .

 Mistake # 1: Your company doesn't know what it wants people to do

 It is possible that you and your marketing team already have enough insight to know what it is offering and the value it offers the public.

 But that is not enough to create a solid message or campaign based on authenticity.

 Take it a step further: identify how your company wants your product and message to make people feel. See these examples:

  •  AirBnb makes people crave new experiences;
  • Nike makes people feel inspired to do more;
  • Coca-Cola makes people feel welcomed.

 Your brand is the emotional connection that people have with what your company offers - even if the nature of your business is the “cold” B2B universe.

 If you are doing marketing without defining your brand and its main elements, you are making one of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing. This will not make your business connect with people, nor generate leads - let alone generate conversions.

 Tip : set your goal to create a brand message guide by the end of the year. This should cover a positioning statement and a mission, in addition to addressing the emotional elements of how your customers relate and connect to your business. Your sales team can be a great source of data at this stage.

 Mistake # 2: Your company is not listening

 Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiding their heads in the sand when it comes to feedbacks and conversations about their brand. This is a digital marketing mistake, but it can affect areas such as production, logistics, finance, among others.

 It is essential to be open to criticism as well as praise and suggestions, setting up regular social listening workflows.

 This can be done through Google Alerts, survey forms with current and former customers, through your marketing automation software and even social media.

 Social listening doesn't just apply to real-time conversations, but to comments related to your business.

 Tip : Assign this task to someone, instead of letting it loose around the world. If you don't have someone specific on your team, this is the type of report that your digital marketing agency can gladly provide you with.

 Don't make assumptions about what people are saying about your company and its products, whether good or bad. This is one of the most classic digital marketing mistakes (and other areas as well) that a company can make.

 Keep in touch directly with your leads and customers to request meaningful feedbacks about your offers, your service, your website and even your marketing strategies.

 Mistake # 3: you don't know how to use feedback

 Feedback does not exist in a vacuum. When good criticism, like social proof , makes you smile, don't stop there. Identify what went well and how your company can replicate it.

 Bad feedback is even better for business. Someone did the hard work of identifying where their promises were broken and their processes collapsed.

 Accept this feedback gracefully and identify how you can resolve the issue that a negative comment has identified. Don't get defensive and go crazy with negative criticism in a public place - like social media. Offer your gratitude for being alerted to the problem ( this article provides good tips for dealing well with these situations and avoiding possible losses and mistakes of digital marketing).

 Tip : ask for opinions. It's a little uncomfortable, but it works. Make sure your customers know that the feedback is useful.

 Gather reviews, social listening and the results of customer surveys to create an action plan. These tasks should be focused on the operational (improving the service, alternating their product offerings) and the strategy (promoting a different point of view, engaging in an ongoing conversation).

 This is not an exact science, so plan enough resources to not only follow the comments and ensure that something happens after you bring them together, but continue to analyze the results of your efforts.

 Mistake # 4: you are relying on guesswork

 When it comes to the performance of your digital marketing strategy, trust the numbers . And if the numbers aren't clear, test your theories instead of letting your instincts resolve the tie. This way you avoid digital marketing mistakes that can cost time, money and market positions.

 Analytical thinking is not natural for everyone - and it may not be natural especially for creatives, who trust their instincts.

 Fortunately, marketing automation software and website analytics make it easier than ever to take a good look at the performance of each piece of your marketing strategy.

 Whether it's the subject of email marketing, A / B testing, content creation, using a long-tail keyword, every step you take must be measurable and well researched.

 If it seems easier to say than to do, remember that the right mix of thinking (and thinkers) in your digital marketing strategy makes a difference right now. Have creatives, storytellers, performance analysts - or you'll end up going the wrong way because something felt right.

 Tip : count on the support of a specialized digital marketing agency - especially if your company is in the technology area.

 Between hiring an entire team and an agency, you have a practically ready solution at hand, with specialists already attuned and ready to act, access to the best tools, research and market trends.


This way you can quickly identify what is working and double your positive efforts, which leads to easier and bigger wins in the future.

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