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Which Google ads metrics should you monitor?


The use of sponsored link campaigns can help a company increase its revenue and gain more visibility. However, before you start using this powerful tool, you need to know the Google Adwords metrics that will help you navigate the world of  paid campaigns .

 These metrics are important because they help to predict the cost of a campaign, to optimize the return obtained on the action and also to correct in “real time” mistakes that have been made. For those who learn best in practice, keeping an eye on these 5 metrics we have selected will facilitate your learning curve.

 Check it out below:

 The 5 most important Google Adwords metrics

 1. Bounce rate

 The bounce rate is an essential metric for telling Google and you how your audience behaves after they clicked on your ad. Basically, this metric counts the percentage of people who entered your site through the ad and then left without visiting any other page.

 Basically, this metric counts how many people “rejected” the content offered by your ad. A very high value tells Google that your material is not that relevant (which increases the cost of your action) and also shows that you are not able to talk to your audience as planned.

 2. CTR

 One of the most important metrics in Google Adwords is the CTR, or c lick-through rate  . This metric delivers, in percentage, the number of people who actually clicked on your ad compared to the number of people who saw the campaign.

 In other words: CTR measures the efficiency of your campaign, as well as the efficiency of your competitors' campaigns.

 The higher your CTR, the more effective your campaign is  in attracting user clicks on Google. The smaller it is, the less efficient is the campaign set up within Adwords.

 3. CPC

 Anyone who wants to start  working with Adwords  or has heard of the sponsored links system considers CPC to be the most important metric of all. This data, in fact, is very valuable.

 This metric reveals the cost per click for your campaign on Google Adwords. Basically, CPC has two essential functions: controlling the budget (the lower the CPC, the lower the total campaign cost) and measuring the quality of the ad (more details below).

 4. Quality Index

 The quality score is one of the most important metrics in Google Adwords and is undoubtedly essential for the success of your paid campaign in the program.

 In a nutshell, it is a 1 to 10 grade given by Google for this campaign. This metric works as a kind of evaluation and projection of the success of your action in Adwords.

 The higher the metric, the more relevant your campaign is in the Google Adwords definition and, therefore, the higher your click through rate should be, the lower the bounce rate and the lower the CTR. The worse the quality score, the worse the other indicators.

 Therefore, always keep an eye on this data of your campaigns (see the value of each campaign in the "keyword analysis" field) to understand which of your actions needs to be optimized.

 5. ROI

 Finally, we come to ROI (return on investment). This metric is very important from a financial point of view because it delivers the return (in percentages) obtained through the Adwords campaign.

 It is through ROI that we can understand how much was earned through the campaign made, how profitable it was and even compare Adwords campaigns with other marketing actions.

 By following these 5 Google Adwords metrics, you can have more precise control over the efficiency and quality of your paid campaigns.

 To learn more about performance indicators and how they can benefit your professional life,  check out this article with the 5 most important KPIs for managing your company !

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