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Whatsapp Marketing for Beauty Centres: How to Use It

WhatsApp Marketing can be very useful for beauty center managers who want to retain customers and attract new ones: the guide with the best tips for using it effectively

Thanks to some effective WhatsApp Marketing strategies , even those who manage a beauty center can best retain their customers, as well as attract new ones. The messaging platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg, in fact, stands out for its ease of use, diffusion and a high rate of opening and reading messages. Not only that: this service has some specific marketing features ideal for those who want to improve their relationship with customers, real and potential.

To succeed, however, it is necessary to know exactly how WhatsApp Marketing works and what all its potentials are in detail . Only in this way, in fact, it is possible to exploit all the advantages of marketing for beauty centers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Marketing: how it works

Before going into the details of all the specific marketing features made available by WhatsApp, we briefly summarize some distinctive factors of this platform, which we have only mentioned in the introduction to this guide.

WhatsApp is a messaging service characterized by extreme ease of use, which has facilitated its spread within a large slice of the world population. Another feature that makes this application particularly interesting in the eyes of anyone wishing to promote their business through it is the high rate of reading and opening messages sent, superior to other advertising communication channels.

One of the most useful WhatsApp features for those who want to use this messaging app for marketing purposes is represented by the " Broadcasting Lists ", a one-to-many communication method (from one to many). Through them, thanks to the possibility of saving lists of previously selected recipients, it is possible to send repeated broadcast messages to different contacts at the same time without manually selecting them for each communication.

An alternative to the “Broadcasting Lists”, however capable of creating a collective conversation with customers, is represented by the “ Groups ”. Within them it is possible to share messages, videos and photos at the same time with everyone and the possibility of intervention is extended to all those present in the group.

The platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg also offers a free service dedicated to all small business owners (including, therefore, the managers of beauty centers), called WhatsApp Business . The functionalities are many: it is possible, for example, to create a company profile complete with all the service information on your business and to present the products and services offered in an optimal manner . Not only that: thanks to some specific features, such as "Labels", "Automatic messages" and "Quick replies", with WhatsApp Business it is possible to interact with customers in an easier and faster way .

Specifically, the "Labels" help to organize contacts and chats more precisely, thus making it possible to find them more easily when needed.

The "Automatic messages" are standard messages that can be used as a welcome / introduction or in those moments when it is not possible to reply in the first person in a timely manner.

Finally, the "Quick Answers" allow you to save and use messages sent more frequently and, thus, to respond more quickly to the most common questions asked by customers.

The best tips for beauty salons on Marketing via WhatsApp

Now that we have seen the features and functioning of WhatsApp Marketing in general, the time has come to deepen the theme of marketing for beauticians. Activities such as beauty centers respond to particular needs since the wellness and beauty sectors are particularly competitive. Hence the need to build an even more attractive value proposition to attract new customers and better retain those already intercepted.

The first step, of course, is to acquire the contact of the customer or potential, through his explicit consent. Then, to better communicate with your customers, it is necessary to segment them precisely, for example based on the beauty products purchased or the type of treatment. The "Broadcast Lists" and "Labels" of WhatsApp can be particularly useful in this sense, allowing you to send more targeted and, therefore, more effective communications.

The sending of promotional messages aimed at inviting already acquired customers to return to the beauty center, for example to try a new product or undergo a particular treatment , is one of the most relevant aspects for an optimal WhatsApp Marketingstrategy for centers. aesthetic, to be integrated with a wise use of stories . In this sense it is always recommended to leverage special discounts , reserved promotions and personalized coupons.

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