Tuesday, 5 January 2021

What is the organization of works?


There will be high expectations about what will be addressed and the content, but above all what will be learned and applied in the not too distant future. Let's start by knowing what is the organization of works.

 What is organization?

 Its meaning according to the Royal Academy of the Language is:

 1. f. Action and effect of organizing or organizing.

 2. f. Arrangement of the organs of life, or way of organizing the animal or vegetable body.

 3. f. Association of people regulated by a set of rules based on certain purposes.

 4. f. Disposition, arrangement, order.


Now we know what an organization is, what is a work?

 1. f. Thing made or produced by an agent.

 2. f. Building under construction. In this place there are many works.

 3. f. Place where something is being built, or fixing the pavement.

 4. f. Composure or innovation that is made in a building. There is work at Pedro's house.

 8. f. Work that costs, or time that requires, the execution of something. This piece has a lot of work.

 The organization of works is a system designed to achieve certain goals and objectives, in our case the organization of the works to be carried out in the execution of an architectural work. These systems can, in turn, be made up of other related subsystems that fulfill specific functions.


What do you think is the organization of construction works?

 For the next class session you should bring this question answered to discuss in class; we will also discuss other concepts related to the organization...


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