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A  Marketing plan is where the  objectives  that we want to achieve in our company or business in the short, medium and long term are set. But it is also where the most appropriate strategies are chosen, designed and organized to achieve these objectives.

The digital marketing plan includes the market study, the situation of the company, its environment, the strategic planning, the marketing objectives and the actions to be developed. The document should reflect the current situation of the market and the company, the objectives to be achieved and the time in which they are expected to be achieved, as well as the actions that will be carried out to achieve them.


Remember that before defining what the objectives of a company are, you must define and carry out the following actions in your digital marketing plan:

·         Internal analysis of the project.

·         External analysis of the project.

·         Current positioning map.

·         Mission, vision and values ​​of the company.

·         SWOT analysis.

·         Future Positioning Map.

·         And after all this we will begin to define the objectives of our business.

·         It must be a Specific objective: It is important that the objective is concrete for any professional who works in the company.

·         It must be a Measurable objective: The objectives have to be measurable and we must establish said objectives from a realistic vision of our business so that we can see how we are getting closer to achieving it.

·         It must be an Achievable goal: There is nothing more absurd than a goal is unattainable, you must be realistic when defining it.

·         It must be achieved in a certain time: The objective has to be clear and concise, and should be achieved in a specific time, either by weeks, months or as determined by the company or business.

·         It must be a Realistic goal. Sometimes we set a very high goal, our objective instead of being realistic becomes a real nightmare, so do not lose that realistic vision of your business and focus your objectives on realistic goals.

Types of objectives for a company

·         General Objectives.  It is an objective widely used within the company and that raises the achievement of a goal of a global perspective.

·         Specific Objectives. Look for the consequence of a smaller and focused goal within one of the company's areas. The sum of several specific objectives could result in a general objective.

·         Long-Term Objectives. They are the objectives that the company wants to achieve with a view to the next 5 years, that is, they are those objectives that we define in a strategic plan for example.

·         Medium Term Objectives. It is a goal that we want to achieve in a moderate amount of time, for example 12 to 24 months.

·         Short-term objectives. The short-term objectives can be measured on a monthly basis if we are in a large company or within 3 to 6 months if we refer to an SME.

Examples of long-term goals


"Become a known, recognized and loved brand"


"Expand my business to all regions of my country."


"Open new branches for a certain time."


"Outperform the competition in visibility and sales"


"Build a commercial firm that can be exported to other regions of the country, easily reproducible and has an expansive business model."


Examples of Medium Term objectives


"Reach more than 100,000 followers on Social Networks".


"Draw strategies that allow the achievement of the economic objectives defined for each of the years."


"Improve sales by 10% during the next quarter."


"Establish alliances with foreign clients."


"Prepare customer profiles with the intention of recommending a set of proposals based on said profiles."


Examples of short-term objectives

"Improve visibility in the different online channels."


"Improve the customer loyalty strategy."


"Sell 1000 products from our online store in the first year."


"Improve customer service."


"Renew the uniforms of our employees."

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