Friday, 29 January 2021

Increase traffic conversion to potential leads for your business

How to leverage the conversion of traffic into potential leads for your company

Your company's website has a good layout, the content available on it is relevant, the SEO strategy is well tied - but still you have difficulties in converting traffic into leads ?

Find out how to reverse this situation with the following tips and information.

How to guarantee the conversion of traffic into leads?

Website traffic is important and, obviously, the more the better.

But it is only because someone accesses your site that they will automatically become a lead.

The big challenge is that not everyone who visits your company's website today is ready to buy. If you allow these users to leave the site without collecting contact information, you may never see them again. This is where lead capture comes in.

It is through this that your company takes prospects into your sales funnel , providing more information about what they are looking for and offering them the opportunity to see your product as an effective solution to their pain.

In addition, capturing emails or phone numbers allows you to contact them later, with special offers and new products.

Lead capture ensures that a potential lead remains on your radar and accessible until you are ready to make your purchase decision.

How to get more visitors and increase the conversion of traffic to leads?

To ensure that visitors to your company's website convert, your strategy needs to prepare and put into practice what direction you want visitors to take - and instruct (or attract) them to do so.

If the goal is to get them to contact you by phone, make sure the phone number is at the top of the site, easily visible for the site visitor to see or click on.

The next step is to use straightforward language: what should your lead expect when performing the proposed action?

Does your company want him to contact you? Or do you want the data to contact you? What will happen when he fills out his landing page form?

Another fatal mistake is when the website is only set up to sell. Those who are not yet ready to buy tend to leave without much engagement - so your company misses the chance to get your information and encourage your conversion when they are really ready.

Some other issues that help increase the conversion of traffic to leads include:

  • Site with good navigability, designed based on UX ;
  • Mobile-friendly and with chat mechanisms that are aligned with the target audience's profile;
  • Clear and transparent CTAs regarding the benefits that the user will have when sharing their data.

Bait tips to attract traffic to leads

There are a variety of products and services that your company can use as offers in your lead generation efforts. Some of them include:

  • Fast and free courses: promote courses of very short duration, which provide relevant knowledge to the participants - who will access the content through the delivery of their contact details.
  • At the end of the course, your company can offer registration for a more in-depth paid version;
  • Videos produced based on the needs of your leads : take the main pains and needs of your ideal customers and produce short videos about possible solutions - and complement offering the right methodology, with all the tactics, in a webinar - accessible in exchange for the data of the user;
  • Questionnaires or quizzes : offer excerpts from a larger evaluation, checklists and other actions of the type where users must enter their contacts to have access to the results;
  • Rich materials : offer an e-book, a personalized assessment, a discount code, downloadable content - such as guides and white papers.

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