Friday, 22 January 2021

How to improve your website's SEO without spending a lot?

Before we get started on how to improve SEO without spending, on how to improve the positioning of your site in Google searches, let's talk a little bit about what SEO is. It will be quick and we will start to practice!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Optimization for search engines in our good United Kingdom and is nothing more than a set of techniques that aim to optimize websites, blogs and web pages.

Such optimizations aim to achieve good organic rankings, which are when people find your site without being for an ad, that's why SEO without spending, just for its position, which generates traffic and authority for a website or blog.

At Google there is an Authority Ranking that enters who has more updated and relevant content, we want your website to be among the first and for that we will show you how to use SEO without spending.

How do I improve SEO without spending, do I need to invest in more content production?

It can calm your heart and your pocket that there is a much simpler solution to improve SEO without spending a dime. It's no joke, Google accepts practical and creative options for problem solving.

Over time the content of your site gets older, but different from wines that get better with time on the Internet, things don't work that way and you will need to improve SEO but without spending.

The algorithms responsible for updating Google are relentless and do not condone outdated content. But if you update the content you already have on the site and improve your SEO without spending.

Currently, websites are business cards, which, unlike traditional paper forgotten in the bottom of the wallet, need constant updating because if your image linked to that website is from 2016, what the customer looking for a service of yours today will think?

By updating its service and automatically improving its SEO without spending, Google identifies it as Fresh, which is new. This will improve your SEO and consequently your ranking in the Ranking. But I'll show you how to do that, calm down, just follow me.

Reasons to improve SEO without spending anything

Improve the amount of clicks you receive and SEO without spending

When you search for something, do you prefer to read something that was posted in 2019 on the subject or something that was posted in 2010? The answer is simple, people always search for what's newer on Google on the subject.

And the amount of hits / clicks you receive on your site tends to increase when you update them, which improves SEO without spending, as they are newer, it may be the same topic as five years ago but something has changed about it.

Things like an attractive title or description can improve your content even more, on the internet we are bombarded with a lot of information all the time so what stands out is likely to have better results.

Have grammar as a bedside book

What do you feel when you find errors in a text you are reading? Mistrust, doubt or you wonder how someone can write that?

Put yourself in the place of those who frequent your page.

Your website is your home and its language is decoration, if a person enters your home and the decoration is broken or dirty, they will not want to stay there and much less come back.

Therefore, proofread your texts and correct spelling errors. An aligned text, with appropriate language and without errors is attractive and therefore draws more attention.

Update your articles and let Google discover the update

When you revive your old content, you don't waste time redoing content that hasn't changed much in the last few years and you can still double the clicks on your page.

So when Google crawls your site you will see a spike in traffic from people who have entered your site and that is improving your SEO without spending anything.

Be accurate in your updates

At the end of the day, Google ’s goal is to improve the user experience on its search platform. As you are from Google 's content providers, if you follow its rules you will get more results.

Turn your content into something useful and relevant to your audience only by improving your SEO without spending, know what your audience needs and try to solve their doubts, is your language easy for those who access your website? Are the contents easy to understand? These are questions that should guide the texts.

Have references, research and data in your texts

You do not need to change all your content, to improve your SEO without spending and without work, sometimes by adding two paragraphs your SEO improves considerably.

Have in hand authors, books, authorities on the subject, events and news about your area or product and just add to your old text, it will be enough for you to see the effects of improving your SEO without spending and seeing your traffic double.

Did you like our SEO content without spending? Stay tuned to our networks, we always produce new content on this mutant journey that is Digital Marketing and any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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