Thursday, 28 January 2021

Does hiring an agency help increase lead generation?


The main function of any marketing strategy involves increasing lead generation . After all, without a pipeline and nothing to convert, there is no business for the market. Neither growth for your company.

 But although lead generation is a basic premise among companies, why do 65% say this is their biggest challenge ?

 Perhaps this is due to the fact that companies are obviously more focused on improving and creating solutions for the market. With that, little or no time is left to think about marketing.

 That is why many companies are betting on hiring an inbound marketing agency like Abdul Rimaaz to increase lead generation.

 The following article brings some advantages that hiring a good digital agency brings to clients who want to increase lead generation.

 How your inbound marketing agency can help increase lead generation

 With the digital transformation constantly evolving, it is essential to ensure that your company also operates in the digital environment.

 Not only will this help bring in more leads, it can potentially increase your generation of new business and new customers.

 Having an inbound marketing agency at this time can guarantee you to be successful in this new phase of your company.

 Here are the advantages that your company can count on when supported by an agency to take care of digital marketing:

 Accurate monitoring of digital marketing trends

 Your company certainly has team members focused on following the trends of its segment, the movements of the market and the competition.

 The same is true with a digital marketing agency. This is the best way to keep your company ahead of the digital scene, ensuring the best results.

 Updates to social networking algorithms, new tools, newly launched trends, most popular strategies. These are powerful advantages of hiring a company like Abdul Rimaaz to structure and monitor your inbound marketing planning.

 Ensure conversion strategies while the lead is hot

 An inbound marketing strategy that always brings good results is the triggering of automated emails, triggered when someone browses your company's website.

 As soon as you get the contacts of a potential lead, your agency can set up your website to alert the sales team to each recent customer navigation.

 This type of email automation is useful so that your Sales team can contact potential customers at the right time.

 More than increasing lead generation, a good inbound marketing agency can positively impact your conversions.

 Measure lead generation

 Sometimes the problem is not that lead generation is low - but your company has not been tracking these contacts in the best way.

 When your company starts any type of activity that aims to increase lead generation, you must make sure that you can measure success.

 That's where the work of a good inbound marketing agency comes in . Tracking via the web, promotional codes, landing pages, e-mails and / or specific phone lines are some examples of measurement strategies.

 That way your company can closely monitor the results of each action and see what works and what doesn't within each campaign.

 How Abdul Rimaaz can increase lead generation for your company

 Abdul Rimaaz's premise is to connect the needs of companies that seek to unite new methodologies and trends in digital marketing with results. And expanding lead generation is just one of them.

 Our team of specialists can provide a series of solutions for the success of your company. Here are some of them:

 Website and blog creation

 Construction or adaptation of the existing website and blog , aiming at the best UX and a highly attractive approach, taking each lead throughout the purchase journey.

 Creation of personalized pages for your campaigns, with the specific purpose of generating the conversion of the visitor.

 SEO - Search Optimization

 Elaboration of search optimization actions on your company's website and blog. That way, it will appear in the top positions of search engines - such as Google, Bing, among others.

 Content Marketing | Website, blog and social networks

 Planning, creating and feeding your company's digital channels with highly relevant content, strategic and focused on your buyer personas and conversion goals.

 In addition, our team also creates, produces and makes available materials such as:

  • books,
  • Webinars,
  • Simulators,
  • Templates,
  • Videos,
  • Tool trial,
  • Checklists

Through this material your company is able to attract the attention and data of each visitor, obtaining more qualified leads and new business opportunities.

 All of this material is distributed specifically on the digital channels that concentrate its target audience.

 Ad and email marketing campaigns

 Creation, execution and administration of personalized and targeted campaigns to increase lead generation and conversion into channels suitable for your target audience.

 With that your company can say the right thing to the right person, at the right time through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or Linkedin Ads.

 Defining the most effective strategy to foster the relationship and attract potential customers of your company by sending marketing emails.

 This direct channel allows you to offer content of interest to your lead, guaranteeing your nutrition throughout all stages of the journey to Sale.

 Marketing Automation

 Creation and measurement of a true “sales machine”, with automated processes to disseminate content, strengthen relationships and increase lead generation. That way it is possible to accelerate the results.

 Lead Qualification

 Identification of potential leads, passing through the qualification and segmentation of contacts with exclusive interest in the contents of those who demonstrate a real intention to acquire your company's products and services.

 Relationship with the Client

 Integration of the inbound marketing platform and actions with CRM tools to enhance the relationship, sales and customer success .

 We implement specific actions in continuous contact with your customer, regardless of the phase of the relationship he is in with your company.

 NPS (Net Promoters Score)

 Measurement of customer and lead loyalty with whom your company relates through the NPS metric (BAIN & COMPANY). Execution of the entire process and support in the feedback actions.

 Custom Searches

 Implementation and tabulation of personalized surveys that will help your company to understand and measure the degree of customer satisfaction, intensifying the relationship and loyalty actions.

 We hope this article has shown you that hiring an inbound marketing agency like Abdul Rimaaz is the right solution to increase lead generation. And produce tangible results that will directly increase your sales.

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