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7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Beat the Coronavirus

 Concern about the coronavirus has caused the vast majority of the world's population to change their shopping habits. What used to be an option, buying online, has now become almost an obligation due to the state of confinement in which the vast majority of the population, both businessmen and consumers, find ourselves.

 Among all the conclusions that we can draw about this crisis, there are two that stand out above the rest:

 The first is that it is obvious that electronic commerce has come to stay now more than ever. If before it was already a powerful sales channel for any company, at this time it is key to take care of it and maintain it, as it may or may not mean the survival of a brand .

 The second conclusion follows from the first. If you have a business that has not contemplated this sales channel, it is time to take the step or stay behind your competitors.

 Investing in an ecommerce is a guarantee for the future if done well, and taking advantage of the current moment, in which the consumption of data on the Internet has skyrocketed (that is, there are still more people than before looking at products and services on the network) , is the key to turning this crisis into a great opportunity .

 In this article we are going to launch some tricks so that you can improve your ecommerce with simple and practical strategies, with which to increase your conversions in the medium term.

 Digital marketing strategies

  • Make advertising campaigns in Google Adwords
  • Social media advertising with Social Ads
  • Adapt to your ecommerce logistics
  • Pay special attention to the online customer
  • Create alerts and pop-ups on your website
  • Make discounts and optimize your conversions
  • Conduct email marketing with your database

 Make advertising campaigns in Google Adwords

 Investing in Google Ads seems almost mandatory right now. Right now companies are aware that they have to be on that first page of google , and SEO may be too slow considering the speed at which things change lately.

 That is why I advise you to invest in advertising campaigns on Google . It doesn't have to be a millionaire, but at least know what business keywords you have to bid on and be there.

 At the beginning of this crisis, there was a trend in which users who visited ecommerce did not end up converting. This is due to the uncertainty that has prevailed in the environment since mid-March. The good news is that this trend is changing little by little as time goes by, just as there was no toilet paper in supermarkets before, now there is no flour and beer. By this I mean that people are adjusting to the new situation and, above all, relaxing (and this trend is what you have to take advantage of to get the most out of your store).

 Surely your competitors are already taking advantage of this situation and if they are not, it is your time to stand out above them. Doesn't anyone on your team know how to create advertising campaigns on Google Adwords? We help you

 Social media advertising with Social Ads

 According to a study by SocialFulCrum with its own clients, advertising on social networks has undergone exaggerated and unexpected changes from week to week:

  • the beginning there was an initial drop in sales, how could it be otherwise.
  • The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) dropped dramatically.
  • In many ecommerce in terms of their investment in advertising, the ROI came to be negative.

 That is, people surf more than before, but buy less. Or at least that's what happened at the beginning. Right now the trend is changing: Although the number of clicks to impressions (CTR) is down 20% (in the first few weeks it increased a lot but without conversion), conversions have increased almost 30%.

 So what can you do to take advantage? In this sense, the strategy would go through:

  • Increase the retention of potential customers with competitive advantages (such as discounts, we will see below)
  • Change creatives to adopt them to the COVID19 scenario, basically so that customers can be sure that the purchase and reception process is safe for their health.
  • Make a communication channel available to users that is simple and fast , so that they feel the necessary confidence when making a purchase.

 Adapt the logistics of your ecommerce

 The differential value that has made Amazon what it is today, one of the most important ecommerce in the world, is its logistics. Or what is the same, the ability to send any product to your home in just 48 hours.

 With this we do not want you to be Amazon, in fact, currently given the excessive increase in orders, it is taking longer than necessary to get its products to the homes of its customers. This is a potential opportunity to exploit, since Amazon does not have all the products, nor can it have such meticulous control of its shipments.

 So what is the strategy? Whether you already sell online or if you have decided to do so, this is a crucial moment for your shipments to be fast and efficient .

  •  Look for faster, safer shipping ways and let the customer know. A one or two day difference in a delivery can be a won sale.
  • Improve your order reception, traceability and issuance system to do it as quickly and effectively as possible. If you put into practice many of the strategies that we propose, you should not take long to start receiving new orders, for which you have to be prepared.
  • Do not forget to make offers of free shipping if a certain amount of money is exceeded, or even make them totally free during the crisis.  
  • If after reading this, you think you need to give your order reception system a spin, both in direct management and at the level of your website, you are on the right track.

  Pay special attention to the online customer

 The consumer is in a moment of uncertainty, which constantly generates a large number of emotions and sensations. Among these, there is the positive emotion of buying something , which we want to be associated with our brand and not be clouded by fear, anxiety or ignorance of knowing when your order will arrive and what to do if something goes wrong.

 In this way, it is imperative to allocate a section of our website to inform the client of everything related to the purchase process in your ecommerce:

  • How long does it take for orders to arrive during this crisis?
  • How can you return and product and what is the term?
  • What methods of contact and information are there and what is your schedule?

 These are some of the more typical doubts that terrify customers right now and that can cause the buying process to falter. But there is still more, if in addition to informing the customer before they buy, we do it during the process, we generate even more confidence in the customer towards our brand .

 Notify the customer when their order has left the warehouse to their home.

Ask if the customer has correctly received their order after the delivery period.

Increase the return period and facilitate its management.

Keep your contact methods active and agile for as long as possible.

 Create alerts and pop-ups on your website

 At this time, all users who can enter our website need to have as much information as possible, in a clear and accessible way, about the measures that the company is taking against Covid-19.

 Therefore, a very easy way for any user who enters the web to find out is to create a pop-up (a window that opens on the content) that indicates that the company is working fully adapted to the situation.

 This pop-up must have a CTA (button that encourages the user to click) that takes him to a page where all the measures that are being taken are explained, either through text or as I recommend the most in the format of video.

 When we talk about incorporating information in pop-ups, we refer to : social responsibility policies, new ways to send and return products, special offers, subscription to newsletters, etc ... In this way, ensuring that valuable information impacts the user when you enter our website.

 If your website is built through WordPress or Prestashop, you can incorporate this functionality with very simple and intuitive tools.



Posted by: Abdul Rimaaz


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