Sunday, 31 January 2021

3 Content Distribution Tips to Leverage your Website

Having a good inbound content distribution strategy is essential for companies looking to generate more traffic to their sites and attract more qualified leads.

By optimizing your content delivery strategies, your company not only increases your web traffic - and therefore your lead generation - but it also improves the quality of those leads.

With more targeted inbound content distribution strategies, your content will reach more people who need your products and services.

As a result, your company will not only have more traffic, but this traffic will be largely formed by qualified, potential customers. This is a game changer in any sector.

To assist in this task, we’ve listed four of the most effective inbound content delivery strategies for your business - check out below

1) Reuse your content on targeted platforms

Your company certainly has a blog - if it doesn't, here are some reasons to have one. As part of the strategy, links to articles should also be posted on your social networks, so that they appear in your followers' feeds.

But there is even more that your company can do by redirecting your content to channels that focus traffic to your target market.

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and SlideShare are all valid options for your content distribution strategy.

For that, it is worth respecting the formats of each network: it is possible to transform your article into pills for Twitter, make short table videos with this content applied or turn it into a neat infographic - which can even be applied on Pinterest.

Also remember that when it comes to content, organic shares can help your reach grow exponentially. So expand your online presence to reach potential customers in each segment.

Interact with users, participate in forums and groups, help users solve their challenges - and they will be happy to click "Share" on your content.

2) New products and services need a content distribution strategy

If your company has developed a new product or service that appeals to a new customer base, you need to create and distribute content on channels that appeal to them. You need to do research on your negative points, your needs and your goals.

Finding influencers in this new market can help boost content marketing with this new target market.

If it’s in your budget to do a special action with the support of an influencer to create content to attract your new market, do so. If not, find a way to make it as interesting as possible for this influencer to create and distribute content for you.

3) Turn your employees into distribution agents

One of the most powerful ways to distribute your content is through your employees. Since only about a third of people trust official brand messages - and almost 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know personally - their employees (as well as their customers, AS WE HAVE ALREADY TALKED ABOUT THIS ARTICLE) can be a great factor to influence purchasing decisions in your favor.

How to make it happen? The first step is to establish a good internal culture. When the company engages its employees in a sense of belonging, it becomes easier to encourage them to share content for their own contacts. This puts your 90% confidence factor in favor of your brand to work on your products and services.

This is very powerful - especially if your company operates in B2B. When you take this action, as well as the rest of these content delivery tips into action, you’ll see your web traffic increase and, as a result, your revenue.

The distribution of personalized inbound content wins the trust of new customers by up to 78%. It is worth doing a homework with your team and Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency : review the buyers personas, so you can combine your ideas with intelligent content placement and targeted topics to keep them moving in the sales funnel.

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