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3 Content Distribution Tips to Leverage your Website

Having a good inbound content distribution strategy is essential for companies looking to generate more traffic to their sites and attract more qualified leads.

By optimizing your content delivery strategies, your company not only increases your web traffic - and therefore your lead generation - but it also improves the quality of those leads.

With more targeted inbound content distribution strategies, your content will reach more people who need your products and services.

As a result, your company will not only have more traffic, but this traffic will be largely formed by qualified, potential customers. This is a game changer in any sector.

To assist in this task, we’ve listed four of the most effective inbound content delivery strategies for your business - check out below

1) Reuse your content on targeted platforms

Your company certainly has a blog - if it doesn't, here are some reasons to have one. As part of the strategy, links to articles should also be posted on your social networks, so that they appear in your followers' feeds.

But there is even more that your company can do by redirecting your content to channels that focus traffic to your target market.

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and SlideShare are all valid options for your content distribution strategy.

For that, it is worth respecting the formats of each network: it is possible to transform your article into pills for Twitter, make short table videos with this content applied or turn it into a neat infographic - which can even be applied on Pinterest.

Also remember that when it comes to content, organic shares can help your reach grow exponentially. So expand your online presence to reach potential customers in each segment.

Interact with users, participate in forums and groups, help users solve their challenges - and they will be happy to click "Share" on your content.

2) New products and services need a content distribution strategy

If your company has developed a new product or service that appeals to a new customer base, you need to create and distribute content on channels that appeal to them. You need to do research on your negative points, your needs and your goals.

Finding influencers in this new market can help boost content marketing with this new target market.

If it’s in your budget to do a special action with the support of an influencer to create content to attract your new market, do so. If not, find a way to make it as interesting as possible for this influencer to create and distribute content for you.

3) Turn your employees into distribution agents

One of the most powerful ways to distribute your content is through your employees. Since only about a third of people trust official brand messages - and almost 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know personally - their employees (as well as their customers, AS WE HAVE ALREADY TALKED ABOUT THIS ARTICLE) can be a great factor to influence purchasing decisions in your favor.

How to make it happen? The first step is to establish a good internal culture. When the company engages its employees in a sense of belonging, it becomes easier to encourage them to share content for their own contacts. This puts your 90% confidence factor in favor of your brand to work on your products and services.

This is very powerful - especially if your company operates in B2B. When you take this action, as well as the rest of these content delivery tips into action, you’ll see your web traffic increase and, as a result, your revenue.

The distribution of personalized inbound content wins the trust of new customers by up to 78%. It is worth doing a homework with your team and Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency : review the buyers personas, so you can combine your ideas with intelligent content placement and targeted topics to keep them moving in the sales funnel.

Friday, 29 January 2021

3 steps to an effective digital adoption strategy


If you followed our latest articles here on the Abdul Rimaaz blog, you have already realized the importance of having an effective digital adoption strategy .

Even with large investments aimed at implementing digital transformation, without a well-designed strategy, your company is at risk of losing time, money and market positions.

 This can happen because when your company doesn't focus on digital adoption, poor usability will prevent you from achieving a positive ROI .

 In addition, employees may be frustrated by the complexity and lack of awareness of all these changes.

 Find out how to develop an effective strategy and put your company on the path of digital transformation and success in this new global corporate scenario.

 Why bet on a digital adoption strategy?

A digital adoption strategy is essential to experience all the benefits of a digital transformation.

 According to a survey by McKinsey , more than 50% of companies said that the adoption of new digital solutions is part of the organizational strategy.

 As companies continue to allocate more resources and budget to their digital adoption efforts, the need to ensure a positive outcome increases.

 If your company meets these digital adoption requirements, you are already halfway to putting your digital transformation on track for success.

 Here are the three main steps to develop a successful digital adoption strategy:

 1) Define a purpose and a new mindset

 According to the same survey we mentioned above, users are 3.5 times more likely to contribute to a successful digital transformation when they believe their leaders have correctly communicated the purpose of the digital tool.

 Creating a plan and communicating it is a mandatory digital adoption. If the ultimate goal is transformation, what are the milestones for getting there? What does it mean for your company to have digitally transformed?

 Take time at the beginning to define a clear objective, a strategy and a final objective in order to provide adequate introductions and measurements for success.

 2) Create a dedicated digital adoption team

 To achieve your digital adoption goal, your company will need a strong and dedicated team working on it.

 Start with digital adoption by appointing someone to take the lead - as a digital adoption manager.

 A digital adoption manager will have a team that aims to provide coordination and oversight between departments over the use of digital tools and will work to maximize them.

 Almost half - 47% - of survey respondents reported that implementations are most successful "when people with the most relevant expertise develop the business case for digital solutions," according to McKinsey.

 On the other hand, only 18% reported success when the team that leads the implementation is composed mainly of individuals from the management team.

 It is always helpful to have the support of management, but make sure you get other opinions and ideas from people with experiences that are also relevant.

 With a team of multifunctional experts at the helm, your digital adoption will continue on your path to success.

 3) Create a digital adoption strategy

 Generally, the manager and the digital adoption team should also define the digital adoption strategy.

 They know all the points in the process and are better equipped to deal with integration problems and employee needs.

 When creating the digital adoption strategy, your team will need to answer the following questions:

 ·         Who will be responsible for each part of the initiative and what is needed by top management?

·         How should this new digital profile be presented to our users?

·         What are the change management and engagement strategies?

·         What are the main performance indicators?

·         How to keep digital tools up to date in the long run?

 It is necessary to determine all the members involved, the measures of progress and the long-term strategy. The combination of these factors is decisive for a successful digital adoption strategy.

Increase traffic conversion to potential leads for your business

How to leverage the conversion of traffic into potential leads for your company

Your company's website has a good layout, the content available on it is relevant, the SEO strategy is well tied - but still you have difficulties in converting traffic into leads ?

Find out how to reverse this situation with the following tips and information.

How to guarantee the conversion of traffic into leads?

Website traffic is important and, obviously, the more the better.

But it is only because someone accesses your site that they will automatically become a lead.

The big challenge is that not everyone who visits your company's website today is ready to buy. If you allow these users to leave the site without collecting contact information, you may never see them again. This is where lead capture comes in.

It is through this that your company takes prospects into your sales funnel , providing more information about what they are looking for and offering them the opportunity to see your product as an effective solution to their pain.

In addition, capturing emails or phone numbers allows you to contact them later, with special offers and new products.

Lead capture ensures that a potential lead remains on your radar and accessible until you are ready to make your purchase decision.

How to get more visitors and increase the conversion of traffic to leads?

To ensure that visitors to your company's website convert, your strategy needs to prepare and put into practice what direction you want visitors to take - and instruct (or attract) them to do so.

If the goal is to get them to contact you by phone, make sure the phone number is at the top of the site, easily visible for the site visitor to see or click on.

The next step is to use straightforward language: what should your lead expect when performing the proposed action?

Does your company want him to contact you? Or do you want the data to contact you? What will happen when he fills out his landing page form?

Another fatal mistake is when the website is only set up to sell. Those who are not yet ready to buy tend to leave without much engagement - so your company misses the chance to get your information and encourage your conversion when they are really ready.

Some other issues that help increase the conversion of traffic to leads include:

  • Site with good navigability, designed based on UX ;
  • Mobile-friendly and with chat mechanisms that are aligned with the target audience's profile;
  • Clear and transparent CTAs regarding the benefits that the user will have when sharing their data.

Bait tips to attract traffic to leads

There are a variety of products and services that your company can use as offers in your lead generation efforts. Some of them include:

  • Fast and free courses: promote courses of very short duration, which provide relevant knowledge to the participants - who will access the content through the delivery of their contact details.
  • At the end of the course, your company can offer registration for a more in-depth paid version;
  • Videos produced based on the needs of your leads : take the main pains and needs of your ideal customers and produce short videos about possible solutions - and complement offering the right methodology, with all the tactics, in a webinar - accessible in exchange for the data of the user;
  • Questionnaires or quizzes : offer excerpts from a larger evaluation, checklists and other actions of the type where users must enter their contacts to have access to the results;
  • Rich materials : offer an e-book, a personalized assessment, a discount code, downloadable content - such as guides and white papers.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

5 tips for choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business

 One of the most important decisions you make as a company's CEO or CMO will be choosing the right digital marketing agency .

 It is essential to take the time to research each digital marketing agency you are considering and take advantage of the tips below to find the perfect fit to grow your business more and more.

 How do I find the right digital marketing agency?

 As the CEO or CMO of a company, it is important to prepare in advance to know what to look for and what questions to ask, learn a little about digital marketing and defend your position when demanding results. This can be decisive in the search for a good digital marketing agency.

 That is the purpose of this article: with the tips below, you will be prepared to find the right agency to work for and get the results your company needs to stand out in the market.

 Choosing a digital marketing agency in 5 or 6 steps

 Here's how to make your search for the ideal agency more assertive and strategic:

 1) Determine your company's marketing needs

 When you start looking for a digital marketing agency, you need to prepare yourself and ask some questions, such as:

  •  What do I want to achieve with an agency?
  • How much am I willing to spend to achieve this?

 Understanding exactly the needs and pains of your company will enable you to find and restrict exactly what you want, instead of wasting your valuable time and resources.

 Once you've determined your company's needs, whether it's increasing your company's online presence or redesigning your brand, you're ready to start actively looking for the best digital marketing agency for your company.

 If you don't have an exact idea of ​​what your company needs, Abdul Rimaaz Digital can help: click below and ask for a free evaluation of your current strategies.

Request your Digital Maturity assessment right here!

 2) Find an agency that meets your needs

 You may be thinking, "How do I choose an agency for my company?" .

 The first step is to assess whether what the agencies are offering in terms of contract and delivery fits what you want your company to achieve.

 It is an important question to think about because, if the marketing strategy of these companies is not what you are looking for, the agency is not the right one - no matter how much you like the people, the environment and the work methodology.

 In addition, cost is also a factor to consider. Remember that it’s not worth spending an arm and a leg on a digital marketing package that is not relevant to your needs.

 3) Do your basic research

Before proceeding with the process, it is essential to conduct a detailed survey of the digital marketing agencies you are investigating.

 Do they practice what they preach? The main way to find out if an agency is right for you is to see the results they produce for themselves.

 For example: if you plan to hire an agency to do content marketing , how do they run their own blog?

 In addition, another great way to know if a digital marketing company is the best is through recommendations . Ask your friends and business partners if they have someone in mind or if any friends are known.

 Alternatively, consider asking your professional network on LinkedIn, as there may be an acquaintance in your industry who has a specific suggestion for you.

 4) Ask the right questions

 "What to ask a digital marketing agency for?"

 You will probably have many different questions, but it is important to ensure that they are the right questions.

 Here are some strategic questions to ask a potential new agency:

 Can I see some campaign examples?

 Ask the company for a portfolio of successful jobs: ad campaigns on Google Ads, SEO and content production with high click through rates and low bounce rates.

 What is the team's expertise?

 Your company may demand the work of different teams - Content, SEO or Media Performance. It is important to know how old these professionals are in the market or if they have experience in serving customers in your segment.

 How long do you keep customers on average?

 In short: the longer the better.

 How will results and ROI be measured?

 Make sure it is clear how the results will be measured, the main metrics to be followed, as well as the return on investment (ROI).

 5) Hold a meeting with the agency

 If you like what you've heard so far, it's time to hold a meeting with the digital agency. This is a good way to get to know the team: this is where any conflict of personality or line of thought becomes evident, which can be detrimental to the success of your business.


 5) Submit a job and review

 If you want to see how the agency can work in your favor in practice, hire them for a small initial project.

 This allows you to find out what they are capable of and whether your customers' results are consistently good, as suggested on their website.

 An ad campaign is worth it for a specific promotion, some content action or a landing to attract new leads.

 If you are thinking of looking for a new Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency, you are probably not happy with your current strategy. Then also read this article:

5 tips for an effective account-based-marketing plan

 According to recent surveys , companies that have an account-based-marketing plan generate 208% more revenue from their marketing efforts.

 Numbers like this, in addition to all the buzz related to the concept that can be observed in the market, make every company - whatever its field of activity, want to start putting ABM strategies into practice now.

 Therefore, we prepared this post with these basics and implementation strategies of ABM.

 Why is having an account-based-marketing plan important?

 Having an ABM project is most effective in situations that normally align with the business models of many industries:

  •  Sales are highly regarded;
  • There is a small set of large leads;
  • Cross-selling to the current customer base generates high profitability;
  • High customer lifetime value (CLV);
  • Strong emphasis on faster achievement of sales targets.

 How to develop the “right” account-based-marketing plan?

 Once goals are set, building a campaign around them usually consists of one of two approaches:

 Search for contacts in different divisions of companies with which your organization has already established relationships and promote the effectiveness of the work using tools such as personalized landing pages;

Identifying companies that have similar and desirable business attributes, as well as sending important contacts to direct them along the consumer's journey.

 To maximize the tactical effectiveness of the account-based-marketing plan within a marketing mix, it is necessary to choose the approach that best aligns with:

  •  The number of targeted accounts;
  • The internal structure of targeted accounts;
  • The projected monetary value of the target accounts;
  • The marketing and CRM automation systems your company has.

 5 essential tips for a more effective account-based-marketing plan

 Before launching a campaign, special attention needs to be paid to the following five issues:

 1) Enjoy your content library

 Since target accounts may lack prior knowledge or organic online interaction with your company, it is necessary to share relevant content to provide context behind their disclosure.

 Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the content offers to see which pieces can be adapted to the needs and  pains  of the buyer personas.

 If the allocated budget allows, creating new content to fill in the gaps is a good strategy. It will also be necessary to develop a strategic cadence for delivering content that follows this general format:

 Run a targeted LinkedIn ad or other paid online channel to highlight your company among key contacts - this also gives them a chance to convert organically;

Track strategic emails, sales disclosures, LinkedIn messages, invitations to events, etc. Reminder: each offer must be unique and reflect your understanding of the recipient and your specific business needs;

Make sure that the sales and customer service teams know the steps to be followed after a contact expresses interest or converts one of your messages, so that they can approach a closed / won deal.

 2) Keep your marketing and sales teams aligned

 An account-based-marketing plan will not achieve significant results if there are no commonly understood protocols for tracking leads and what to do with those who express interest. If your company is running an effective inbound marketing program, this process will be resolved.

 3) Set goals clearly

 It is necessary to detail how the ABM plan will be implemented. Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals.

 Arbitrarily directing and contacting contacts without the right KPIs to assess success is wasting your company's money.

 A 90-day budget and deadline is recommended to determine whether your ABM campaign will achieve results according to the content of your strategy and how long to wait before obtaining final analyzes on the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

 4) Identify potential leads

 Have your sales and marketing teams define your ideal customer profile based on characteristics such as sector, size, location, past purchases, growth opportunities in different departments / divisions and annual revenue.

 Also, identify potential buyers' jobs. Use the criteria to obtain lists of companies and contacts from your marketing automation platform, CRM, social networks, among others.

 5) Define campaign technology and configuration requirements

 Choose a platform that can provide company score reports, workflows, custom, contact properties, social media ads and tracking URLs. Having the support of a digital marketing agency can be very strategic at this stage.

 Once these key pieces are in place, it's time to launch your account-based-marketing plan! Make sure:

  •  Monitor results over the duration of the campaign;
  • Schedule a periodic evaluation of the campaign to assess the achievement of goals and alignment with the budget;
  • Identify ongoing accounts that would benefit from additional care.

 ABM is a popular and effective B2B strategy for industries, especially if created to complement an existing inbound strategy. But, for your company to benefit from everything it has to offer, count on the support of specialists. 

 Click and check out our Digital Marketing Guide for Industries - totally free - to understand how a personalized digital strategy Abdul Rimaaz can add more value to your business!

Does hiring an agency help increase lead generation?


The main function of any marketing strategy involves increasing lead generation . After all, without a pipeline and nothing to convert, there is no business for the market. Neither growth for your company.

 But although lead generation is a basic premise among companies, why do 65% say this is their biggest challenge ?

 Perhaps this is due to the fact that companies are obviously more focused on improving and creating solutions for the market. With that, little or no time is left to think about marketing.

 That is why many companies are betting on hiring an inbound marketing agency like Abdul Rimaaz to increase lead generation.

 The following article brings some advantages that hiring a good digital agency brings to clients who want to increase lead generation.

 How your inbound marketing agency can help increase lead generation

 With the digital transformation constantly evolving, it is essential to ensure that your company also operates in the digital environment.

 Not only will this help bring in more leads, it can potentially increase your generation of new business and new customers.

 Having an inbound marketing agency at this time can guarantee you to be successful in this new phase of your company.

 Here are the advantages that your company can count on when supported by an agency to take care of digital marketing:

 Accurate monitoring of digital marketing trends

 Your company certainly has team members focused on following the trends of its segment, the movements of the market and the competition.

 The same is true with a digital marketing agency. This is the best way to keep your company ahead of the digital scene, ensuring the best results.

 Updates to social networking algorithms, new tools, newly launched trends, most popular strategies. These are powerful advantages of hiring a company like Abdul Rimaaz to structure and monitor your inbound marketing planning.

 Ensure conversion strategies while the lead is hot

 An inbound marketing strategy that always brings good results is the triggering of automated emails, triggered when someone browses your company's website.

 As soon as you get the contacts of a potential lead, your agency can set up your website to alert the sales team to each recent customer navigation.

 This type of email automation is useful so that your Sales team can contact potential customers at the right time.

 More than increasing lead generation, a good inbound marketing agency can positively impact your conversions.

 Measure lead generation

 Sometimes the problem is not that lead generation is low - but your company has not been tracking these contacts in the best way.

 When your company starts any type of activity that aims to increase lead generation, you must make sure that you can measure success.

 That's where the work of a good inbound marketing agency comes in . Tracking via the web, promotional codes, landing pages, e-mails and / or specific phone lines are some examples of measurement strategies.

 That way your company can closely monitor the results of each action and see what works and what doesn't within each campaign.

 How Abdul Rimaaz can increase lead generation for your company

 Abdul Rimaaz's premise is to connect the needs of companies that seek to unite new methodologies and trends in digital marketing with results. And expanding lead generation is just one of them.

 Our team of specialists can provide a series of solutions for the success of your company. Here are some of them:

 Website and blog creation

 Construction or adaptation of the existing website and blog , aiming at the best UX and a highly attractive approach, taking each lead throughout the purchase journey.

 Creation of personalized pages for your campaigns, with the specific purpose of generating the conversion of the visitor.

 SEO - Search Optimization

 Elaboration of search optimization actions on your company's website and blog. That way, it will appear in the top positions of search engines - such as Google, Bing, among others.

 Content Marketing | Website, blog and social networks

 Planning, creating and feeding your company's digital channels with highly relevant content, strategic and focused on your buyer personas and conversion goals.

 In addition, our team also creates, produces and makes available materials such as:

  • books,
  • Webinars,
  • Simulators,
  • Templates,
  • Videos,
  • Tool trial,
  • Checklists

Through this material your company is able to attract the attention and data of each visitor, obtaining more qualified leads and new business opportunities.

 All of this material is distributed specifically on the digital channels that concentrate its target audience.

 Ad and email marketing campaigns

 Creation, execution and administration of personalized and targeted campaigns to increase lead generation and conversion into channels suitable for your target audience.

 With that your company can say the right thing to the right person, at the right time through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads or Linkedin Ads.

 Defining the most effective strategy to foster the relationship and attract potential customers of your company by sending marketing emails.

 This direct channel allows you to offer content of interest to your lead, guaranteeing your nutrition throughout all stages of the journey to Sale.

 Marketing Automation

 Creation and measurement of a true “sales machine”, with automated processes to disseminate content, strengthen relationships and increase lead generation. That way it is possible to accelerate the results.

 Lead Qualification

 Identification of potential leads, passing through the qualification and segmentation of contacts with exclusive interest in the contents of those who demonstrate a real intention to acquire your company's products and services.

 Relationship with the Client

 Integration of the inbound marketing platform and actions with CRM tools to enhance the relationship, sales and customer success .

 We implement specific actions in continuous contact with your customer, regardless of the phase of the relationship he is in with your company.

 NPS (Net Promoters Score)

 Measurement of customer and lead loyalty with whom your company relates through the NPS metric (BAIN & COMPANY). Execution of the entire process and support in the feedback actions.

 Custom Searches

 Implementation and tabulation of personalized surveys that will help your company to understand and measure the degree of customer satisfaction, intensifying the relationship and loyalty actions.

 We hope this article has shown you that hiring an inbound marketing agency like Abdul Rimaaz is the right solution to increase lead generation. And produce tangible results that will directly increase your sales.

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