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What is online reputation and how to build it with SEO and digital Strategy?

If you have understood that your reputation , online and otherwise, what is being said about you on the web and in the real world, is:

the most important accelerator you have to bet on for your success;

the only way you can ensure your earnings and profitability in lean times;

the lever to beat the competition and to give lasting credibility to your company and your professional career (also in Italy);

if you have understood it follow me and you will find out how to earn by building your new image.

You will make an excellent investment and you will abundantly repay the time you give me, in fact you will discover:

because online reputation is now an indispensable asset ;

because web reputation creates continuous value and opportunities over time;

what is the economy of reputation and why its importance is destined to increase;

how to sell more and better thanks to a good brand or a good name created thanks to a web reputation management strategy ;

how to build a career or a company around credibility based on storytelling and SEO : that is

how to use the corporate blog and content marketing to become a reference brand or professional;

how to make Google your digital identity card or business card;

how to use social media marketing and influencer marketing to strengthen digital identity ;

how to use inbound marketing to turn online reputation into money (and live happily);

how to monitor your web reputation and defend yourself from attacks by bad guys and reputable buyers

Are you ready? Let's start the journey!

Index of topics covered

Because your reputation is your most important investment

reputation = opportunity = business.

reputation = web reputation = online reputation

Because your web reputation can be the secret of lasting value or it can ruin you

The reputation Economy and its growing importance: the numbers

How to sell more and better thanks to a good brand

How to build a career or a company around credibility based on storytelling, SEO and positioning

the construction of the web reputation through the company blog or corporate blog and content marketing

brand reputation management: that is your ear and your online radar.

Beyond social media listening

Online PR blogging and native advertising

Do you want to build your online reputation?

Because your reputation is your most important investment

"A good reputation is worth more than money."

Publilius Syrus

"The two most important things do not appear in the balance sheet of a company: its reputation and its men."

Henry Ford

If you have read the phrases of Henry Ford and the Latin poet Publilius Syrus, you will have understood how a good reputation has always been a winning card for building careers, companies, economic fortunes.

The Internet has not changed anything conceptually: in all ages, credibility and fame have been very important economic factors capable of delineating the boundary between success and failure.

Remember, man is always equal to himself: technologies change scenarios and the entry of the web has only dramatically increased the importance that a good name has for the fate of the business, so much so that that is said about you has become the true, only treasure on which to invest in the information age.

The trust, the trust, the "perfume", the sensations that you are able to make the market perceive are the essential keys to build your success.

The reason is very simple to explain: markets have always been conversations but today, as ever, in the world it is flat and hyperconnected, it is very easy to exchange and find information in real time and, what is said about a company or a professional, is which has become a fundamental asset, an indispensable added value for those who do business (but not only!).

Have you ever wondered why if there is a serious health issue in the family you look for the best specialist at whatever cost and ask for information from those who have had previous experience or from experts in the sector?


Why, if there is a problem, do you adopt the same methodology for an accountant, a lawyer, a physiotherapist, a pharmacist rather than another?

Why are you looking for the most prestigious school for your child's future, compatibly with your possibilities (indeed you often make immense sacrifices to give your best, whatever the cost)?

Why do you prefer a car, a watch, a suit, a pair of shoes or a cell phone?

For his reputation, for what is said about his professional past, for the feelings and expectations he transmits or for the strength of his brand.

Now you know the success equation:

reputation = opportunity = business.

And since you are a crafty and shrewd type, you fully understand that in the age of the web, information and conversations about you, your work, your product ARE ONLINE.

Obvious: today, since the web has become the first source of information research and since billions of conversations take place on social networks, in real time, we can say with absolute certainty that:

reputation = web reputation = online reputation

Whether you like it or not, online is beautiful and you can't help it (I must have heard this before!).

Even those who believe they are not on the Internet, since they do not have a site (it happens in 2019 ...) or do not frequent social networks, cannot escape such a rule.

Alas reputation is not what you think of yourself, but what others say about you.

Today, many write reviews, post photos, blog and post on the web, leaving an indelible fingerprint that speaks about you and your work and, whether they like it or not, will influence the choices of future customers.

Are you still sure you are not online? (Do not worry if I have not convinced you, soon I will give you concrete examples that will make your certainties collapse ...)

Because your web reputation can be the secret of lasting value or it can ruin you

I repeat myself, but I do it for a good purpose: with the arrival of web 2.0, that of search engines (Google, Bing and co), of Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest) of platforms instant messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat) that of market places based on reviews and reviews (Booking, E-bay, Tripadvisor, Amazon just to name small little names) conversations, media buzz, what it talks about you online, it marks the difference between wealth and prosperity or failure and despair.

Digital identity cards, which are obtained by analyzing public information concerning a brand, a professional, a shop, a politician are consulted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Since you are the smart guy, before you spend a fortune on business cards, business cards, advertorials in newspapers and magazines or posters, or ruining yourself for a super mega awesome office, think deeply about what the real levers of success are era of information.


Keep this in mind: a negative review, an unclear story, a dangerous homonymy, a photo or video published in a moment of weakness or private, or even simple "online anonymity" can affect your career or business over the years. to come (have you ever heard of the increasingly pressing demands for the right to be forgotten?).


I scared you but if you don't believe the words maybe some numbers ...


The reputation Economy and its growing importance: the numbers

Just a few days ago on sole24ore an article was published which highlights how the online reputation deriving from the opinions issued by customers (or artificially manipulated: so-called astroturfing) has a variable incidence from 5 to 9% on the total turnover of a company .


The source is not specified but it is intuitive that these are likely numbers: the impact is even heavier on the products and services that are purchased online.


If you have already made a purchase or booked online you already know the mechanism: the final decision is certainly influenced by what is said (buzz) about the product, the seller, his seriousness, compliance with delivery times, the way he manages customer care, etc.etc.


As I mentioned, the speech is valid not only for those who have an e-commerce or sell online on vertical portals: today the Internet is not a market but "THE MARKET" for everyone.


If you think about it, there are many restaurants and hotels that do not even have a site but whose survival (especially if they are located in areas that live mainly from tourism) depends on the (real or manipulated) judgments issued by customers who have visited the structures previously. .


How to sell more and better thanks to a good brand

Now you know that many of your prospects for survival and growth necessarily pass from building your reputation and monitoring and managing the flow of opinions regarding your business, your service or product, perhaps you are not yet clear how to monetize a good brand reputation.


Much depends on your starting situation and your goals:


Maybe you are looking to expand your customer base and your good name. In this case, a good web marketing and web reputation management strategy can become the tool able to open the doors to the market for you (able to make you sell more = greater market share);


Maybe he wants to increase your perceived value, and raise the fee or the price and consequently the profits (if I mention you Rolex, Chanel, Hermes, Ferrari, what comes to mind?).


You understand: if you have a reputation as a super consultant or sell services or products that the market judges at the top, you can guarantee yourself higher margins and you will be considered the leader in the sector (your online business card will be the key to earning you more respect to those who do not inspire your same degree of trust).


It seems an abstract concept but since I like to make myself understood I will give you an example: in the wine sector we often talk to companies, which claim that they do not have to invest in reputation and web marketing because they already sell all their production (perhaps to a single importer and below cost. …).


But is the business objective only to sell all production or also to increase its value to ensure a relevant competitive advantage and a unique positioning?


Do you want to be considered the anonymous product or service, easily replaceable "meat from the slaughter" and demolish yourself with a suicidal policy of discounts, special offers, 3 × 2 or raise the bar and become THE LEADER (and get paid accordingly)?


Do you understand the concept?


The same rule applies to your business: whatever it is!

How to build a career or a company around credibility based on storytelling, SEO and positioning

That is how to use the corporate blog and content marketing to become a brand or a reference professional (thought leader) and make Google your digital identity card or your business card.

Here, as a good sorcerer's apprentice, you are learning all the secrets related to web reputation and its management.

At this point, after a lot of talk, you may be wondering: well but how do I build a brand identity ABLE TO




You will hear something different and of fundamental importance than what you usually hear when it comes to monitoring sentiment and online discussions.

Golden Rule No. 1 : reputation must be deserved is not a bluff.


If you believe that reputation is built ONLY with advertising and mass communication techniques, once used by newspapers, radio and television, you are completely off track.


If you believe you can scam the web, there is no tactic or tool that can be used. But if you are serious about your job, if customers trust you, if you have an effective, beautiful, performing product, if you have high level skills, if you care about your customers, if you have an element that characterizes you, then I give you a great news:


The content marketing , a good strategy of visibility and organic ranking on search engines and a ' good agency expert in the ranking on search engines along with a web reputation management strategy can make your fortune.


Golden Rule No. 2 : you first of all have to talk about yourself, tell your story or


the construction of the web reputation through the company blog or corporate blog and content marketing

Quiet no miraculous recipes, no promises of imaginary Eldorado, no "American", I quickly draw you (just a little effort ...) a picture of what you can realistically achieve in the Italian market by writing content for the web with a reasoned strategy.


First of all, you flood the web with information of which you are the source and over which you have absolute control (possibly removing the relevance and visibility of what others say about you): when you search for your Google name and companions, social networks return images and messages. chosen by you (do a reputation building attack action).


Not only that: the company blog (or corporate blog) together with the content strategy created for the site and for social channels is a powerful tool to sell and do business in the hands of successful companies and professionals who explain to the market how they operate, which skills per year, the quality of its services and products (and which therefore enjoy the considerable bonus of building an audience and being perceived as examples to follow so-called thought leaders).


If you then choose to use a strategy aimed at giving you maximum visibility on search engines for the most important keywords in your market (with an SEO oriented strategy) you will also attract a large number of qualified traffic "educated and ready" to buy your services or products.


To do this, of course, you must contact an expert agency in SEO and inbound marketing, or the science of attracting customers on the web and converting them into contracts and contacts.

Remember, without this positive image-building activity, monitoring is useless: prevention is better than cure (this too is not new ...).

Obviously, once you have built the image you have to be hyper-reactive (the bad guys, the discontented and the critics are always around the corner) and carry out a scientific monitoring activity and use the techniques of

Brand reputation management: that is your ear and your online radar.

Brand reputation management is the discipline that deals with verifying, and monitoring, the digital health of your brand. There are software and tools (some free and some paid) that allow you to scan the net to give you a real-time picture.

If you want to get an idea of ​​your digital health and receive free news on your account, you have two tools available: Google Alert and Social Mention.

By properly setting the tools (it's very simple, you will find dozens of guides), you will already have a rough idea of ​​what is said around your name on social media and if updates appear in magazines or online posts.

By entering the name of your company (or yours) on the Google search rectangle and then scrolling through the first 30 results, you can immediately see if there is something wrong.


These measures are better than nothing but they certainly do not constitute a real Brand Reputation Management activity.


The latter is organized in a scientific manner with predetermined objectives and deadlines, in-depth analyzes (made with the use of paid tools), precise and accurate reports, planned actions and reactions.

Beyond social media listening

The activity in question in addition to social media listening (i.e. listening to what happens on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), also useful in real-time customer care, and examining that which is said on sites, blogs, trade magazines, also monitors what the competition is doing.

Yes, because since the smartest companies have understood how the game works and unprofessional agencies support them, the market of fake reviews (astroturfing in fact) has developed, reviews of users bought (and often non-existent) sold "so much per kilo" . (It's the same phenomenon we've seen in other areas of social media marketing and SEO).

Knowing how those who can take away important slices of the market move is no small information. Not only that, you must also beware of those who also have the bad habit of throwing mud and discrediting the work of others.

Trying to keep under control and strictly mark the wrongdoers is not an easy task and is a job to be entrusted to those who know the right tools.

Online PR blogging and native advertising

There is also an activity, which in the US has become an art (with us it is just in its infancy) which consists in encouraging positive comments from "real" customers who are satisfied with the product service received and who of the natural evangelists.

There is nothing unfair and unfair in this case: it's just about reversing the bad national habit of leaving reviews only when there is a complaint to be made. How many satisfied customers do you know who can bring positive testimonials about your business who have never written or talked about you online?

Open your eyes, they are a treasure that you keep hidden from the world and that could help your business not a little. Then there is all the online PR (public relations) activity that can make you known by bloggers and influencers in the sector: to be appreciated and to talk about if those who have a wide echo and a following (or reach) significant is a non-negligible asset.

Furthermore, even if you want to do native advertising (i.e. write informative articles for promotional purposes) in important trade magazines, you must rely on experts in the art of content to create content that does not sound and is not useless advertising but something that can bring value to your potential customer.

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