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What is a consulting service?

 Consulting is an advisory service provided by professionals with knowledge and experience in the matter or subject that the company needs advice. Therefore, the consultant is a specialized professional.

 The consultants who provide the consulting service can work as independent, project associates or belong to an organization.

 A consultancy is intended to help clients achieve their business objectives by providing effective solutions, based on a combination of innovation and accepted industry practices. It is a value-added service that, well performed, plays an important role in the deployment of a company.

The consulting service must be planned. This means that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. In other words, it must be executed through a plan and with one or more deliverable or results during its execution.

 How to hire a consulting service?

 The process for hiring a consultancy begins with the first survey of the company - client. This task allows to know the minimum that is needed to make a work proposal that includes a first evaluation of the project.

 Consultancy proposal

 A good consulting service proposal contains, at least, the following elements:

  • Objective of the project.
  • Context.
  • Understanding of customer needs.
  • Scope of the project.
  • Stages or phases of the project.
  • Detail of tasks and activities to be carried out with assignment of responsibilities at the institutional level (supplier company / client company).
  • Deliverables.
  • Criteria of acceptance.
  • Economic proposal.
  • Contract mode.
  • Price and method of payment
  • Obligations and resources that the contracting company will have to provide.
  • Background of the consulting company or consultant offering the consulting service.
  • References.

In many cases, as part of the context, a diagnosis or current situation is included. If the proposal is approved, the consulting begins.

 Who should hire a consulting service?

 Companies constantly pursue goals such as improving their performance; increase productivity; review the strategy; optimize operations; innovate; add value to your proposal; improve the relationship with customers; retain human capital; and others more Abdul Rimaaz.

 80% of the companies that are formed do not reach 5 years of life. Although there are several reasons for this to happen, some internal or controllable and others external or uncontrollable, the disappearance of a company can be avoided by turning to professionals who contribute their knowledge and experience through their consulting services.


Why hire a consulting service?

 As a company expands, its complexity increases and the support of external professionals is necessary to help solve the problems that arise.

 The external consulting service is performed by people who are outside the organization and therefore are not "contaminated" with the daily operation or with the vices of the company. The consultant, with his challenging, fresh and innovative contribution, may find spaces or opportunities for improvement that those who are inside cannot see.

 It is challenging because its interventions generate debates that are motivating and serve as a stimulus to reflect and rethink the way of doing things.

 The consultant, as impartial and neutral, helps to find solutions and drives the implementation of changes that can lead from the current situation to the desired one. Their work has advantages and benefits for the client company.

 Advantages of hiring a consulting service

  • Have experienced intellectual capital in certain areas of knowledge.
  • Give clarity about the problems and their possible solutions.
  • Have professionals to deal with major changes in the organization in a short period of time.
  • Have support in case of eventualities.
  • Provide global vision by having participated in projects in various sectors and companies.

Benefits of hiring a consulting service

  • High degree of commitment.
  • Reach the objectives of the company in less time.
  • Business optimization.
  • Find new opportunities for improvement.
  • Align people in the organization to obtain higher performance.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase competitiveness.

Let's see what other topics are necessary to know about consulting services MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD ...

 1. Types of consulting

 There may be many reasons why a company needs to hire a consulting service. How do you know what type of consulting suits your needs? We invite you to learn what there are and what their objectives are.

 2. How to choose a consulting company

 A consulting company acts as an agent of change, as it accelerates the transfer of knowledge and raises the level of training of people. It is for these reasons and more, it is important to know what to take into account to choose the best one.

 3. How should a consultant be? Types of consultants

 How should the consultant be? The most important thing is that they have certain experience and characteristics, in order to give confidence that they are the right person to help your company. There are also different types of consultants, let's see which ones.

 4. Software Consulting

We help you in the evaluation and selection of software to minimize the risk in the most important purchase of your company.

 5. Business consulting

 Business consulting is a service that provides guidance and support to companies that have to carry out certain activities. We invite you to learn more.

 6. Process Consulting

 Pressures on organizations and companies around the world are mounting. Companies need to improve their processes to achieve greater agility, effectiveness and efficiency.

 7. Digital Transformation Consulting

 The use of technologies in the company is an essential element for the digitization strategy . Digital efforts are the key to innovate and expand your business.

 Consulting is a professional, organic activity, carried out by experts who provide knowledge and innovative ideas to help grow or organize their clients' businesses. The consulting service has recognized and organized practices to optimize its own resources and those of the clients.

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