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What is business management consulting and why do you need it?

 Do you need your company to grow in an orderly way and prepare it for the future? One of the main objectives of companies, regardless of their size, is to grow and obtain benefits that allow them to improve the business.  In the current moment of uncertainty that we live in, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the need to move forward is fundamental. To achieve this, a business management consultancy can be the differentiated. We tell you what it consists of, what advantages it brings and in which cases it is applied.

What is business management consulting?

 Business management consulting consists of objective advice to companies applying knowledge and experiences and executing actions that improve the performance of the organization.

A consultancy acts like a doctor: it studies the company, diagnoses the company's problem and proposes the appropriate treatment.

A management consultant will be able to advise you on topics such as: growth strategies, quality management, sales, financial management, information and communication technologies, and hiring and human resources policies, among many other aspects.

In short, a management consultancy for a company consists of:

  • Use the training and experience of an external consultant.
  • Solve business problems.
  • Provide an objective view.
  • Encourage the company to achieve its goals.
  • Accompany on the path of improvement of the company.

Why do you need a business management consultancy?

There are many situations in which a company may need a business management consulting that can be the following:

  • Extraordinary crisis scenarios, such as the current one due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The business is not growing as you expected or has grown too fast in a short time and you do not know how to act.
  • You need an external view of your company to detect problems.
  • You know there is a problem in the business, but you don't see what it is.
  • You have proposed to launch new products and services and you want someone to help you study the feasibility.
  • You want to incorporate talent and hire it externally.
  • Your goal is to internationalize the company, you do not know what steps to take and you do not fully know the market in which you want to sell.
  • Some departments in your company are not working well and you don't know why.
  • An area of ​​your business is growing out of control and you need to regain that control.
  • Your company fails to attract and retain talent, workers leave despite your efforts.
  • The structure of your company is not adequate for your business and you do not know how to modify it or what is the best option.

What are the advantages of a management consultancy?

With a management consultancy for your company you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will achieve your goals. Consultants will help you set goals and define actions to achieve them.
  • You will make better decisions. A management consultant will help you to know your business in depth, it will give you access to truthful and real-time information and the decision-making processes will be faster.
  • You will learn to plan . Many entrepreneurs are absorbed by the day-to-day problems in their business and do not plan, this means that money and time can be wasted in solving mistakes that could be avoided.
  • You will reduce costs. A business management consultancy can tell you how to save costs in your company because it will analyze internal processes and optimize them. Unnecessary costs will be avoided and you can invest the money in more relevant aspects.
  • You will improve your image . An improvement in the management of the company will improve the image you project to customers, suppliers and investors. Your customers will be more satisfied and will not only repeat the purchase of your products and services, but will also recommend them.
  • You will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Improving the management of your business will allow you to differentiate yourself from competing companies and get ahead by providing innovation.

In what phases does a business management consultancy take place?

For a business management consultancy to be successful and effective for the company, it must be developed in several phases that may be the following:

  • Analysis of the situation of the company. The employer has contacted the business management consultancy because he has a problem, but he cannot identify it. The first thing that is done is to analyze all areas of the business: management, administration, finance, production and after sales, among others.
  • Planning . With the analysis carried out, the strengths and weaknesses of the company are detected and planning is proposed to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Implementation. The plan is implemented in phases and the results are measured to see if the objectives set are met.
  • Tracing. The consulting work does not end with the implementation, but it will be necessary to follow up so that the improvements that have been made last over time.

In short, it is a process that requires time and professionals who have a deep understanding of how to optimize the resources of companies, so that the set goals are achieved. In addition, in these moments of uncertainty, a good manager adds value to define the strategy for preparing and overcoming the crisis.


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