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What does a consultant do? How can you help my business?

 The role of a consultant is fundamental in a company, but really… What does a business consultant do? What is it for? How does the work of a consultancy help a company? Why is it beneficial for a company to hire a consultancy?

 Although today the word "consulting" is a term that is practically applied to the business world, consulting as such has existed since humanity has existed and people have been related to each other, so we could say that the consulting profession is one of the oldest in the world.

 Strictly speaking, a consultant is one who is in charge of advising : a role that priests or shamans have played throughout history and that since the 40s and 50s of the 20th century and very especially in the United States and Western Europe, has been professionalized. officially thanks to the emergence of consulting firms

 For example, who has not heard of the Delphic oracle of ancient Greece. The priests of the famous oracle responded to all kinds of queries, whether they were of a political, love, health or money nature.

 Among the famous answers of the Delphic oracle, which are still remembered today, is the case of Philip of Macedon who was advised to "fight with silver spears and you will conquer all", advice he followed, using bribery to defeat his enemies and achieve their purposes.

 The idea is clear and the role of the consultant is fundamental :

 A consultant is responsible for transmitting their knowledge and experience to others in order to more easily achieve a goal.

 What is a business consulting and what is it for?

 A business consultant or a consulting company is in charge of making an analysis and study of the company in which different factors and aspects that make up the company are taken into account. This process involves maintaining a relationship of trust and closeness with the different members of the company (managers, employees, collaborators ...).

 Sheets on a table on which hands explain a project

 According to the data collected by the consultant, he must proceed to investigate what is the problem to be treated or what is that factor that slows the growth of the company.

 What types of business consultants are there?

 A business consultancy can be comprehensive and cover all areas that comprise it, from maintenance, accounting, technology, advertising, legislation, design, human resources, sales...

 Or be specialized, depending on the area in which it focuses:

 1. Strategic consulting:

 It is responsible for making available to executives, owners and managers, tools to solve their problems and maximize efficiencies, at an organizational and strategic level.

 2. Economic or financial consulting:

 It helps companies to understand and analyze their own balance sheets and accounts, to give meaning to operational decisions.

 3. Consulting in organization and human resources:

The consultant facilitates decision-making in relation to the area of ​​human resources and organization of teams and people in the company: Personnel selection, internal promotion, job evaluation, pay equity, work environment, training, performance evaluation, management of change, commitment...

 4. Innovation consulting:

 The innovation consulting enables companies to implement processes that enable improvements in services, products and organization of a company.

 What is the difference between consulting and advisory?

 Although "consulting" and "advising" are often used synonymously, there are subtle differences.

 Both the consultant and the advisor are professionals subcontracted by a company to solve problems or improve the growth of a company , so what is the difference?

 The consultant carries out a process to help the company discover a specific problem and reach a solution.

 The advisor normally in addition to helping to discover problems , sometimes also directs his clients to who can help solve them.

 How does a consultant help a company?

 The consultant helps the company go through all the necessary steps to make a decision that improves its situation and encourages growth:

  1. Study and collect data
  2. He puts his knowledge and experience at the service of the company
  3. Identify the problem
  4. Provides tools to find solutions

The idea is always that the company improves at the lowest cost and highest efficiency. Interesting, right?




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