Monday, 7 December 2020

Lock-Down: Turning Adversities Into Opportunities

Turn Adversity Into Opportunity:  This is what we are called to do. This is our mission!

Listening to the needs of the people around us and responding with our commitment, our determination and all the creativity that we are not yet aware we have to solve that need .

I was talking this morning with a client of mine who has a bar with fast food and she complained that her business will be among the last to be able to reopen its doors after the closure imposed by Covid.

Find a solution! - was my answer.

For example, you could invent a very special sandwich and propose home delivery on social networks.

But do you want people to buy the sandwich right now, when they are at home they eat anything and everything?

Maybe you're right- I tell her but maybe not… most needs are created not by themselves.

Imagine… you are driving to work, you just had breakfast, so   you don't need to eat .

Here, on the road, a giant sign appears with a croissant that looks very good, with a glossy cream that

Seems to come out and invite you to a lick.

You will feel an intense desire to eat that croissant and you will feel a peckish stomach.

You even perceived its warmth coming out of the advertising sign, as if it had just been baked, fragrant ... tell me it didn't come to you

is watering even now, while I'm telling you ...

I bet that before entering the office you enter the bar opposite and go in search of the croissant ... a need has been created in your head.

Mah, still not worth it- he said. People have no money and they definitely won't buy it… And then how much should I make them pay for

Cover expenses considering that I also have to deliver it home?

No, no, it won't work… I'm sure.

Its confidence is disarming. As if everything was already written, predetermined. As if all the people who decided to do home delivery and try were foolish self-harm. Better to stand still and wait and see what happens when it reopens.


What is holding you back my dear? The fear of trying? The fear of realizing that in the end you weren't right? It won't work just because you've already decided it won't work. Because if you decide you MUST make it you will find the way to reach your goal.

Find a solution I keep repeating. Everything you need is already within you.

Your competitor pays other people to perform the service that you can do as a family since you are four members. You already have a competitive advantage. Find a way to differentiate yourself, to solve people's problems.

And she: - Yes, but… there are too many people who cannot afford to buy my sandwich.

Sell the sandwiches an extra euro by asking your best customers to buy it so that you can deliver a sandwich to those who can't taste it. Everyone must be able to taste your sandwich !

It's a special sandwich isn't it?

Think about it: there are two fundamental principles behind the inspire your action:

·         Reciprocity

·         Generosity

Being generous and thinking about the most needy will lead people to buy your sandwiches because they will help other people taste them.

Those same people who got the free sandwich, as well as those who got to know the wonderful person you are, will continue to prefer you over others, don't you think?

You see? we have already found two synergistic ways to solve a problem.

What else is there that worries you?

People are afraid ... they don't trust. I too would be afraid of being infected with takeaway food.

What do you want to do then? Are we all trembling with fear and hiding or do we try to ensure that our product is a guaranteed, hygienically protected product, made with the best technologies to guarantee its healthiness?

What do you need to do this? How much? How can I buy it and where?

Here we start with the questions.

Questions always have more than one answer. Questions always have the ability to stimulate us to find solutions.

This is what we must do: ask ourselves questions, give us the answers and ACT.

What if it doesn't work out?

We ask ourselves other, different questions, which will be followed by different answers and actions.


Every time we fail we learn something and become stronger, more capable, and more aware of our immense power to change things. We can turn adversity into an opportunity to grow to take a paradigm shift: to abandon our trapped mental patterns and begin to see beyond that wall.

“ Walls exist for a reason. Certainly not to get away ... but to give us the opportunity to show how much we really want something. ”

There is a solution for everything… let's find it together

Posted By – Abdul Rimaaz



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