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How does a construction company work? Management and processes of construction companies

 To understand the management and process of a construction company, let's start by first defining what is construction? This is defined as the technique or the art of manufacturing some infrastructure and in the participation of carrying out rehabilitation and / or restoration of a work.

There are multiple types of construction in the world, among an infinity of houses and buildings in general, and they are classified according to their structure and construction material.

 • Residential Construction

 The residential structures are exclusive for the dwelling of people and to help in daily activities. The best known residential structure is the house, however, there are more scales of residential structures; for example, the things that only the wall separates them, that is to say, they are together; condominiums and apartments. They are considered as medium-scale residential constructions where several families are established. In addition, skyscrapers are large-scale where multiple residential-type family structures are installed.

 • Commercial Construction

 The types of commercial buildings are made up of shops, restaurants and offices. Stores can be independent or associated with others to establish shopping centers and thus not only a simple building, but a large building.

 • Industrial Construction

 Industrial types are used to manufacture, process, or develop products and materials for communities. For safety reasons, most of these types of buildings are separated from the others, since they are usually a source of contamination. Industrial structures can be of any scale, from a space the size of a room to an entire warehouse or block of warehouses.

 • Construction of public works

 Whether infrastructures or buildings, promoted by a public administration (as opposed to private work) aiming at the benefit of the community.

 • Institutional Constructions

 Institutional building types support all other types in a community, including hospitals, fire stations, police station, courthouses, executive and legislative departments, stadiums, and parks.

 Knowing this, you need people and therefore companies trained to develop these aspects, that is the work of a comprehensive construction company like MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD.

 Therefore, these companies are production units which are made up of labor and capital, whose activities and objectives are aimed at giving a common good to different markets, in addition to taking care of the safety of their workers and the people involved in the play.

 Construction companies must have the entire team specialized in both infrastructure and labor for the development of any project based on building. regardless of the type (for example) of soil you have (that is, if it is fine or thick, stony, humid, sandy, mixed, clayey or limestone when it is abundant in salts) in addition to the handling of construction materials such as cement, rods, partitions among others.

 One of the main goals for a construction company is to offer an excellent service in accordance with what was previously stipulated in the project and in its due contract, which the client is in accordance with what is marked within it for the beginning of the execution of the work, The operations to be carried out in the project must have been explained in detail during the phases prior to the operation: project definition and design. When the construction project has been approved, the construction company will start with the labor. Each work plan manages a delivery time, taking into account the unforeseen events that may arise.

 What are the areas that make up a construction company?

 The management side of a construction company involves three important functions: finance, operations, and marketing.

 ·         Finance : It is in charge of organizing the budgets for the collection of the project that is carried out, to pay all the collaborating personnel.

·        Operations : Carries out the planning and logistics to carry out the project that is being carried out and comes to fruition.

·         Marketing : The construction company must know well the market and its sectors to which it is going to go, to market its services.

 Among the main activities that a construction company has are:

 • Contact with the client

 To develop deals and executions of new projects

 • Coordinate the uniformity of the supplies necessary for construction

 To determine costs in budgets and their due planning when developing

 • Project supervision

 Which guarantees to deliver quality results in accordance with the provisions of the contract

 • Measuring productivity

 This is developed to check work standards, development statistics and strategy functionality.

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