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Discover the main types of business consultancy


To grow consistently, the company needs to be in line with market demands and tuned in the execution of its projects. However, not always all the answers are easily found: it is often important to have a qualified professional to assist in the process. Do you already know what are the main types of business consulting?

 In this post, you will understand a little about the theme, knowing the importance, the concepts and the steps, and will know what are the main benefits of having this type of service in your business. Check out!

 Business consulting: what it is and how it works

 In essence, the term business consulting is used to describe a set of strategic activities that are developed with clear objectives: to improve processes and leverage results.

 When hiring a consultant - either internally, as a regular employee, or outside, with outsourcing services -, the company expects to obtain, as a final product, a consistent and effective action plan.

 The work mainly includes the tasks of:

  • identify needs and / or deviations;
  • raising credible data;
  • formulating diagnoses;
  • validate hypotheses;
  • Suggest corrections, according to the best market practices.

The professional's mission, therefore, is to successfully complete all the steps that make up the elaboration of a project that meets the needs of the company that hired him. Often, the consultant is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of the improvements he suggested.

Only by fully focusing on organizational processes - triggering references that can positively interfere with the client's operations - is it possible to make a significant contribution so that the goals of the business served are fully achieved.

 In the face of so many possibilities, business consultancy confirms its relevance and proves to be an excellent way to make organizational processes more refined and competitive, allowing to achieve objectives and facilitating business development.

 Main types of business consultancy: efficiency and improvements

 Now that you are aware of the importance of investing in a qualified business consultancy, it is time to think about your business reality: which area of ​​the organization is more sensitive and has more difficulties to evolve?

 Armed with the answers, the next step is to find the ideal partner to work with you in the task of maximizing performances and leveraging results. See what are the main types of business consultancy:

 Management consulting

 The good functioning of a company is directly linked to the way its processes are established and monitored. In the same way as it is necessary to be constantly attentive to quality standards, for example, it is also necessary to monitor managerial results that allow the validation of strategic planning.

 Management consulting, therefore, has the mission of contributing directly to the fundamental decisions of the company, enabling the desired growth.

 Financial and accounting consulting

 Assist in the conscious and logical management of available resources (billing and cash flow, for example) and the company's accounting obligations (tax regime, accounting closings, etc.) are some of the main functions of this type of consultancy.

 The service, in addition to ensuring the company's compliance with legal regulations, also allows it to have more security in its operations, keeping them healthy and lasting.

 HR Consulting

 With the mission of formalizing guidelines pertaining to people management and training the internal public, the HR consultancy deals with one of the most important assets of the organization: its staff.

 In this context, the consultancy promotes the integration of processes and individuals, striving for everyone to be aligned on a common goal, working in synergy to achieve the goals.

 Sales Consulting

 When it comes to increasing sales, being aware of market trends and new consumer demands are essential attitudes. By having a specialized consultancy on the subject, the company has access to a concentrated and updated expertise, contributing to leverage business results.

 Among the main types of business consultancy, sales is, perhaps, the one that managers most frequently resort to - due to their direct influence on operating revenue.

 Have you had any experience with business consulting or have the desire to call on the service for your company?






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