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Business Services and Business Consultants: Finding Your Way in a Complex World


·         Business services and business consultants: finding your way in a complex world.

·         Business Services: What Kind of Business Consulting Do I Need?

·         Ok, but what can a business consulting firm do for me?

·         Business consulting: types

Business consultant and services to companies: what are the advantages?

Business consulting: cost or benefit?

If you are reading this post it is because you have recently started your own business, or maybe you are already "run in" but would like to change the way you work to obtain more satisfactory results, and in all probability you are trying to understand how a consultant or a service companies can help you achieve the goal without wasting time and money and maybe even avoiding a little frustration.

The world of business consulting is a forest of technicalities and acronyms that sometimes risk easily confusing people, while perhaps we are simply looking for the best way to orient ourselves within our reference market, to solve specific problems or to obtain the best financial levers. for the realization of our business idea.

After talking to you about the importance of outsourcing business services and how to obtain a good Quality Certification so that you can take advantage of many more opportunities in the world of financing and public tenders, let's see today how you can best orient yourself in the large system. of Business Consulting.

Business Services: What Kind of Business Consulting Do I Need?

To understand exactly which is the best professional to turn to, you must first have a clear concept. You will need to understand three things:

·         The problem you intend to solve

·         The exact spot where your business is located

·         The goals you intend to achieve

This presupposes a good analytical skills which is always fundamental in a business activity, because it allows you to predict in advance the problems (not all, of course), which along the way will inevitably make you suffer.

The market is a difficult sea to navigate, but if you know how to steer your sail, you will always find a little wind to help you. So try to understand exactly what your biggest problem is, the one that seriously risks compromising your work.

For some it is the difficulty of focusing on the product or service to be offered on the market through an adequate marketing plan. For others it is the inability to better organize human resources, which often do not collaborate as they should and do not communicate as they could. On the other hand, there are those who need to know their competitors better to be more competitive on the market, perhaps taking advantage of the levers that digital marketing makes available. Others need to increase the financial resources to make investments, or still pursue objectives that allow them to obtain a quality certification useful for participating in some public tenders, or for selling on foreign markets. There are those who need training or information on the potential to be expressed in the market.

In short, the panorama is truly vast.

Ok, but what can a business consulting firm do for me?

We have been dealing with Business Consultancy in Sardinia for many years now, and after traveling a little way we realized that the services we provide more frequently can actually fall into 4 categories.

Business consulting: types

Analysis, management and design : they can help you understand how to start or improve your position on the market. How to best develop your product or service, and how to promote it to your actual or potential competitors. They can also help you focus on the right funding levers (public or tried) you need to start or to implement your business with specific investments. We are talking about services such as management consultancy, the strategic organization of the company, financial consultancy, the preparation of business plans and the management of traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Outsourcing and outsourcing of services: these are support services in the implementation of main activities and processes (i.e. those directly related to the realization of the product or the provision of the service) and support processes (such as those described above) that sometimes businesses struggle to perform.

Quality Certifications : this is the possibility of obtaining an ascertained declaration by a third party regarding your products or services: this declaration aims to certify that the product supplied, or the quality system of the supplier company, are compliant to a specific legislation. In the case of quality, the standards to be taken into consideration are those of the ISO 9000 family, implemented in Italy as “UNI EN ISO 9000.

Human resources training: the difference between a functioning organization and a mediocre one passes from the training of the people who work there, from their ability to adapt to market changes, the evolution of skills and new ways of communicating and managing information. In our opinion, training is one of the most precious elements in a company, capable of making a difference in 90% of situations.

Abdul Rimaaz Business consultant and services to companies: what are the advantages?

Over the years we have learned that there are many more companies that need an external contribution to improve organization, sales and profits than you think. And, often, even the companies in question are not aware that they need it. 

A business consultant can be an effective remedy in identifying easily the problems that risk weakening the organization by working only on the strategic points that help the company to obtain improvements in a short time.

Here are some examples:

• Obtain an external point of view, more objective than those involved in the problems of the company: often from the inside you do not have a complete vision, you focus only on certain aspects, and employees are often not aware of all the mechanisms in such a way that truly effective proposals can be made.

• Having an authoritative, prepared and competent figure, able to work fully within the company dynamics even when the owner is absent, perhaps engaged in various appointments or meetings, outside the workplace. The business consultant lives and breathes the business climate from the beginning to the end of the day by observing the activities in each group or level.

• Having an external collaborator for a certain period of time allows the company to contain the costs of a possible hiring. Furthermore, if the activity of the business consultant is fast and precise, he will be able to make radical changes that will remain forever and will settle in the skills and overall working method of the company.

Business consulting: cost or benefit?

We have reached the end of this post dedicated to business consulting. If at the end of this information you are still wondering whether or not it is appropriate for you to use it, write us using the button below.

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