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Business consulting. Tips to be a good manager


Small and medium-sized companies face enormous challenges and challenge every day, but especially the entrepreneur who is behind them. It is a person who usually alone or with his family tries to fulfill the dream of building a business to produce a good or offer a service.

 Normally this business is the "life of the entrepreneur" where he has placed his hopes, dreams and energy; many times he gets confused with his daily life and becomes one of the family.

 The academy is a support with immense value for the entrepreneur, the knowledge acquired through a study curriculum is of daily application in their daily life, but the experience, and especially the realities that they face every day, create capital. management that is "owned" by each one, has its own brand and often becomes an invaluable asset for the company and for society.

 When business owners, especially small and medium-sized ones, have been asked what their main management problem or challenge is in running their business, the answer is usually that "I have to organize myself." Complying with the production process in an industry, delivering a good quality product or offering a service with standards of excellence are the permanent concern of those in charge of a company, because its survival depends on it; but the "day to day" becomes a huge burden for that businessman.

 Resolving at the same time financial, marketing, administrative, accounting, tax, legal, labor, operational, sales, human resources, among many others, are part of the activity with which a manager must face from dawn to dawn. It gets late, and many times it becomes the highest percentage of your dedication. The most valuable time should be spent promoting productivity and innovation in your products or services.

 For this reason, business consulting is taking shape and growing in the work of companies. The consultant is no longer the stranger, he is rather part of the team, at a distance, but of the team, which is called on for specific issues, to discuss those that are of a particular expertise, in short, to support that entrepreneur who in his Loneliness requires that voice and experience to support you.

 One of the key issues in this daily consulting is the discussion on strategy, and within the strategy a fundamental chapter is the review of the principles, vision and values ​​of the company, let's see some elements that make up these three elements:

 It is very important to lead by example. A Manager must lead with integrity, in accordance with values, establishing an adequate relationship with each of those who make up their work teams, dedicating quality time to them to help them learn to learn. This will undoubtedly generate an atmosphere of reciprocity, trust and affection, very important to be able to achieve the objectives that are pursued.

The Manager of the XXI Century must act based on principles that prevent him from taking dark paths to achieve his goals. You must put a very high interest for the organization to advance, facilitating that each member of its work teams potentiate their talent; increase your knowledge and skills and give more and more added value to everything you do.

 Jeffrey Fox recommends avoiding intrigue and gossip as something of significant importance. How many times are the executives themselves who, instead of avoiding them, promote that environment. Other times they are employees of intermediate levels who think that a mechanism for promotion consists of disqualifying their potential contenders. How much damage this does to organizations, people and the gossiper or schemer himself.

 Ethics in business and in everyday behavior is the smartest and least stressful way to live and coexist. From our early age we have heard our elders say that talent without honesty is a scourge. That is why those who review history in a few years will find that figures like Gandhi; Teresa of Calcutta or Nelson Mandela will have much greater historical significance than figures who enjoyed very high power like Hitler; Stalin; Mao or any of the Latin American little dictators. This is the same for the so-called “Captains of Companies”.

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Today as never in history, we must lead by example. Leading with integrity, which is nothing more than doing it how you want others to be and act. Generating trust that is the result of matching daily actions, values ​​and behaviors. In short, a good manager must act in accordance with the values ​​that he proclaims and demands of his team.

 The integrity of senior executives builds trust and respect for everyone in the organization. Trust is nothing other than the coincidence of values ​​and behaviors. Integrity is shown in the daily action when it is carried out in accordance with the values ​​and forms of behavior that are required of the members of the work teams.

 How important it is to lead by example. Lead with integrity acting with values ​​that you demand from those who make up your work teams. This produces a climate of trust that only occurs when coincidences between shared values ​​and behaviors are achieved in the group. This allows us to discover in time what is not working properly, to know where we have to start improving. It also requires that as managers we dedicate quality time to each of our supervised people so that they grow and develop.

These days I was wondering if leadership and management are the same and I came to the following conclusion: leadership has to do with "THE VISION" and management has to do with "THE PROCESS" to achieve that vision. Both are essential. Leaders tend to see the future (where it should be) and convey enthusiasm to move in that direction. They show a way. Managers understand the steps that need to be taken to get to where they want to go. A leader does not necessarily have managerial conditions, but he must have a dose of realism. A manager requires for his proper performance, some significant degree of leadership to be heard and believed. You can be a leader and a good manager at the same time, but such individuals are rare.

 An old professor told me many years ago that directing is nothing more than a process to get the “directed” to where they should be. This implies that those targeted can see where they should push the cart, as well as the individual and collective benefits that they will obtain if they move to "where they should be." Leading is not what you do to the team to get there. It is what is done with the team so that it can arrive.

 The integrity of senior executives builds trust and respect for everyone in the organization. Trust is nothing other than the coincidence of values ​​and behaviors. Integrity is shown in the daily action when it is carried out in accordance with values ​​and forms of behavior. You must live in accordance with what is proclaimed. 

 Much has been said and written regarding attitude that makes the difference. That is true, but to change towards a positive attitude it is not necessary to change our whole way of thinking. All our ideas. It is something much simpler than that. It is enough to change those recurring thoughts that block the positive attitude from flowing freely. And since each of us has the power to control their way of thinking, ultimately, they can also control their attitude, which is nothing more than the framework through which we see ourselves, see others and see the world around us.

 That the ideal person today is one who feels passion for what we need him to do, even if at first he does not have the necessary skills to do it. I fully share this point that should be the north for all recruitment and selection departments of companies. I believe that fitness can be improved with learning. The attitude is more difficult to modify.

 A manager without adequate maturity and emotional intelligence feels that it is essential for him to develop an image of "I know everything." That manager will very quickly lose credibility because his supervisees will notice his flaws and weaknesses. He should understand that his true strength is not knowing more than each other on his team. It is about having a greater overall vision, orienting properly and achieving synergies in the performance of that work team.

The manager of the XXI century must behave in leadership more as a servant than as a boss. You have to be a good team worker; highly motivating; able to recognize and value the ideas of others, in order to achieve the best of each one of them and also be a promoter of an environment of permanent learning and camaraderie in the organization for which he works.

 If we want each of our companies to live with a culture of integrity, an environment of trust and respect must be fostered at each and every level of the organization, being very clear that today as never before, creative work it is one of the most important means of going from being an individual to being a Person.

 All these elements are typical topics that an entrepreneur can discuss and converse with a consultant, who will be there to listen, comment and advise. In a framework of trust, but it is the different voice, outside the close environment of the employer, of the day to day. Business consulting will be installed more and more in the daily use of the company, due to its flexibility, lower cost, early results.




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