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Attention to the business consultant: the most important quality


 For many entrepreneurs, having a managerial consultant intervene within their company involves an inner struggle against the “I have to do it alone”. When they finally decide to rely on an external professional, it is time to select the right person … and it is not easy.

   There are many business consultants, I would say too many, so you have to act like a gold digger who goes to find the precious speck among tons of rubble.

 To choose the ideal one you need to have very clear ideas and carefully evaluate the quality of his work .

What is management consulting for?

 I begin by saying that those who consult within companies are not a magician who fixes everything instantly with a magic wand, but they also don't have to work long without achieving tangible results. 

 Usually we turn to a business consultant when there are particular problems in the company that cannot be solved with internal resources or when you have to make a fundamental step in your business to conquer a new market or, more simply, to increase turnover .

  An external consultant can analyze the activity of the company sectors from a different point of view and identify the criticalities that do not allow to overcome the moment of crisis.

 In summary: if you want to improve your business, ask for management advice.

 The consultant stands next to the owner and the managerial structure, does not replace them, and helps them describe a plan that must be followed even when he leaves.

  Main characteristics of the business consultant

 To find a qualified consultant, you need to know his work history and talk to him to understand if his fame corresponds to reality or is just boasted in a resume.

 The “long experience in the sector” that almost everyone declares must be proven by tangible data, credentials, acknowledgments obtained. We cannot rely on words alone.

 The managerial consultant must be concrete . Basing a strategic plan only on the theories read in the books is not enough. To be effective in this field you must have practiced both as a consultant and as an entrepreneur .

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 Problem solving is the key to everything. If problems arise during a thorough analysis of the company, it is necessary to identify an appropriate solution for each one.

 A business owner would never want to have a list of all the troubles in their business unless they have a plan to fix them.

 It goes without saying that the ability to analyze is essential for those who do management consultancy, but creativity is also a really important feature.

 Why rely on an experienced management consultant?

 Both in small companies and in large companies, a qualified consultant makes the difference when you have to create performing teams, when there is a decline in turnover and you don't understand why, when there are conflicts between employees.

 The management consultant is like a good pair of glasses. Often being too close to the problem does not allow us to focus on the cause, while an external observer can point it out and make it suddenly clear.

  Taking advantage of the work of a professional also becomes advantageous in terms of costs / benefits. You don't have to hire a person to get the help the company needs.


The work of a business consultant must be fast and effective.



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