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How to implement Email Marketing effectively

 As a digital technique, Email Marketing is more current than ever . For years it has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to attract, convert and retain customers in different industries and the number of email users is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

 However, here we will go a step further. We will talk about the beginning. We will start with the basics. We will answer how to do Email Marketing .

 That is, what practices to apply to get the most out of this technique.

 If you have ever started it, you know that it is something more complex than writing a simple message or sending an email. So if what you want is to create, step by step, an Email Marketing strategy for your business, you should know what you need to do it or discover the best way to optimize your communications. In this post we will tell you about it.

 How to create profitable databases

 Let's start with two obvious things:

 To do Email Marketing you need to have a Database .

No, you should not buy it . There are very effective ways to generate them. Here we show you how to generate it.

 To create a profitable Database for your business, there is a premise that you should not overlook: to have qualified Subscribers, you must have their consent to send them your Email Campaigns.

 Permission Marketing: go ahead

 Have you heard of Permission Marketing? It's about getting Contacts who really want to receive your messages and notifications. Consider it 100% necessary to start generating your Database.

 There are different ways to obtain relevant information from your clients: telephone or face-to-face interviews, Forms on your Website name Abdul Rimaaz , surveys, calls, etc. But in order to start a Database that can help you make business decisions and that is functional for Marketing, we recommend the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Place of residence
  • Company (if your model is B2B)
  • Job
  • Profession

 Depending on the objective of your Database, you can structure a survey or Form to obtain more quality data. In addition to all this, Permission Marketing grants:

 Anticipation: people get used to it and want to receive the messages.

Personalization: each message is personalized with the user's name and is not a generic message sent to everyone equally.

Relevance: content is important to the recipient.

 Permission Marketing is a friendly strategy to get data from customers who are really interested in you.

Effective email marketing

 User authorizations and confirmations

 If we are talking about getting new prospects through Forms, you can choose two types of Subscription methods: Simple Opt In and Double Opt In .

 Simple Opt In: yes, thank you

 When we recommend generating quality databases, we refer to having the approval of the recipients. That means that everyone who receives a marketing message must have accepted that they wanted it to be. That is the Simple Opt In, a tick in the checkbox to subscribe to your Contact List. An acceptance to receive emails with promotions and information about your company. However, there is another way to do Permission Marketing.

 Double Opt In: seriously, I want to!

 If the Opt In is the acceptance that the client wishes to receive information, the Double Opt In is the double confirmation.

 By subscribing, the person will receive an email with a link to confirm that it is true that they want to receive information and communications from your brand. In short, the client must not only fill out a Form with their data, but then they must confirm that they want to receive the content to which they have subscribed. If you still do not apply it, we recommend that you do so because you will have a Database really interested in hearing about you.

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 The Power of Subscription Forms

 We already know that we need to have a Database. We saw how to get user permission. We knew what data to request. Finally, it is time to find out where we can locate this Subscription Form .

 Pop-up form or Pop-up window form: Generally used to expose advertising. Some users find them annoying for the same reason, however you can use it to obtain user data.

 Hello Bar: That is, like a small bar at the top of the screen. The function is to collect emails, redirect traffic to other sites or broadcast messages. Its benefits are enormous because it is also small and is not considered intrusive.

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 Side Bar: It is a side bar, usually located on the right side. Information is placed there that we want to highlight and we want it to remain there at all times.

 Social Networks: Add Forms in your social profiles and convert followers into Subscribers.

Objectives of your Email Campaigns

 More and more companies choose it, since Email Marketing, for years, remains the digital tactic with the highest ROI in the market.

 The reality is that both its high degree of personalization and its massiveness to manage huge databases, Email is located in the top 3 of the most chosen channels: by companies to send communications, and by users to receive them.

 That is why you must establish what you want to implement it for. What is your goal?

  •  Build loyalty to your Subscribers and customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Inform about your brand or business
  • Generate Database
  • And after the objectives, you can think more deeply and set goals for each one.
  •  Increase your Database by 35% in one year
  • Increase your sales by 20% each month
  • Drive 70% more traffic to your Website
  • And so…

 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns Depending on what you want to achieve, you have to choose the type of Email Campaign that will make you the most effective.

  •  Weekly or monthly newsletters .
  • Commercial Emails , with offers and promotions.
  • Seasonal Campaigns, on special dates.
  • Flow with Free Marketing Resources

And many more. Automated Email Marketing: How to implement it in your business It is about automating all the steps that a person goes through in your business: from when they are a visitor to your Website or Blog until they become a loyal customer of your brand. In simpler words, it would be to configure your business so that sales are made automatically, practically without your intervention . Look at it like this: Email Automation flows deliver more conversions with less effort. More and more brands are betting on this type of strategy. Among the 2020 Marketing trends, Email Automation stands out for the solutions it offers for process optimization. It will continue to be a key piece for Digital Transformation. Not only large companies, but also Bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses who realize its great potential and easy accessibility. Take into account that if you are an entrepreneur or are just starting out, you can design your Funnels by creating a free account on Doppler.

 What will you achieve by automating your Emails?

  •       Increase your sales or conversions.
  • Segment your Contents one by one, to offer each Subscriber what really interests them.
  • Accompany your potential clients throughout the Conversion Funnel appropriately.
  • Always arrive at the right time.
  • Save time, money and resources.
  • Implement Marketing and Commercial strategies through a single tool and in an automated way.
  • Make your actions more efficient by targeting only qualified Subscribers.
  • Maintain a well loyal Base.


  •       The Email Marketing is here to stay. Get on now, before it's too late.
  • Any company or entrepreneur can access a tool that helps to optimize their Conversion Funnels .
  • Email Automation is the most efficient way to generate income, without additional effort or investment.
  • You must know your audience in depth, define your Buyer Personas to always offer them quality content.
  • Always use Reports , to optimize your strategy and edit the Funnels whenever you think necessary.


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