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Wearing tropical print in style

 The tropical print is one of the favorite themes not only in clothes, but in everything related to summer, the beach and everything that is exotic and relaxed, always with lively and evocative tones. It represents many faces of UAE, not only the fauna and flora, but also a vibrant and creative spirit.

 Tropical prints have a wide variety of themes, from the deep green foliage of tropical plants to their traditional fruits, colorful birds and animal prints. This clash of colors and shapes is powerful, and to create the best looks by associating these prints with class, we have prepared a practical composition guide:

 Tropical fashion: using tropical prints

 Being in the tropical style involves more than just the tropical prints, they should be used to create that concept that highlights the UAE and the colors of the trend ; of something vibrant , creative , summery and natural .

 By using deep colors and patterns with natural and varied shapes, tropical prints require preparation so that they shine and don't end up becoming excessive or without purpose in the look.

 With that in mind, Alifbazaar blog has prepared some tips for you to create the perfect look, without losing elegance and versatility for all occasions, check it out:

  Bet on long pieces

 One of the best ways to use floral prints without fear is to bet on dresses and overalls, or even on pieces with ethnic patterns and traditionally long, such as kimonos.

 Single pieces or long layered pieces, in general, are great for not adding too much extra information to the look, avoiding conflicting two different types of prints or very different tones.

 Pantalona pants, because they are more voluminous, are also great options to invest in tropical prints.

  Use breathable and fluid fabrics

 Lightness and freshness are the face of summer and tropicality! That's why fabrics like viscose and linen are the darlings of pieces in this style – and with good reason!

 Linen has a great fit, is refreshing and has a very pleasant texture, it is very common especially in shirts and blouses . Viscose, on the other hand, is used in practically all summer feminine pieces: in dresses, pants, blouses, as it is a fabric full of movement, refreshing and malleable. Ideal for ruffles and other details that give liveliness to your looks.

  Embrace the color palette

 Tropical colors are always the warmest ones and are related to the most traditional elements of tropical nature: the green of the peaceful sea, the deep blue of the clear sky, the hot pink of flowers and birds, the green and yellow of tropical fruits, the green dark of the foliage.

 Warm tones are the rule in the tropical palette, and they generally dialogue very well with each other – but, far beyond combining just two of the same styles, you can (and should) experiment with other tones and styles, starting with basic and neutral tones, like black, white and brown.

 These shades always open up opportunities to wear something more vibrant without going overboard; think of basic white shirts to pair with midi skirts and slacks; tailored coats to wear over tropical floral print blouses, or tailored long pants with kimonos and an oversized shirt.

 By the way, we have an exclusive post with the best tips on how to wear a blazer in stylish and super elegant combinations – be sure to check it out!

 In addition to basic tones, other prints, as long as they are used more subtly, can complement tropical patterns, such as paisleys, animal prints and some geometric patterns with warm colors.

 Also bet on oversized shirts to wear with shorts, the tropical floral print is very popular and varied in these pieces and causes a great stripped effect.

  Looking for accessories

 You can extend the tropical print even further by taking advantage of patterned scarves and bags, or colorful maxi necklaces and bracelets.

 Colorful and funky glasses or tortoiseshell glasses are also great combinations to add to prints.

 In footwear, invest in refreshing pieces, with openings, such as sandals, decorated flip-flops and peep toe heels . You can also neutralize the area of ​​the feet by means of a nude heel – a classic indispensable in the closet and shoe cabinet.

  More serious looks with tropical print

 The tropical print and its style are not just about going to the beach and parties – on the contrary, anyone who lives in a warm, tropical country knows how essential airy pieces are. In addition, the office look can only benefit from the insertion of colorful models.

 It is worth mentioning that not every tropical piece is a clash of colors and extravagance, precisely because these patterns can also be subtle, with simpler patterns and more basic background colors.

 Dresses and tailoring in particular tend to have more versatile prints that can very well be used in the most diverse everyday occasions.

 Did you like our tips for putting together the genuine tropical look? You deserve so much more to enjoy the summer. Here in Dubai all in one store online there is no shortage of amazing tips for the most diverse looks, just stay on top of our updates and check it out! Until later!

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