Wednesday, 8 December 2021

How to Assess the Quality of a Prefab Solid Wood House

 For any type of construction, it is only possible to have a quality project if it is properly developed for the place where the house will be built, and by a professional in the area (Engineer or Architect). It is risky to choose a finished project and build it on site without first having the technical analysis of one of these qualified professionals, so that the project is properly adapted to the construction site. For prefabricated wooden houses, this same logic must be respected.

 In the case of the mixed house, for example, the contrast between the wood and the masonry ends up making the internal environment lighter. This, added to the correct positioning of the doors and windows in the environments, in relation to the north, results in a light house with excellent natural lighting. The evaluation of details such as these should be carried out by a professional in the area during the development of the project, in order to avoid errors in quality and guarantee the comfort of the house when built. See below for more tips to assess the quality of your future home:

 1. Check how the work is carried out

 It is always necessary to check how the work is carried out, whether it will be a complete work, whether there will be monitoring by an Engineer on site and also, of course, the type of wood used. Each type of material has its specificities and care. In the case of wood, it needs to be certified and of quality. In this regard, for solid wood constructions, The most suitable and is the one we use at Custom home builders Portland Oregon. In addition to being the most durable and resistant, it is even indicated for naval use.

2. Check the minimum height of the construction

 The minimum height (or minimum ceiling height) of the house's internal roof is extremely important, as well as its inclination. Traditionally, many wooden houses have a straight ceiling and low ceilings. This leads to a stuffy environment with poor air circulation.

 In the case of sloping ceilings, it is important to check the roof slope and also the minimum height at the lowest point of the building. In wooden buildings, this type of lining provides better air circulation.

 3. Review the selection of materials

 There are many types of wood on the market and the responsible choice of materials guarantees a quality work. The United State wood houses uses higher standard of materials.

 4. Ask how the work is finished

 It must be checked if the wood is varnished, if the varnish used is of good quality and suitable for the type of wood. In the case of mixed construction, it is also important to check how the masonry will be finished, if the internal part will be finished in spackle or just plastered and if the humid environments will have tiles up to the ceiling.

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 5. Ask how the delivery of the house is

 It is important to check at the time of purchase how it will be delivered to the house. In some cases, the company fully executes the work and in others, the customer is responsible for carrying out part of it (foundation, finishing, hydraulics, electrical, etc.). Checking exactly what is part of the service provided (descriptive memorial) you will have a true idea of ​​the total cost of the work. It is necessary to be aware when a large part of the work (mainly labor for execution) is not included, as this makes it difficult to predict expenses and surprises may occur.

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